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– the all recipes magazine team HELP! (WITH MENUS) We run several menus in each issue (11 of them start on page 63), pairing our recipes with simple sides or desserts. And now we can offer even more help: We’ve launched an Allrecipes Meal Plans service that delivers a new menu every week, using top-rated recipes selected by All recipes food editors. Our partnership with eMeals makes the menus and recipes available both online and on your phone. For more details, go to THE GIFT THAT LASTS ALL YEAR Share your love of All recipes magazine this holiday season. For just $10, you can treat a friend to a full year of the magazine that delivers the best of the best from And there’s no wrapping involved! Get it here: BE A…

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STAR RATINGS See at a glance what your fellow Allrecipeeps thought about the recipe. REVIEWS All it takes to rate a recipe is a single click. But when readers take the time to write a review, you get much more: insights and suggestions on what they loved about the recipe—or what they suggest to make it even more lovable. KEY STATS You don’t have to guess how long a recipe will take you to make or how many servings you’ll get. ICONS These highlight key features to make browsing easier. How-to Video = See the recipe in motion on Hidden Gem = A gem of a recipe—a newer one, usually—that doesn’t yet have a lot of reviews but still deserves your attention. Healthy Pick = In line with U.S. Department of Agriculture healthy eating guidelines, based on a 2,000-calorie-per-day…

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BETTER THAN CANDLES For an easy twinkly centerpiece, add battery-powered fairy lights to glass hurricane vases. Wrap the battery pack in coordinating wrapping paper or foil—or simply cover it in greenery—to disguise it. Get the Recipes BROWN BUTTER BELGIAN WAFFLES, AVOCADO-CITRUS SALAD WITH LUCKY GREENS, MAPLE-CAYENNE CANDIED BACON, and PINEAPPLE MIMOSAS on page 100…

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GIFTS FOR CHEESE LOVERS Wisconsin Alps Cheese and Crackers Gift Set This delicious combo includes artisan Potter’s Crackers and three of Wisconsin’s finest cheeses: Uplands Cheese Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Bleu Mont Dairy Bandaged Cave-Aged Cheddar, and Roelli Cheese Dunbarton Blue. $50 for the ⅓-pound-of-each-cheese option at GIFTS FOR CHOCOLATE LOVERS Caramels From Fran’s Chocolates The Seattle chocolatier is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its salted caramels with festive holiday packaging. Choose from the original dark chocolate gray sea salt caramels, milk chocolate smoked salt caramels, or splurge and get both. $23 for 12-piece gift box at GIFTS FOR COCKTAIL LOVERS The Hudson Standard Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub Sweet and tart, this syrup is a terrific base for cocktails or DIY soda. One bottle’s enough for 12 to 18 drinks. $15 for 12 oz. at Raft Cardamom Bitters Great…

5 easy ways to degerm

1 WIPE DOWN high-touch spots throughout your home daily (think: door and cabinet knobs, keys, light switches, lamp switches, faucets and sinks, counters, tables, remote controls, personal tech, and toilets) with disposable disinfecting wipes, so you’re not spreading germs around. 2 PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION to kitchen and bathroom surfaces, faucet handles, toothbrush holders, tissue dispensers, and water glasses. Keep hand soap and surface cleaner or wipes handy in both rooms as a reminder for everyone to wash hands and wash up after themselves. Set out fresh hand towels frequently. 3 DEEP-CLEAN the dishwasher and clothes washing machine. Most manufacturers recommend running them empty on a high-heat cycle with vinegar in the detergent basin and baking soda sprinkled on the bottom. You can also opt for a special sanitizing tablet or bleach. (Make…

meet annie

“She has two nicknames: Annie Oakley and Annie McTrouble.” Annie has quite a few little quirks. If there’s a piece of newspaper on the floor, she will lie on it. When we’re at our cottage, she likes to fish for minnows with her mouth. She doesn’t usually steal human food, but she is something of a cherry tomato bandit: If I put my tomatoes on a window sill to ripen, she will tip them, one at a time, onto the floor and then eat them. At Christmas, an elderly neighbor of ours always buys Annie a stocking stuffed with dog toys. We open the stocking and give her the toys, one at a time, but not before placing friendly bets on how long each will survive. If there’s a dog toy that…