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letter from allrecipes

Summer! In my mind, vacations are synonymous with food. Every summer as a kid, my family traveled from Colorado to Iowa to visit my grandparents. The promise of my Grandma’s cooking was reason enough to look forward to the 1,400-mile journey back and forth on I-80. I still love a good road trip, and food plays a role in every destination. For our summer feature story (“Taste of America,” page 41), we took a look at the most popular recipes across the United States based on what you, our Allrecipes community members, search for online during the summer. We identified four regions in the continental U.S. and selected a destination drive for each. There are places to see and good food to eat along each route. If your plans take you in another…

caribbean cookout

CHILL OUT To keep food out of the temperature danger zone, your cooler should be colder than 40°. How long the cooler stays cold depends on the temperature of the food going into it, the quality of the cooler, and how often it’s opened. For insurance, pack extra ice in another cooler to add as needed. And use a smaller cooler for beverages, since the drink cooler tends to be opened more frequently. EVEN MORE STYLES! Hover your phone's camera here to see more Turkish blankets and beach towels. PHOTOS: KIM CORNELISON; FOOD STYLING: GREG LUNA; PROP STYLING: SUE MITCHELL; MARKET EDITOR: CHRISTINE LAUE…

beach house style

BENJAMIN MOORE AURA PAINT IN Harbor Side Blue Aura paint withstands repeated washing with no color rub-off, so it’s ideal for kitchens. $80 per gallon at Benjamin Moore stores READY, SET, JUICE! Hover your phone’s camera here to see more Smeg color options—or to buy. (No app needed!)…

the scoop on scoop shops

1 Nora Roy can’t get enough of LICK HONEST ICE CREAMS ( in Austin, Texas. “Their goat cheese, thyme, and honey ice cream is SO ridiculously good. They have creative—and delicious—flavors, don’t use artificial colors or flavors, and try to keep ingredients as local as possible.” 2 Rosalind Brazel likes FAINTING GOAT GELATO ( in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood. “There’s always a line in the summer. The gelato is light, smooth, and creamy, and THEIR SALTED CARAMEL IS TO DIE FOR!” 3 When it comes to old-school scoop shops, Paula Roten says you can’t do better than VELVET CREAM ( in Hernando, Mississippi. “Locals call it ‘The Dip.’ I love that it opened in 1947 and is still thriving 72 years later. It’s a hometown icon and offers 250 flavors. My favorite? Chocolate chip cookie dough.…

summer hair, don't care

corn-ivore's delight

CORN ON THE COB butter hack Ditch that butter knife and top your corn with a few easy sprays of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!® spray for delicious buttery taste without all the mess. Plus, it’s ZERO calories per spray!* *0 calories when limited to 5 sprays. 1 spray = 1 serving “What a terrific way to use late-summer sweet corn!”– APUTLER“I add chopped bell peppers, carrots, and onions to this recipe—a great way to get kids to eat veggies!”– LINC“I will definitely make these again! Tip: Cook ’em like pancakes: Don’t flip until little bubbles come to the surface.”– K_OTIK1“Beer is an essential sidekick to this recipe.”– DEANNA LATENDRESSE“I add two large onions and two bottles of beer at the beginning and have been known to throw in a few blue…

curried creamed corn