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Australian Motorcyclist September 2019

"The brainchild of two of Australia’s best known motorcycle journalists – Peter “The Bear” Thoeming and Stuart Woodbury. Together The Bear and Stuart provide you with all of the latest and greatest motorcycles and especially all of the best places to travel on your motorcycle. Each month you get our regular Pub of the Month column, along with our two free pullout maps – the only motorcycle magazine in Australia to provide such a unique feature. On sale around the middle of each month and of course you can guarantee your copy each month by subscribing! Make sure you are part of the AMM motorcycling community and enjoy your motorcycle even more."

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ducati monster 821 stealth

WHEN YOU HEAR of a model called “Stealth”, would you expect a totally blacked out, dark and mysterious machine? You probably would, but the new Ducati Monster 821 Stealth mixes up that moniker with plenty of ‘bling’to go with the darkness. When I talk about ‘bling’ I mean the fluro red highlights on the Stealth which really attract some attention. That’s always confirmed at traffic lights when other motorcyclists pull up beside you and start raving to you about how good the Stealth looks. This is great for any potential owner as you do get a heap of added pride for your pride and joy! What’s new for 2019? Apart from the new graphics there’s a new front fairing, pillion seat cover, adjustable forks and Ducati’s up/down quickshifter, which really makes the…

surfside motorcycle garage

WE ALL SEEM to have a favourite café that we like to frequent; whether that’s by motorcycle or not doesn’t seem to really matter. Since we’re motorcyclists, of course, it’s better if we have a favourite café that’s motorcycle friendly and even better still – motorcycle themed! Roll the wave into Surfside Motorcycle Garage located at 42 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale NSW and pull up to the ample amount of motorcycle parking. Slide inside to the café at the front and order some delicious food. On our visit Ralph had the amazing Minestrone Soup, which is a family secret recipe. I had a traditional (chicken) burger. I also sampled the fine coffee and Ralph had a juice. Once you’ve finished up in the café, surf on out the back to look at the…

13’s your number

TO BE HONEST, most of the places these roads - touch on are a bit like what the Americans call Fly-Over States; they’re ride-through towns. That’s not intended as an insult; it’s just that they hold relatively few attractions of potential interest to motorcyclists. BRISBANE I doubt if anyone seriously needs any more information than they already have about Brisvegas. It’s one of Australia’s more pleasant capital cities and has a useful entertainment district with Southbank. JIMBOOMBA The name derives from an Aboriginal phrase meaning ‘place of loud thunder and little rain’ and the town is both a major residential suburb of Brisbane and a manufacturing centre in its own right. Like they say in the movies, “nothing to see here”. BEAUDESERT Not far from the water wonderland of Wyaralong Dam, Beaudesert makes a good coffee…

in the zone

The Schengen Zone comprises 26 European countries which have abolished all passport and other types of border control at their mutual borders. It is a single jurisdiction for international travel purposes, with a common visa policy.A few countries are part of the EU but are non-Schengen states. Anyone travelling on an Australian passport doesn't need a visa to travel to countries in the Schengen Zone for up to 90 days in any 180-day period. If you leave the Zone and return within the same 180-day period, the previous stay will count towards the 90 day maximum. If you stay more than 90 days in a 180-day period without a valid visa, you may be fined or banned from entering the Schengen Zone again. Check the interwebs for a list of the…

who is motorrad tours?

Motorrad Tours is an Official Travel Partner of BMW Motorrad.We operate a range of motorcycle tours throughout Europe as well as tours in Africa, the Americas and Asia.You are welcome to ride any make of bike on our tours, but we always ride BMWs. We provide you with route guidance notes, maps and GPS routes so you can choose to ride independently at your pace, stopping to see what you want to see when you want to.You are always welcome to ride with the Tour Leader who will set a leave time each day so you can join them. You can ride with them every day or swap and change what you want to do each day.You have the freedom to choose.…

you beauty!

FORGIVE ME, FOR I am about to sin. This is a motorcycle magazine, I know, and I am not a car bloke, either. But on my recent tour around a superheated Eastern Europe (read the whole sweaty story elsewhere in this issue) I saw something so beautiful, and at the same time so nostalgia-inducing, that I can’t help writing about it. When I was a lad and velociraptors roamed the plains of northern Europe, I collected toy cars just like every other boy I knew. Well, except for Helmut, who collected toy tanks and became, I believe, a three star general with NATO. In charge of the armored corps, if I’m not wrong. My favourite toy car was a Mercedes-Benz 190SL with wheels that turned, doors that opened and a little…