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three on the track

THREE MATES GO into a pub…no, no I’ll cut the jokes ‘cause I’m crap at them. I recently had the opportunity, courtesy of Aprilia to ride three of their very potent weapons out at Sydney Motorsport Park – the Tuono 1100 RF, RSV4 RF (imitation W) and the bike I had been riding for the couple of weeks previously on the road, the base model RSV4 RR. The Tuono RF is the upspec version with Ohlins suspension; otherwise it is basically (other from a few other tuning differences) the same as the RSV4 sports bike, just with an upright handlebar and a tiny half fairing. The last time I rode the Tuono at the track it was a barrel of fun as it loves to wheelstand out of every corner. No…

cologne show goes super-cool

TWO YEARS AGO, the Cologne international motorcycle show INTERMOT introduced a new theme: INTERMOT customized. The displays were received enthusiastically and reflected both the V-twin custom scene and the New Wave scene relating to café racers and modern custom-builds. We covered the 2016 exhibition in a special story which you really liked, going by the response. “The motorised two-wheeler industry is innovative and lives on the creativity of its members, who also use the INTERMOT network widely and exchange ideas with the brands and with the scene,” says Communications Manager Volker De Cloedt, “and accordingly, customising is being given more space with the intention of making it significantly bigger and raising its international profile.” Early signs are impressive: out of the major manufacturers, BMW Motorrad, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha and, for the…

why? just, why?

I’M KIND OF RAGING this month, I just simply do not understand why people cannot move to the left unless overtaking and why they seem not to understand how to use an indicator! Seriously, this is driving me insane. Let’s take the recent trip I had to make down to Campbelltown south of Sydney to grab a lump of 7075 grade aluminium so that Shaun at D Moto could make me a steering head stem for my Katana. I travelled along the M7 which merges onto the Hume Highway and people driving their cars seem to be all self-absorbed in their tin tops and seem to not know or comprehend the, “Move left unless overtaking” signs. I cannot count the number of vehicles I approached who did not move over. Did…

star studded affair

THE STARS WHO attend the QBE International Festival of Speed each year keep surprising us, and they make the weekend a great spectacle for all – spectators and competitors alike. For 2018 the theme was a celebration of 30 years of the World Superbike Championship and many past WSBK riders turned up to enjoy the celebration. For me, racing was where the action was at and the races to watch was the QBE Superbike Shootout Top 50. This involved the fastest 16 qualifiers (plus a couple of throw-ins) from Period 5 Unlimited, Period 6 Unlimited and Pre-Modern F1. The man to beat from last year was Aaron Morris who blitzed the field on the C&M Motorcycles P6 FZR1000. Aaron was riding the mighty FZR1000 fresh from taking out the Australian Historic…

two things old, one thing new...

WELCOMING Aprilia Shiver 900 A COMMON COMPLAINT about road tests is that they don’t look at the long-term aspects of owning a bike. Apart from providing a base for testing accessories, our long termers allow us to address that. The Aprilia Shiver is a good case in point. After riding the bike for a day or so I just plain liked it, but then after living with it for a couple of months, things I didn’t notice at first came to light. In the case of the Shiver 900 it was the handling. Having now lived with it for the last couple of months, it became obvious to me that it just didn’t feel quite right when I turned into a corner. This was something I hadn’t notice at the Australian launch…

ralph on the veldt

THE HATS FROM ITALY AGV VELOCE S and K-5-S Price - $549 TO $849 AGV’s latest Veloce S (and K-5-S see below) fit in between the cheaper K-3-S and the higher spec Corsa models, and they’re a bit like an open-wheeler race car. Every item serves a very distinct purpose. My experience in a Formula Ford car tells me strength, light weight and performance is what it is all about. Comfort and noise suppression go out the window (or would if there was one) in the pursuit of speed and the winning edge. This likeness came to me by the time I reached the M1 freeway after the clogged traffic snarl of my afternoon commute. The Veloce S puts aside a lot of practicality to put you on pole. The visor doesn’t click…