January 13, 2021

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public ev charging network is shameful

The government’s ban on petrol and diesel cars is now already a year closer. Since it was confirmed late last year, many questions have been thrown up off the back of it concerning just how every corner of the industry - including car makers big and small, legislators, buyers and infrastructure - can meet the 2030 deadline. So many questions, in fact, that there’s enough to fill 12 pages of this magazine with over 5000 words, which we will do next week. It’s quite something, so please look out for it. Perhaps those most ready for 2030 are the electric cars themselves. Their quality, drivability, usability and, increasingly, range are already at the point in a few cases where you’d consider them equipped for 2030 now. But what about the charging infrastructure…

bespoke ‘silent shadow’ to start ev era at rolls-royce

Rolls-Royce is preparing a high-profile entry into the electric vehicle ranks with a new luxury car that Autocar understands could form an entirely new model line. Set to be detailed in official plans before the end of this year, although not expected to be unveiled fully at that point, the bespoke EV could adopt styling inspiration from the future-previewing 103EX concept of 2016. Autocar has learned of the existence of a battery-powered Phantom prototype at the Munich research-and-development hub of Rolls-Royce’s parent firm, BMW. While the British brand has considered putting an electric version of an existing model into production as its first EV, it is now understood to favour an entirely new car, with the prototype being used as a powertrain test bed. Late last year, BMW filed a trademark with the…

second coming looks timely

Is there a more natural brand evolution than Rolls-Royce moving to electrification? It seems to fit perfectly. Smoothness, silence and ease of driving are three core attributes that the company’s current range offers – traits that naturally align with EV powertrains. The drive unit development legwork is being done by parent company BMW, saving costs, and its addition should barely make a dent in the already substantial list prices of its cars. Hang on a minute, though. Remember why the 102EX never became a production reality? Reports at the time said the Goodwood marque’s established customer base just wasn’t interested. That’s perhaps understandable, given that its customers demand effortless long-distance travel unhindered by detours and long waits for charging. The 102EX couldn’t even hit 100mph and its range was estimated at…

bristol saved from the grave

Bristol Cars, the company that won post-war fame for its fast and plush grand tourers but was liquidated last year, is to be revived by a British entrepreneur. Jason Wharton, an Essex-based property developer and Bristol enthusiast, wants to reinstate traditional manufacturing of Bristol cars quickly, and to build an “atelier-style” division around the new business that will sell, restore and support Bristol models of all ages. If all goes to plan, the new concern will be based near the company’s original home at Filton, on the outskirts of Bristol. Wharton’s idea is to launch “remastered” versions of the Fighter two-seater and the 411 four-seater during 2022, before unveiling an all-new Buccaneer (reinstating a name previous owners used for a stillborn new model) around the middle of the decade. “Our all-new car will…

new grand cherokee revealed

JEEP’S UPCOMING European flagship, the Grand Cherokee, has been previewed with the unveiling of the bigger ‘L’ variant for the US market. The large SUV, which rivals the Ford Explorer in the US, has been shown in only elongated six/seven-seat form so far, but Autocar understands it will come to the UK and mainland Europe later this year in a shorter, five-seat guise. It will serve as the range flagship, given that the even larger Grand Wagoneer is not expected to be sold here. Replacing today’s 10-year-old Grand Cherokee, the new model takes design cues from the Grand Wagoneer, but its squared-off shape retains a familiar identity. As before, it uses a unibody architecture, which is said to have been heavily upgraded to “optimise ride, handling and quiet sounds, while also reducing…

gr supra gets four-pot for uk

A NEW ENTRY-LEVEL four-cylinder version of Toyota’s GR Supra has gone on sale in the UK, a year after its introduction in mainland Europe. Priced from £45,995, it is £7000 cheaper than the 3.0-litre model and is powered by a BMW-sourced 2.0-litre turbo motor with 255bhp and 295lb ft mated to an eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox. Its 0-62mph time is quoted at 5.2sec and the top speed is electronically limited to 155mph. It is claimed to be capable of 38.7mpg combined and to emit 167g/km of CO2. The new engine is 100kg lighter than the 3.0-litre model, allowing 50:50 weight distribution and offering “agile steering and stable cornering”. Alongside the standard car, a Fuji Speedway trim will be sold. Limited to just 45 units, the Fuji Speedway model is priced from £47,395 and features…