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i fall for fall, without fail.

I know it’s October, but recipe searches on are on the rise for all things Thanksgiving, so I know it’s on your mind. If you’re up for a new menu item, check the recipe index on page 8 to find easy appetizers and sides, as well as desserts with a secret splash. We spent a lot of time planning our Thanksgiving menu for you this year. Food waste is a topic on the minds of many, and it seems appropriate at a time of year when we express gratitude to focus on minimizing or eliminating waste instead of generating a lot of excess food. Our senior editor, Nichole, and Juli, our culinary guru, joined forces to create a menu that makes the most of every ingredient and delivers a meal…

a lively affair

This Mexican holiday of remembrance is traditionally observed between October 31 and November 2. While Halloween conjures up the idea that what lies beyond the grave is spooky, Day of the Dead embraces the spirits of those we’ve lost. And it truly isn’t somber—it’s a colorful, joyful, and delicious celebration! Observers of the tradition prepare their loved ones’ favorite dishes as offerings in hopes that the food will help guide their spirits back from the afterlife. While we can’t know what your lost loved ones’ most treasured dishes were, we’ve rounded up a few Mexican recipes Allrecipes community members love, as well as a host of beautiful Mexican-made and Mexican-inspired decorations for a festive party you and your living guests are sure to enjoy. “For Day of the Dead, I made Pan…

souper smart

1 FISH PEOPLE SEAFOOD SOUPS Featuring sustainably sourced seafood and packed with protein and omega-3s, these shelf-stable soups can be warmed right in the pouch. The Alder Smoked Wild Salmon Chowder is both tasty and gluten-free. $5 at Whole Foods Markets and other grocers 2 TIO GAZPACHO CHILLED SOUPS Created with help from chef José Andrés, these drinkable soups are made with quality ingredients (think: fresh veggies, extra-virgin olive oil, Himalayan pink salt). They’re also gluten-free, vegan, and paleo- and Whole 30-diet friendly. $50 for 12-pack at 3 CAMPBELL’S CHUNKY HEALTHY REQUEST MICROWAVABLE BOWLS With 14 grams of protein and 220 calories per bowl, the shelf-stable Classic Chicken Noodle microwaves in minutes, and its egg noodles stay enjoyably chewy. About $2 at grocers nationwide 4 ZÜPA NOMA SUPERFOOD SOUPS These refrigerated soups…

mad for mushrooms

Mushrooms are hot both as ingredients and inspiration for beauty products in 2018. And with good reason: Many have the power to soothe and strengthen skin, not to mention immune-boosting properties that help you glow all winter long. Some 2,000 varieties of mushrooms exist, ranging from those you weed out of your lawn to wild-foraged white truffles that command thousands of dollars per pound. But only about 25 varieties are commonly eaten. Edible mushrooms—with names like chanterelle, maitake, shiitake, enoki, reishi, cremini, and portobello—contain key beauty nutrients, one reason you’ll see them listed not just on menus but also among the ingredients on skin-care products and beauty supplements. Some mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, which regulates the skin’s antimicrobial defenses, is essential for energy and immunity, and is seldom found in…

meet lilly

“Lilly was an anniversary gift from my husband 10 years ago. We originally got her to be a companion to one of our other dogs. Lilly is a sweetheart who loves people, and, although she likes to wrestle with one of our cats, is always polite to houseguests. When she meets new people, Lilly never barks or runs around. She just sits patiently at a distance until our other dog finishes her spastic greeting. When there’s finally a lull in the excitement, Lilly trots over to say hello and welcome our guests.” —Lee Ann Gray (aka Lucky Noodles) It’s become a Thanksgiving tradition at the Gray house to hoist Lilly up to inspect the turkey before everyone sits down to eat. “Luckily,” Lee Ann says, “she always gives us her approval!” *Some…

five - star

PRODUCTS, EVENTS, AND PROMOTIONS EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT NATURALLY AROMATIC, EXTRA-LONG GRAIN WHITE RICE Add an authentic twist to your favorite meal with Royal® Basmati Rice! Royal’s Basmati comes from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and is a naturally aromatic, extra-long grain white rice that is sure to make tonight’s family meal memorable. EVERYONE WINS WITH KRAFT TRIOS SNACKFUNS! Kraft Trios SnackFUNS are kid-friendly snacks inspired by family favorite treats, like Strawberry Waffes, Cookies & Crackers, and S’mores, made with Kraft Natural Cheese for a wholesome anchor, and indulgent treats that spark excitement. HAVE THE CAKE. HOLD THE SUGAR. This delicious, organic, zero-calorie stevia sweetener is the perfect sugar substitute—use it in coffee, tea, or in your latest confectionary creation! Find sweet inspiration at A THICKER, BOLDER CHEESE MAKING CLASSIC RECIPES EVEN BETTER Make Galbani’s NEW Thick…