BeanScene October 2020

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The October edition of BeanScene is our biggest of the year. Not only is it huge because of its size, but because of our annual Roaster’s Directory, which this year has compiled more than 900 roasters across Australia and New Zealand – an impressive feat and representation of businesses given the current climate. So naturally, when looking for the right company to grace the cover of this coveted edition, we looked no further than Espressology, a bespoke Sydney-based roaster who, for the past 12 years, has been working with some of the biggest names in the coffee industry. This edition, we take a deep dive into the brand Instaurator has helped establish and nurture over the past decade. We learn about Espressology’s commitment to its clients, and its passion for perfecting roasts…


Kieran Westlake is the current President, past Treasurer, and past Vice-President of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA), Australia’s peak industry body dedicated to promoting and growing the specialty coffee industry. In his role, Kieran is excited to create opportunities and pathways for ASCA members. He is also a member of the Specialty Coffee Association and a certified food service professional. Kyle Rutten is the Victorian Territory Manager at Mocopan Coffee. He has extensive experience in training and development, and people management. Kyle has a strong background in specialty coffee with a focus on bringing that expertise into the corporate coffee industry. He is passionate about developing people through knowledge and experience to further their careers. Rawirat Techasitthanet, also known as Jibbi Little, is originally from Thailand and lives in Sydney, Australia.…

strength in numbers

Some aromas spark nostalgia, such as the smell of buttery popcorn at the movies, freshly cut grass in spring, and the spice pantry in my grandma’s kitchen. The one aroma I can pick from a kilometre away, however, is roasting coffee. It all started as a result of a trip to David Jones CBD Melbourne store as a child, in which baskets and baskets of roasted beans were on display for shoppers to purchase. Fast forward 20-something years later, and I still have a knack for identifying that delicious burnt chocolate aroma. That aroma is synonymous with hundreds of Australians that call themselves “roasters”. Whether that’s a small shop roaster in the back of a café, a rented hour on a shared roaster, or a sophisticated commercial setup, roasting is a skill,…


NEW HIGH-SCORING COFFEE GENETIC GROUP DISCOVERED IN YEMEN A new genetic group of coffee, named Yemenia, has been discovered in Yemen. It was made available for the first time in the second Qima Yemen Coffee Auction in September 2020. After several years of research into Yemen’s coffee genetics, Qima Coffee in partnership with Dr. Christophe Montagnon from RD2 Vision announced the discovery of the entirely new genetic group of Coffea arabica. This new group represents a previously unknown group of coffee genetics that Qima Coffee says has the potential to reshape the coffee world for decades to come. In addition to the new genetic diversity this discovery will offer, Qima Coffee says its cup quality is “exceptional”. As part of Qima Coffee’s research and development program, the company undertook an unprecedented and ambitious project to…

stuff on the scene

WEGA AIRY The Wega Airy is a coffee machine capable of adapting itself to every environment and any style. Versatile and practical, the Airy’s uniqueness comes from the interchangeable coloured side panels, which allow it to blend into to any space and design. Apart from using the programmed touchpad selections, the barista can personalise their coffee with the override button, in conjunction with the shot counter timer. On the technical side, the machine features LED lighting of the barista work area, 10-millimetre stainless steel steam wands with four-hole steam tips, four programmable doses per group, manual brewing buttons, automatic cleaning and group head backflush, raised or standard height groups, ergonomic-handle portafilters, lowered feet, and a pressure gauge cover. It is available in two and three group models in black or white. The Wega Airy is…

make or break

David Makin is best known as a two-time Australian Barista Champion and the owner of Axil Coffee Roasters, but as he can attest, success is a journey, not a destination. “Back in the early 2000s, I had two very different stories going on in my life. To most, I was having all this success on the barista competition stage, but at the same time, I was losing loads of money. My restaurant and bar in Finders Lane [in Melbourne] was going broke,” David says. “I sold the bar in 2004, lost $450,000, and moved back home with mum and dad at age 30. That was a bitter pill to swallow.” It took David four years to recover what he’d lost. Working for Veneziano Coffee Roasters at the time as a sales representative,…