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Q4 Fall 2021

Arabian Horse World carries the message of the Arabian's peerless beauty and versatility, keeps readers enlightened and informed, and stimulates thinking about the long-term elements of breeding and owning Arabians. Famed for award-winning design, beautiful photography, and attention to detail, this magazine blends beauty with international coverage, history and mystique of the breed, reviews of breeding programs, horse husbandry features, and special features for newcomers to the breed.

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ahw’s online exclusives

Find all these and more at Click on the Online Exclusives tab to access this content. Arabian Horse World’s STUD BOOK RESEARCH FOR 2019 AND 2020 Both years had the same leading sire of foals: Afires Heir (Afire Bey V x Brassmis) with 45 and 37 foals respectively. In 2019, the second place sire of foals was Exxalt (*Excalibur EA x Vesperra) with 39 foals, and in 2020, the second-place sire was Inception (IXL Noble Express x Bonita Afire) with 30 foals. Accordng to Debbie Fuentes of the Arabian Horse Registry, total registrations for 2019 was 2,631, and for 2020 the total was 2,469. See more data on our Website. MY OBSERVATIONS FROM INSIDE THE “FISHBOWL” Thoughts on the Mid-Summer Nationals by Lori Conway “This was the 7th time I judged a National Championship Arabian Horse…

what in the world

There’s a purebred gelding who works as a lesson horse down in Florida. This lovely boy is due a moment of appreciation…and so are the ladies who love him. HA Bold Flyer (HA Bold Rapture x Flying-C Tarifa by Blue Monico), aka “Flea,” won his first National titles when he was 23, and he has a slew of Regional and Class A wins with several different riders, including a 2021 Region 12 Championship at the age of 28. Together with his current lessee, 71-year-old Neva Rae Powers, Flyer will compete in the Century Club class at the OAHC Sport Horse Spooktacular this October in Florida. The Century Club is sponsored by the Dressage Foundation to recognize senior riders and horses still competing. The combined ages of the horse and rider must add…

moments in time fifty years on

Fifty years. That’s half a century. Am I really that old? It doesn’t feel like it … On the other hand, there is no denying that the world is very different now from what it was when I first encountered Arabian horses. So is the Arabian horse itself, and almost everything around it. A few years ago, I already wrote in detail about that first, life-changing encounter with Arabian horses at the Ismer Stud, so I won’t repeat any of that here. Let us look at the larger picture instead. In the fall of 1971, I was still a high school kid and Arabians were few and far between. If you counted the number of private stud farms in Germany using both your hands, you’d still have fingers left over. There were no…

a breeder’s view

As Holly Dillin says of her Western Cross breeding program, “Our slogan has always been ‘Breeding Beautiful Athletes,’ and that still rings true. That is my goal with each foal I produce.” Holly’s first homebreds were foaled in 1995, and she has since bred over 200 Arabians and Half-Arabians and has owned over 257. Her love for the breed is shared by her husband, Linden Dillin, and daughter Jenna, each of whom enjoys the horses in their own way. For Linden it’s about bonding with the using horses – he takes a string of Arabians and Half-Arabs – bred by Holly of course – on annual elk-hunting trips to the San Pedro Wilderness in New Mexico. “When he’s home, Linden loves bareback trail rides and sitting in the grass while…

you be the judge

In this series, we invite readers to submit a photo of their horse to be included in a recurring conformation evaluation. Noted International Arabian judge Cindy Reich will place each class and explain her thought process. The horses are not identified, but ranked in order from _-_. Test your judging skills and see if you saw the same things. The photographs do not have to be professional, but must be a high quality profile picture where the horse fills the whole frame. All feet and legs must be visible. It is preferable that the horse is standing relatively square. Anyone can submit a photo for this feature. Any age from yearlings to aged horses are accepted. Horses do not need to be clipped. Simply include the photo along with age and sex…

2021 teviscup

On July 24, 2021, 133 horses galloped out of Robie Park near Lake Tahoe in the 65th running of the 100-mile Tevis Cup. The vivid orange sunrise tinged with smoke from the California forest fires was the backdrop for the early miles as riders settled their horses into steady rhythms that would carry them towards Auburn. So many riders return year after year to ride this spectacular trail. Some are contenders for the win, some are happy to get their completion within the allotted 24 hours, and some fall victim to this highly technical trail. This year’s completion rate of 47% was lower than normal. This could be attributed to the abundance of smoke in the area, a hold up coming through the canyons that put some riders who were already…