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ArtAsiaPacific Sep/Oct 2015

For over 20 years, ArtAsiaPacific has been at the forefront of the powerful creative forces that shape contemporary art from Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East. Covering the latest in contemporary visual culture, ArtAsiaPacific is published in Hong Kong, with over 30 editorial desks worldwide. Our annual issue, the Almanac, is an alphabetical tour d'horizon of the 67-odd countries covered in ArtAsiaPacific, spanning Afghanistan to Vietnam. The Almanac also invites influential art world figures to comment on the major cutural events that have shaped the past 12 months. Now also available on the iPhone!

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vocabulary test

For the September/October issue of ArtAsiaPacific, we look at artists who extend the vocabulary of their given practices—through the use of a specific material or by adopting a range of strategies and styles, both old and new—to communicate their ideas, often in novel, unexpectedways. We begin with New Delhi-based Bengali artist and poet Mithu Sen, whose graffiti-inspired painting I Cunt Imagine (2010) is featured on our cover. AAP contributing editor Jyoti Dhar considers the power behind Sen’s surrealistic imagery and text-based practice. Exploring universal notions of gender and beauty, Sen employs a variety of means, from watercolor paintings and collaged readymades to video and spoken-word performances. As Dhar notes, “Fearless, vulgar and antagonistic, Mithu Sen’s work has a way of stopping you in your tracks.” Similarly challenging expectations, although active in an…


HARRY BLAIN Harry Blain is a London-based gallery owner and founder of Sedition, an online digital art marketplace. Blain first opened Blains Fine Art in 1992. A decade later in 2002, he co-founded Haunch of Venison with British gallerist Graham Southern. Together they launched a new contemporary gallery in 2010, Blain|Southern. (See THE POINT) MELIA BELLI BOSE Melia Belli Bose is currently assistant professor of Asian Art History at the University of Texas at Arlington. Presently based in Dhaka and Chittagong, she is conducting research on contemporary Bangladeshi art. Her book, Royal Umbrellas of Stone: Memory, Politics and Public Identity in Rajput Funerary Art, and the edited volume, Women, Gender and Art in Early Modern Asia, are forthcoming in 2016. (See DISPATCH) DANIEL KURJAKOVIĆ Daniel Kurjaković is a Parisbased researcher, curator and editor of the magazine Torrent–Source…

one on one: charwei tsai on ustad allah bakhsh

In 2011, I was invited to Mumbai for a solo exhibition curated by Veerangana Solanki at the Guild. It was my first trip to India and I was fortunate enough to be hosted by Veerangana and her loving family. At their home in Bansda, in the western state of Gujarat, I came upon a series of paintings of the Hindu god Lord Krishna hanging in her grandfather’s room. I was immediately drawn to the ethereal blue figure portrayed on these canvases. Krishna’s otherworldly gaze is engaged yet detached and his gestures are playful yet sacred—the gentleness and tender expressions of these portraits were unlike any I had seen before. In one painting, multiple Krishnas in various postures gather blissfully around his devoted consort Radha. Veerangana’s grandfather explained that it references…

dispatch: dhaka

Throughout much of the world, Bangladesh is associated with poverty, floods, famines, civil war and perilous labor conditions. Bangladeshi contemporary art has largely evaded international attention. In recent years, however, the nation is catching up with its South Asian neighbors and taking a seat at the table of global contemporary art. Dhaka, the national capital and the 10th largest city on the planet with 18 million people, is the center of an emerging Bangladeshi contemporary art scene. In 1948, father of Bangladeshi art Zainul Abedin (1914–1976) founded the Faculty of Fine Arts (locally known as Charukola) at Dhaka University, Bangladesh’s oldest and most influential art college. Also an important cultural site, Charukola was a meeting place prior to and during the 1971 Liberation War and was stormed during Hussain Muhammad Ershad’s…

news: comic refund

One day before the May 30 release of The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye by Malaysian-born, Singapore-based comic artist Sonny Liew, the country’s National Art Council (NAC) retracted a SGD 8,000 (USD 5,800) grant on the grounds that the book “undermines the authority or legitimacy of the Government and its public institutions.” One day before the May 30 release of The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye by Malaysian-born, Singapore-based comic artist Sonny Liew, the country’s National Art Council (NAC) retracted a SGD 8,000 (USD 5,800) grant on the grounds that the book “undermines the authority or legitimacy of the Government and its public institutions.” Speaking to ArtAsiaPacific by email, Liew wrote that he was surprised by the council’s move. “The NAC grant process involves two external assessors and one internal,…

the point: screen resolution

How the world has changed since Seditionart.com was founded three years ago! When I first started thinking about the company in the 1990s, the idea of a digital, limited-edition artwork was seen as bizarre; “digital edition” seemed a contradiction in terms. Today, digital is a medium no less commonplace than oil-on-canvas, and for the pioneering artists of this category, a burgeoning new infrastructure is opening up to support them. That’s where Sedition comes in. One original motivation to create this company was our awareness of a growing number of artists utilizing digital elements in their practice. It seemed natural to try to provide a platform for artists to present those works to the world—or at least to the online world. The traditional routes for showing and selling artworks were not available…