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lookin’ for adventure…

IT’S FUNNY, YOU KNOW – whenever someone I’ve met finds out what I do for a living, they say “You must have the best job in the world”. And of course I do. But while others perhaps can’t get away as frequently as I do, they can (mostly) get away at some time or other. A slice of my life is available to most people, considering how the cost of travel has fallen in the past few years. And the most convenient and inclusive, if perhaps not the absolutely cheapest, way to travel is on a motorcycle, on an organised tour. It can be the most enjoyable, too, if you pick the right tour. Here are a few suggestions. BEACH BUMMING Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures has announced an interesting extension of its October…

long termers

APRILIA SHIVER 900 OUT WITH THE GOLD THE OLD, IN WITH THE GOLD! SBS SINTERED PADS Price - $70 a side front, $55 rear ONE THING I NOTICED on the Shiver when I attended the Australian launch was that the front brakes lacked bite. I wondered if Aprilia had put a couple of blocks of wood in place of the brake pads but alas they hadn’t, just fitted a set of pads that lacked feel and power. So yeah, probably some wooden blocks. Roll in the lovely people at Kenma who distribute SBS Brake Pads. They sent over a set of sintered pads for both front and rear and after twenty minutes or so and a ride into the office the next day to bed them in, the Shiver’s brakes have power, they have…

the classic workshop

THERE ARE MANY motorcycle workshops around, but not many which you can trust to take care of your classic motorcycle. Now, when I say, classic motorcycle I don’t mean your clapped out 1990 Yamaha YZ250, or your Honda postie bike that’s seen 20 owners since Australia Post realised its humble workhorse was past its best. But a Silver Shotgun, now… It’s best to take your classic to a workshop or specialist who knows your brand inside out. That’s not always easy to do of course, especially if distance isn’t your friend, but if you are new to classics then make sure you do your homework before you trust the shop or individual with your pride and joy. You shouldn’t be paying the mechanic to learn on your bike, you should be…

bridgestone t31 battlax

THE ‘T’ SERIES OF Bridgestone sport touring tyres has consisted of the T30, T30 Evo and now the all-new T31. We’ve tested the T30 and T30 Evo over the last couple of years and now we’ve been using the T31 – all on the same bike. There is no better way to compare tyres than on the same familiar bike and same roads. As I write this review we’ve ridden 3261km on the T31s and to say they are a few steps up from than the outgoing T30 Evo is an understatement: the T31 has progressed by leaps and bounds, especially in the wet and in overall feel/feedback. One change from the previous T30s to the new T31 is a new tread pattern which improves the two main benefits of this tyre…

benelli leoncino

ONE OF THE MOST anticipated bikes of 2018 has been Benelli’s Leoncino. Shown at the EICMA exhibition in Milan back in 2015, it has taken a while to be released. Meanwhile Benelli has managed to keep interest in the bike strong, which would have been hard to do considering all the other bikes that have been released by other manufacturers in the meantime. A bit of a history lesson about Benelli will get us to the Leoncino. Benelli was established in Pesaro, Italy in 1911, which has given rise to dubious claims that it is the oldest of all European motorcycle factories still in operation. In the beginning, it was just the Benelli Garage, which repaired bicycles and motorcycles. In 1921, Benelli built its first motorcycle, using their own engine which…

used & abused

SUITING A BULL Berik Volante one-piece leather suit Price - $999.95 BEING SUCH A TALL giraffe I need many cows to donate their protective goodness to me for a one-piece leather racing suit and Berik has always served me perfectly over the many years I’ve been wearing their products (just over ten years now). I’ve crashed in them, worn them in the rain and to the other extreme, roared around racetracks in 40 degree heat and mega humidity in Malaysia! Why have I always chosen Berik you might ask? Sizing is the big one and comfort is the next. There’s nothing worse than having an ill-fitting one-piece suit on a racetrack. It impacts how fast you can ride a bike. So, onto the new Berik to hang proudly on my shoulders – the Volante.…