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letter from allrecipes

Here’s the thing about working at a magazine: Just like a lot of other jobs, it involves spending a lot of time in front of a computer and a lot of time in meetings. You create stories that you hope people like, you send them out into the world, and then you wait patiently to get feedback… typically via email. So it’s a big deal for us when we get to meet readers in person, with no electronic buffers! Actual conversation! Real faces! Woot! This past May, 35 Allrecipes Allstars* came to New York City for the first annual Allrecipes Get Together. There was a kickoff cocktail party and then a full day of Allrecipes immersion: a workshop on food styling and food photography; a session on the smartest ways to…

halloween highlights

TRENDS* FACTOIDS * FAVES 3.4 pounds Amount of candy the average American eats on Halloween But Allrecipeeps also are looking for healthy recipes to scare of candy cravings: Our Stuffed Jack-O-Lantern Bell Peppers scored 366 Facebook likes. 4,293 Searches for punch or Halloween drinks last fall Halloween clearly ain’t just for kids: Marigolddesigns’ Liquid Vampire punch—a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, cranberry juice, and raspberry schnapps—earned 300 Instagram likes. 90 million Pounds of chocolate Americans buy for Halloween (That works out to three full-sized candy bars for every man, woman, and child.) Anything left in your trick-or-treat bag? We’ve got 35 left over-candy recipes on the site (try Acorn Candy Cookies on page 78—it has been pinned on Pinterest more than 2,000 times). 13,278 September/October searches for Halloween recipes on 561 Halloween recipes on 57,551 Searches for pumpkin recipes in autumn. Your faves: Pumpkin…

kitchen sink

MOUSE TRAP This mouse doesn’t get the cheese; it is the cheese. Allrecipes community member ReeRee’s Kitchen transformed fellow member Luscious Lemonade’s sesame seed–encrusted Dead Man’s Cheese Ball into a Halloween-worthy mouse ( Instead of shaping it into a ball, create an oval “body” with a pointed nose, then roll it in black sesame seeds. Use carrot rounds for ears, a baby carrot for a nose, a scallion green for a tail, edamame or green olives for eyes, and mini breadsticks or pretzels for whiskers. It’s a mouse that all your party guests will be happy to see. PHOTO: ANDY LYONS; FOOD STYLING: LORI POWELL; PROP STYLING: SUE MITCHELL…

pop culture

Never made popcorn without a popcorn maker? And thinking about tackling popcorn balls this Halloween? Stovetop popcorn is easier to make than you think—and it’s more fluffy and crunchy than anything that comes out of a microwavable bag. Here’s how to get popping: 1. Use a deep, heavy-bottom pot with a lid to prevent hot-oil splatters and overflowing kernels. 2. Use oil that can withstand high heat—the ideal popcorn cooking temperature is 400°F to 600°F. Old-fashioned movie theaters used coconut and palm oils, but peanut and vegetable oils work just as well. The basic oil-to-kernel ratio is ⅓ cup of oil for every 1 cup of kernels. 3. Do the three-kernel test: When the oil is sizzling, drop three kernels of popcorn into the pot. When they pop, it’s time to add the…

kitchen hack: easily cleaned

Pans with Burned-On Gunk Cover the bottom of the pan with water and a cup of white vinegar, and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Let fizz for a minute, then toss the liquid and scour the pan. Stained Baking Dishes A wad of aluminum foil used as a scrubber will remove all those brown, burnt stains in a flash. Grungy Grill Grates Heat up your grill and let some of the food burn off. Then cut a good-size onion in half and rub it over the surface of the grate using a grilling fork or tongs.…

drink up: the hard side of cider

Thanks to booming interest in craft beverages and gluten-free diets, hard cider has become the fastest growing alcoholic beverage in America. And no, it doesn’t taste like what came out of the plastic jug you left out on the back porch for a week. Hard cider is lower in alcohol than wine and is a great choice when you don’t feel like having (or just don’t like) beer. The range of flavors is vast, from bone dry and earthy to sweet and fruity, complementing foods from pork to fish to roasted chicken and vegetables. And while the best ciders can fetch well over $20 for a 750-milliliter bottle, you can also find delicious ciders for around $8 per six-pack. (Most are gluten-free.) Cider hasn’t exactly come out of nowhere. It was hugely…