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RAINDROP? WATROPROP! Okay, settle down in the back seats there. You will no doubt remember the Watroprop I introduced you to some time ago. No? Drawing a blank? It was the clear plastic disc stuck to the front of the helmet visor with a suction cup and spun by a propeller to shed raindrops. A cord looped around your neck kept you from losing it if it flew off, though mine never did. Ah! There you go, you do remember it. I have used this gadget on and off, and have made new friends just about every time I did. They would come to jeer and stay to be amazed by the effectiveness of this thing. But there was a certain amount of buyer reluctance, mainly due to the fact that the propeller…

here for a great time (and a long time)

APRILIA SHIVER 900 ALL IN OUR APRILIA SHIVER 900 has enjoyed the fitment of two awesome accessories from the genuine Aprilia range. Firstly a set of Akrapovic slip-on mufflers and to finish off the look, a set of smaller LED indicators. Akrapovic mufflers - $2913.05 A rather expensive item but the result is more torque, smoother running and a great v-twin sound. Aprilia dealer, Bikebiz at Parramatta fitted up the Akrapovic slip-ons for me and they mentioned it took a couple of hours to fit. Having now ridden the bike for a few weeks with these slip-ons, I’ve found the extra punch they have given the Shiver is very nice indeed. See your local Aprilia dealer or a SW LED indicators - $83.50 x 2 Smaller, LED indicators should be standard fare on all bikes…


“IF YOU CAN FILL THE UNFORGIVING MINUTE WITH SIXTY SECONDS’ WORTH OF DISTANCE RUN, YOURS IS THE EARTH AND EVERYTHING THAT’S IN IT…”RUDYARD KIPLING IF… “I SAY, I SAY, DO YOU like Kipling?” – “I don’t know; I’ve never kippled.” All right, that’s enough of that. It occurred to me that I’ve pretty much always taken the tours operated by various tour companies as my inspiration for these pages, and that makes sense. But it’s time to offer you something a little different, I think. Why don’t we start with the places you’d like to go… if? If… you actually knew where you wanted to go and what was there, and if… you could find a way to get there. So what I’ve done is scoured the Earth for the kinds of places…

get away

HOW LONG HAVE YOU got? Here’s a selection of summer breaks from half a day to a fortnight. Do you reckon one of them might suit you? EUNGELLA, A DAY OUT OF MACKAY The only difficult thing about Eungella is the pronunciation. ‘Yunjeller’ is close. A ride up there from the coastal heat of Mackay (even if you’re just passing through) is just the thing. It’s a pleasant and well-maintained road through the cane fields from the Bruce Highway up to the scarp that marks the Great Divide, and then an exhilarating series of corners to get you to the top. Apart from being cooler, Eungella is also pretty and well supplied with ice cream. Have a look out of the Sky Window at the edge of the range before stopping in the…


Two thousand kilometres of hot bitumen in the Northern Territory, a borrowed Indian Chieftain and Roadmaster, and being paid to do it by the NT Government. It doesn’t get much better than that for motorcycle enthusiasts Brad Foster and Nigel Collin. NIGEL AND I went to the same school in Sydney. He was three years older than I so of course he never spoke to me unless I was doing something to annoy him. Fast-forward 30 plus years and we’re now good mates. We met again probably 10 or 15 years back at a conference that he was emceeing and I was attending and have stayed in touch ever since. When he decided to write a book on business five years ago, Nigel took off around Australia on a motorcycle with an idea…

it’s summer and time for wandering

SUMMER IS FAST approaching, we’ve had a few hot days already but the heat is yet to set in. This means it’s time for you to think about some summer gear for your motorcycling. We’ve approached the distributors, and the gear from those who want you to know about their products is featured below. Consider that when making your purchase! HELD BIKER FASHION LIGHTWEIGHT VENTILATED SPORTS JACKET - $250 Made from a Heros-Tec 600D (Denier) outer shell with a mesh liner, 2 external pockets, 2 internal pockets, cool mesh material in front, back and arms, arm adjustment, soft touch collar, CE approved soft protectors at shoulders and elbows, full connection zip and reflective detailing. Available in a couple of colours and sizes 48-62 = XS-4XL. DESERT SUMMER GLOVES - $130 Made with a mesh fabric…