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A couple of months after my visit, I get a call from Phil and he doesn’t sound good. The previous afternoon Alwyn’s carer had helped him shower and he’d gone to his bedroom to dress.Too long passed and she pushed the door open. ‘Dad’ was on his bed motionless. He’d sat down and passed away, as peacefully and as tranquilly as he’d lived. The town was in shock. I thank him for calling and he thanks me for my interest and when I tell him,“I’m sure you helped make his last few years fuller and happier than they may have been,” the publican, the person just says he hopes so,“because that’s why we’re here.” I make myself an excuse to head out to the river bend country. I’m told the funeral…

the right ingredients

Great pub run by a great publican in a great town. Phil knows how to make everyone who comes in feel right at home, and the regulars appreciate his efforts and amplify the welcome you’ll get. At only 2 hours from Adelaide by the shortest route, less than an hour more via Murray Bridge then following the river, if I lived and worked in the City of Churches I’d be heading there after Friday night knock-off at least once a month. The pub opens at ten each morning and there’s a choice of eight beers on tap with SA pints costing $7.00 to $7.50 and their schooners (NSW middies) between $5.00 - $6.00. Meals are well priced and not deep-fried dominated. There’s no special deals or facilities for bike riders and stay…

editor speaks

Back in the groove I’LL start this month’s editorial saying, The Bear and Ralph got it easy the last month as they both got to go to EICMA to not only see all the latest and greatest two wheeled machines, but also all the pretty ladies that adorn a lot of these machines – half their luck! All while I stayed to do the ‘work’. I recently raced at the final round of the Australian Superbike Championship in the Superbike Masters support class at Sydney Motorsport Park. The plan was for me to sort out the handling on The Beast (our ’89 FZR1000) as Alex has always liked how I set up a bike and it was time to get the handling as we want it. The plan started well, after the…

what say you

WE LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU, the letters are among the most keenly read parts of the magazine. Please try and keep letters down to no more than 300 words.Then you can read many, not just a couple.We do reserve the right to cut them and, unless you identify yourself and at least your town or suburb and state, we will print your email address instead. Please address letters to or Australian Motorcyclist Magazine, Suite 4b, Level 1, 11-13 Orion Rd, Lane Cove West NSW 2066. All opinions published here are those of the writers and we do not vouch for their accuracy or even their sanity. LETTER OF THE MONTH THIS MONTH’S winner is Tony Gray, who reminds us that yes, there is a world out there behind the Sandstone…


THE BEST THING, EVER You know, in this world of dramatisation, bullshit and Nanny Stateism you have to be thankful there is one thing that can keep you sane, and that’s reading Australian Motorcyclist magazine. Forget watching the world destruct on the news or reading the sad and soggy fish n chip wrapper the newspapers have become, the best way to start your day while eating your breakfast (and for some) even while sitting on the porcelain throne, or eating lunch and as the perfect after diner mint, AMM is THE way to go. It’s not too late to get yourself the perfect Xmas gift or for that someone really special who just loves the best motorcycle mag in the country. Jump on our website ( au) now to subscribe or…

marcel bode

MARCEL IS THE Business Unit Manager Moto for Pirelli Tyres Australia and is responsible for the premium brands of Pirelli and Metzeler. AMM Marcel you have an enviable position in the Australian motorcycling landscape. Tyres are an expensive item and it must be great to have a warehouse to go and plunder. How did you get to this point? MARCEL I have been riding motorcycles since I was 18 yearS old, always loved bikes so it was logical to get into the motorcycle industry coming out of school with a marketing diploma. I went first into sales, working for the largest European motorcycle dealer in Europe (at that time) in the Netherlands, then joined the Benelux private distributor of Harley-Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Triumph, Malaguti and Hyosung in their marketing team. During that…