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OLD TIMER’S RALLY “For many Americans, Sturgis conjures up images of an anything-goes motorcycle festival, where drugs flow, fists fly and nudity runs rampant,” says a report in USA Today from August last year. “But the reality is that most attendees today are professionals with too much to lose if they get arrested. Surprisingly, the top three professions at Sturgis are doctors, lawyers and accountants, said city manager Daniel Ainsley. “These aren’t Easy Riders, living a carefree life on the road. These are aging Baby Boomers with kids and mortgages and nice cars. Read the headline in one local paper this week: ‘Has Sturgis gotten too grey?’” Sturgis? Too grey? Hard to believe – but then there were more than a few wrinkles on view even in Daytona last year… IS IT GETTING…

benelli trk 502

THE TAG “MADE in Italy” is a big thing. It really pushes the notion that stuff made in Italy is of the finest quality, and the new Benelli TRK 502 is an excellent example of exactly that. Its finish is excellent and the end result is a nice smaller-capacity road/ adventure bike. The Australian press launch made sure I got to sample a bit of everything – from freeway to super-tight twisties in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Before I get into the details of new TRK 502, it’s probably worth mentioning some of the new Benelli models coming this year. The long-awaited Leoncino isn’t far away and although it will come fitted with road tyres, chucking a set of knobbies on it will bring it back to the prototype shown last year. I…

new bike prices

Most prices exclude dealer and on road costs and some are ride away prices – ask your local dealer for the best possible price! APRILIA ROAD Shiver 900 ABS $15,190 Dorsoduro 900 ABS $15,790 Tuono V4 1100 RR $22,490 Tuono V4 1100 Factory $25,490 RSV4 RR $24,990 RSV4 Superpole $30,790 SCOOTERS SR MT 125 $3390 Scarabeo 200 ie $5190 BENELLI ROAD TnT 125 $3850 BN 251 $4190 BN 302 $5690 302 R $TBA Leoncino $TBA ADV TOURING TRK 502 $8790 BIMOTA ROAD DB5R $37,990 DB10 $37,290 DB9 $44,990 DB9 S $46,990 Tesi 3D Naked $55,990 Tesi Race Café $TBA DB11 $56,990 BB3 $72,888 DB8 OroNero $84,990 BMW ROAD G 310 R $5790 F 800 R $12,990 F 800 GT $16,300 S 1000 R $19,390 S 1000 R Sport $21,690 S 1000 RR $21,990 S 1000 RR Sport $23,990 S 1000 RR Race $25,690 R nineT $22,490 R nineT Pure $17,690 R nineT Scrambler $18,750 R nineT Racer $19,150 R nineT Urban G/S $18,750 R 1200 R $22,100 R 1200 R Sport $22,500 R 1200 R Exclusive $22,500 R 1200 RS…

exploring alternate universes

WITH THE CONCEPT of alternative universes becoming more acceptable in the scientific community, it beckons you to ponder the separate paths you could have taken on any one day of your life. For example, in one universe, you narrowly miss being run over by a car while walking across the street to your office. In another universe you get hit by a kid on a skateboard while crossing the same street and end up in hospital with a broken arm. Or better still, in one universe, you ride a DR650, in another you commute on a CT90. So imagine waking up on a Saturday morning with clear skies and a cool breeze. I make breakfast for myself and my wife, but in universe A I’m set to go for a ride, in…


MILLION DOLLAR BIKE HOW MUCH???! What can you buy for a million dollars nowadays? A four-bedroom house or some sort of exotic supercar? What about a motorcycle? What would you get for just over one million Aussie? How about Jack Ehret’s Vincent Black Lightning which recently sold at auction in Las Vegas for US$929,000 (approx. AUD$1,150,000), making it the most valuable motorcycle ever sold at auction. It was used at Bathurst in the 1950s, usually in sidecar form by Ehret, and at one stage held the Australian Land Speed Record at an average speed of 141.5mph. Wow! BE THERE OR BE SQUARE! INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SPEED 2018 If you haven’t already made plans to head for Sydney Motorsport Park during the 22-25 March then you better make them now! Celebrating 30 years of World Superbikes,…

classical crisis

BEFORE I JUMP with you into the heady world of classic motorcycles, and the racing thereof, it’s probably important you should know a little about me. This is so you can work out if I have any credibility when it comes to the classics. When the doctor slapped me on the backside, my dear mum called me Christopher Pickett. Now I’m simply known as Picko. Some of you may have heard of me before, some not, and some of you wonderful readers may be trying to forget you heard my name at all. What is important for me is passion – especially seeing as how I’m going to write about classic bikes, where it’s all about passion. The great bikes of bygone eras have been a passion of mine for most of my…