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ArtAsiaPacific 110 (Sep/Oct 2018)

For over 20 years, ArtAsiaPacific has been at the forefront of the powerful creative forces that shape contemporary art from Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East. Covering the latest in contemporary visual culture, ArtAsiaPacific is published in Hong Kong, with over 30 editorial desks worldwide. Our annual issue, the Almanac, is an alphabetical tour d'horizon of the 67-odd countries covered in ArtAsiaPacific, spanning Afghanistan to Vietnam. The Almanac also invites influential art world figures to comment on the major cutural events that have shaped the past 12 months. Now also available on the iPhone!

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dragons, hydra and the 21st centurytest

TestBack in 1993, when ArtAsiaPacific published its first print edition, the Internet had just broken out of its shell as the World Wide Web and was still a duckling learning to swim in the waters of global communication. Today, the Internet and its denizens, its billions of social-media users, resemble—excuse the mixed metaphor—a giant, cyborg squid with writhing tentacles and a predilection for dispensing fake news, encouraging abuse and exploitation, and enabling bad habits such as phishing, trolling and spamming while spawning addiction and insomnia. It takes a lot of skill and talent, not to mention the resources of time and attention, to control and synthesize this undisciplined beast and put it between the covers of a print magazine. Ever since AAP went online in 2003, we have attempted to keep…


MASSIMO DE CARLO Massimo de Carlo is the founder of Massimo de Carlo in Milan, London and Hong Kong. (See FEATURES) TSONG-ZUNG CHANG Tsong-zung Chang is the founder of Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong. (See FEATURES) ARIC CHEN Aric Chen is curator-at-large at Hong Kong’s M+ Museum, where he led the creation of the museum’s design and architecture collection and program from 2012 to 2018. (See FEATURES) ZIAN CHEN Zian Chen is a writer and curator who currently works as a researcher for Long March Space in Beijing. His “exhibition-novels” introduce the subjective position of fan fiction in art writing. In 2015, he received the Contemporary Art Writing and Critical Thinking Award at Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco. Chen has collaborated on art writing in various forms with artist Liu Chuang since 2017. (See FEATURES) STEPHEN CHENG Stephen Cheng is the founder of…

map office on jun nguyen-hatsushiba

A photograph of a scuba diver painting underwater on a red canvas is on the cover of one of Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba’s monographs, produced by Mori Art Museum in 2004. The image is a still from Jun’s underwater film Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas: Battle of Easel Point – Memorial Project Okinawa (2003). Shot at the location of the fictional “Battle of Easel Point,” off the shores of Okinawa, Jun’s work reverses the principles of memorialization and narrative in its framing of a liquid landscape and silent actions. In our “Atlas of Asia Art Archive” (2013) project and installation, which we developed during a residency at Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong, we explored seas and oceans, interpreting these territories from different artists’ perspectives—including that of Jun. For “Atlas,” we wrote of…

ai weiwei’s beijing studio torn down

Artist and activist Ai Weiwei’s Zuoyou studio was recently demolished without warning in Beijing. A demolition crew turned up at Ai’s studio on the afternoon of August 3 and began to smash the windows of the former factory building while a drill truck tore down the walls. Though Ai was planning to relocate and the rental contract on the studio had expired in late 2017, the deadline to vacate the premises had not yet passed when destruction began. Ai posted videos and photos of the seven-day demolition to his Instagram. In his penultimate post about the event, published on August 9, he wrote: “From today (2018.08.09), this is the last footage of my Zuoyou studio in Beijing. I have used it since 2006. The sudden demolition started one week ago with…

b movie synopsis

“In film school, B had sworn to create only images of artistic honesty, kindness and authenticity. B’s claim to fame is what some curators might call a resuscitation project. At the height of his career, Brandon Lee was a fierce top among hordes of anonymous Asian bottoms. Initially the porn world was intrigued by the very notion of an Asian man as the insertive sex partner, and its radical political potential. But porn thinkers were quick to assert that Brandon’s top-ness is ultimately in sync with, and therefore reinforces, heteronormative discourses of race and gender. Soon it became uncool to cast Brandon in films. Brandon’s fall from the top coincided with a wane in interest in B’s oeuvre. B decided that what the porn world wants to see are the…

knowledge is king

Reconnaissance is the name of the game in the art world. And at Christie’s, various teams are researching new strategies for moving money from pockets to profit sheets. In Hong Kong, the big guns from the European offices organized a lunch with a number of galleries dealing regularly with clients located north of Hong Kong’s special economic zone border. The suave Finnish auctioneer Jussi Pylkkänen, now Christie’s global president, threw out a riddle of the Chinese economy to the caucus of perplexed gallerists on how mainland clients pay—or don’t pay—their bills. Also seated at the head of the table was Christie’s co-chairwoman of Impressionist and Modern Art, Giovanna Bertazzoni, who is similarly out to solve this enduring conundrum. Bertazzoni is already a frequent flyer, shuttling hot-ticket Renoirs, Pissarros and Gauguins…