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In each episode, two of your fellow Allrecipeeps (yep, regular home cooks, just like you!) will compete to see who can whip up a dish that will impress our panel of judges. What they make is determined by a spin of our Allrecipes Dinner Spinner mobile app (more on that in a minute). But the real winner, of course, is you. In upcoming issues, you’ll get some of their recipes in our new column we’re calling (wait for it…) “Dinner Spinner.” And we’ll pair each of those recipes with side dishes so you can create a complete, award-winning meal of your own. We’ll also take you behind the scenes to share all the fun, drama, and fresh ideas. Dinner Spinner, which is sponsored by Panasonic, will air Saturdays nationwide on The CW…


YouTube 57,670 Views of “How to Make Fresh Pumpkin Pie,” the most-watched pumpkin spice video on our YouTube page. 20 million Pumpkin spice lattes forecast to be sold this fall, which makes it America’s best-selling pumpkin treat. But Allrecipeeps also like DIY: With 13,791 views, “How to Make a Pumpkin Spice Latte” is one of our all-time most popular pumpkin videos on YouTube. Take that, Starbucks! Pinterest 306 ,400 Allrecipeeps following our Pumpkin Recipes board on Pinterest. And you’re thinking outside the gourd: Pumpkin Cannoli is a top re-pinned recipe. 168% Jump in “pumpkin spice roll” searches from September to November last year on Allrecipes. So it makes sense that Pumpkin Roll Cake is our most popular pumpkin-y recipe on Pinterest, with more than 14,400 re-pins. Allrecipes 183,551 Total clicks on the most popular pumpkin spice recipes on Allrecipes last November. Your…

the kitchen sink

WHAT’S THAT? It had a cameo in the last Star Wars movie, and it’s easy to see why. With its lime green color and spiraling, pine tree-shaped florets, Romanesco definitely looks like food from another galaxy. In truth, it’s more like cauliflower and broccoli’s flashy Italian cousin. Though native to Italy, it’s grown commercially in California, too. It tastes like a milder and nuttier version of cauliflower and can be prepared in similar ways: Slice, chop, or break it into florets, then roast, steam, or stir-fry it. Or serve it raw with dip for a truly stellar (some might even say interstellar) veggie tray. PHOTO: KIM CORNELISON; FOOD STYLING: LORI POWELL; PROP STYLING: LINDSAY BERGER…

whip it good

USE HEAVY CREAM OR WHIPPING CREAM because they have enough fat to whip up properly. Half-and-half or table cream won’t cut it. (PS: 1 cup cream = 2 cups whipped, enough for 1 pie.) CHILL YOUR BOWL AND BEATERS (1 hour in the fridge or 20 minutes in the freezer) and leave the cream in the fridge until you’re ready to whip. Cold helps cream’s fat molecules cling together and wrap around air bubbles to give whipped cream its structure. WHIP TO SOFT PEAKS BEFORE ADDING SUGAR. Vigorously whip until beaters leave soft, curled-over peaks when pulled straight up and out. Be patient! This takes 5 minutes or so, depending on the temperature of your cream. SWEETEN AND WHIP TO FIRM PEAKS. Add sugar (2 tablespoons per cup of unwhipped cream, or to…

daily grind

1. Trudeau Graviti Plus Tilt this batterypowered mill to trigger the grinder and an integrated LED light. $50 at “Everyone in our house—from my 6-year-old to my husband—loved using this. I bet it also would be great for anyone who has arthritis.” —Chef Mo 2. Fletcher’s Mill Pump & Grind Mill Freshly ground pepper with the press of a thumb. $25 at “Being able to use this with one hand was great. The sleek design makes it a nice unit to leave out on the table.” —Angie Fuller 3. Peugeot Paris Classic design pairs with a durable grinder that cracks and grinds with precision. $40 at “One of the best pepper mills I’ve ever used—everyone keeps asking where they can buy it! We love our pepper superfine, and this did not disappoint.”…

care to give?

#GIVINGTUESDAY, the fifth annual global day of giving, is on Nov. 29 this year. With little more than a hashtag and a dedicated date, the event uses social media and human generosity to support important causes locally and all around the world. The idea is simple: People donate or pledge to donate their time, money, or talent, and give a hashtagged shout-out about it on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Launched in 2012 by the 92nd Street YMCA in New York City to let volunteers help with more than soup kitchens, it has become a kind of counterbalance to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And it’s gone global, with more than 40,000 partners in 71 countries, 1.3 million social media mentions, 114 billion global impressions, and an estimated 470 percent increase…