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post office hotel, maude

THE FEISTY 80-YEAR-OLD woman looks at the naive, unsure 20 year old boy and tells him: “… everyone has the right to make an arse of themselves. You can’t let the world judge you too much.” It’s 1971 and it’s one of two great lines from “Harold and Maude” a feel-good flick featuring Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon that my then girlfriend (RIP) dragged me along to. This was the second ‘Maude’ I’d encountered. The first was our art teacher from high school, a figure of fantasy to many of us, all of whom were racked with envy and jealousy when one of our senior prefects moved in with her a few weeks after we graduated. I’ve been using Movie Maude’s imprimatur regularly for almost 50 years although I’ve overcome the jealousy of…

letter of the month

KEVIN IS THIS month’s winner. He is requesting that we grab a pillion and get some words from them for each bike we review. This can be a bit difficult but on most bikes we feel would suit a pillion we try to do just this. Kevin, please send me your postal address so we can get the fabulous Nelson-Rigg T-shirt and backpack valued at $59.90 from Link International to you. Check out the entire range of Nelson-Rigg at PILLION IN A MILLION I have just been reading the adventure bike article and as with most bike tests the bikes all had pillion footrests and seats so how about sticking a pillion on the bikes and get them to type a few words about their experience, and especially the sporty bikes.…

harleydavidson forty-eight special

HARLEYS ‘FORTY-EIGHT’ 1200 Sportster has been a highly successful part of the range since its introduction a few years back. The fat front tyre (and smaller diameter wheel) is the secret to its success (I think) as it adds comfort and surprisingly sharp handling characteristics compared with the skinny tyre that’s normally associated with the 1200 Sportster range. For 2019, Harley has introduced the Special version – a bit of a throwback to the ‘70s in styling which starts with the Tallboy handlebar which does look to be sitting way up high, but when you sit on the Special it’s not high at all. Your arms are pretty much straight out from your body and I found it rather comfortable. Next detail that catches your eye is obviously the paintwork. The ‘70s…

congratulations, intermot

The customising display in INTERMOT’s Hall 10 was amazing, in the true sense of the word. Unlike some other international shows, INTERMOT and of course AMD imposed a structure on the whole thing that made it easy to see and understand what was on show.This should be the pattern for the really big custom shows around the world. Many of the major manufacturers also exhibited their take on customizing with stands in addition to their main displays. BMW Motorrad, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki,Yamaha and (for the first time) Suzuki and Indian Motorcycle were all represented. If you were looking for the accessories available from the big distributors such as Custom Chrome Europe, Louis, Motorcycle Storehouse and parts specialist Zodiac, they were also there. So were internationally known customizers like Berham Custom, Harley…

champagne touring

I UNDERSTAND THAT SOME air crew refer to passengers as “screaming cargo”. That’s not me anymore. The unconscious do not scream. I pop a couple of tablets, choose the most boring film on the entertainment system and head off to dreamland. I’ve seen the first twenty minutes of ‘A Star is Born’ seven times. Anybody manage to stay awake and knows how it ends? On second thought, don’t worry. Flying from Sydney to either the US or Europe offers a major advantage: you tend to stumble off the plane at 6.00 in the morning, with the whole day in front of you. Feeling as if someone has been giving your brain a workout with a blender, admittedly, but still. On my recent trip to the Cologne motorcycle show INTERMOT I collected…

used & abused

AGV SPORTMODULAR – GLOSSY CARBON Price - $899 (Gold Iridium Visor - $149) LAST ISSUE WE HAD Colin Whelan’s review on the great new AGV Sportmodular helmet. The fine people at AGV Australia wanted me to have one as well so I picked the ‘Glossy Carbon’ version, which is also the cheapest ‘colour’ of the range. I have no idea why as I reckon it looks the best! I also chose to grab a tinted visor (as I hate those internal drop down visors), with the flashy gold iridium visor making me look even more, ‘glossy’. Before I do get onto my review one thing Colin wasn’t aware of (from his review) is the internal drop down visor is adjustable via a cable, unlike most other internal drop down visors on the market.…