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Australian New Car Buyer No. 47


Australian New Car Buyer is the only magazine in Australia that covers every new car on the market. Inside you will find the ultimate reference for new car buyers. The magazine features information on developments at all levels of the industry and a comprehensive run-down of small, medium, family, coupes, sports and luxury cars that are available on the Australian market. New Car Buyer also shares with its readers the latest news, products and events of the automotive world. Perfect for any car enthusiast.

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The Australian Consumer Law 2011 (ACL) says that if you buy a new car and it has a “major failure” you are entitled to take it back to the dealer and claim a refund, or a replacement. The choice is yours. A major failure is when a reasonable consumer would not have bought the car if they had known about the problem, or when the car is substantially unfit for its normal purpose. In other words, the car is a lemon. The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) has the car industry in its sights, particularly in relation to the practice of forcing consumers to sign confidentiality agreements as a condition of refunding their money or replacing their car under the ACL. “The ACCC has made consumer issues arising in relation to…


PETER MCKAY Peter McKay has been writing about cars since 1976, for publications including Wheels and The Sydney Morning Herald. He has competed in seven Bathurst 1000s, the Nurburgring 24 Hours, Spa 24 Hours, Australian Safari and been a World Car of the Year and Wheels COTY judge. He loves his Porsche 911 SC Targa, but in weak moments admits its character and ageless good looks don’t always compensate for the absence of power steering and air conditioning. So he sometimes hankers for a new hot hatch. McKay reckons making a living as a freelance motoring bloke for 34 unbroken years is a professional high point. And a bloody miracle. In this issue, he tests the Kia Sportage. PHIL KING Phil King is Motoring Editor of The Australian. Since switching to motoring journalism 16 years ago,…


In our tests on the following pages and in the Showroom, we have used symbols to give you a quick indication of the strengths of each car, and star ratings to indicate in more detail how each car stacks up in its class. Here’s what the symbols and stars mean: Our piggybank indicates a car that we think represents good value for money against the others in its class. It may not necessarily be the cheapest, but taking into account factors like standard equipment, safety, the way it drives, resale values and quality, it shapes up as a good deal. SA capital S indicates a car that scoresfive stars out offive for occupant protection in NCAP crash tests and has stability control plus six airbags as standard or as reasonably priced options.…

the new model diary june-december 2016

ASTON MARTIN Aston has been going nowhere as a small independent car maker, but its new alliance with Daimler gives it access to the engineering resources and funding required to produce a new generation of supercars. Thefirst of these is the DB11, which features a lightweight bonded aluminium body, within which lurks a 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12. It produces 448kW of power and drives the DB11 to 100km/h in 3.9 seconds, en route to a top speed of 320km/h. Adjustable drivetrain modes include GT, Sport and Sport Plus, which also adjusts the suspension dampers. The 2+2 DB11 is bigger than previous DBs, with more rear occupant and load space. It also gets up-to-theminute infotainment systems and as much interior decor customisation as your wallet can stand. Like this: “Nexus quilting and Celestial perforation add layers…

redbook valuations

In Australian New Car Buyer, we include trade-in values for every model in our Showroom section. These are provided to us by Redbook, Australia’s leading authority on used car values. Each model we test includes three-andfive-year retained values, expressed as a percentage. These are based on what the wholesale price — ie, the price that a dealer would pay for the car — would be for a car in average condition with average kilometres for its age. You’llfind Redbook’s threeandfive-year retained values in the Spex for single-page tests, and at the end of the What’s Standard section in tests that run over two pages. When you’re selling your car privately, trading it in or buying a car, a Redbook Valuation is money well spent. When selling your car privately, a Redbook personalised valuation will…

the showroom

ALFA ROMEO 14 Alfa Romeo 4C 15 Alfa Romeo Giulietta ASTON MARTIN 15 Aston Martin Vantage S AUDI 16 Audi TT 17 Audi A1 18 Audi A3 19 Audi RS3 Sportback 20 Audi A4 21 Audi A6, A5 Sportback 22 Audi A7, RS5 23 Audi R8 24 Audi Q3 25 Audi Q5 26 Audi Q7 BMW 27 BMW i3 28 BMW 1 Series 29 BMW 2 Series 30 BMW Active Tourer 31 BMW M135i, M235i 32 BMW M2 33 BMW Z4, 6 Series 34 BMW 3 Series 35 BMW 4 Series 36 BMW M3,M4 37 BMW i8 38 BMW 5 Series 39 BMW M5, X6 40 BMW X1 41 BMW X3 42 BMW X5 CHRYSLER 43 Chrysler 300 SRT CITROË 44 Citroën C4 Picasso FERRARI 45 Ferrari 488GTB 46 Ferrari f12berlinetta FIAT 47 Fiat 500 FORD 48 Ford Fiesta, EcoSport 49 Ford Focus 50 Ford Focus RS 51 Ford Mondeo 52 Ford Mustang 53 Ford Falcon 54 Ford Kuga 55 Ford Territory HOLDEN 56 Holden Spark 57 Holden Captiva 58 Holden Trax 59 Holden VFII Commodore 60 Holden Commodore SS 61 Holden VFII Ute 62 Holden Malibu, Insignia HONDA 63 Honda…