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Boat International US Edition August 2019

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editor’s letter

Everyone in the superyachting business is saying much the same thing right now: God bless America. The reason? US buyers are very, very active at the moment. The headlines may be dominated by big-name NFL team owners and their huge new yachts, but across the spectrum we’re seeing good activity, from 80ft upwards. One shipyard benefiting from these good times is Westport, which, without fuss or fanfare, gets on with the job of building superyachts that its mainly US clientele absolutely loves. I think it’s up to hull No 61 on the Westport 112 now. Incredible. But it’s hull No 3 of the Westport 125 that’s the focus of our feature on page 90. If you thought you knew what the interiors of a Westport looked like, think again... Meanwhile,…


Mario Alzate Mario is a fashion and portrait photographer who has shot for Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Esquire. He grew up in Colombia but is now based in Miami. For this issue he shot American yacht owners in Palm Beach for our feature on the US superyacht market (page 84). What did you enjoy most about this shoot? I loved meeting the owners – they all had good stories to tell Most exotic location you have ever done a shoot? Los Roques archipelago, a national park north of Venezuela with pristine coral reefs Favorite portrait subject? Daniel Coronell, a Colombian journalist who fled the country in 2005 after receiving death threats Risa Merl Risa grew up living on a sailing boat and has written about yachts for 15 years. In this issue, she asks builders and brokers if the buoyant…

midtown cruising

Installing a 59ft yacht in the middle of Times Square in New York proved harder than cruising the ocean, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. The will was for Azimut Yachts to mark its 50th anniversary in the US, where it sells 25 percent of its production. The way was the Italian boatbuilder’s partnership with NYCxDesign and Design Pavilion, two annual events that celebrate design and innovation. Moving in required an engineering study and removing (and then replacing) all traffic lights in the way. Transported in two pieces and reassembled under the cover of night, the Azimut S6 stayed on Times Square for several days, generating a generous amount of buzz. “Times Square is considered the crossroads of the world here in the US,” says Giovanna Vitelli, vice…

home comforts

American superyacht yards have managed to shrug off concerns about escalating trade wars thanks to a buoyant domestic market, but new levies are clearly being felt in the smaller boat segment where export is key. The EU imposed a 25 percent tariff on US-built boats in June 2018 in response to US-enforced tariffs on steel and aluminum. Thom Dammrich, president of the US National Marine Manufacturers Association, said this is having a “devastating effect” on yards that rely on EU orders. He also warns of import issues: “Costs are rising not only for basic inputs like steel and aluminum but for many of the parts that are imported from China. There will soon be 25 percent tariffs on everything coming into the US from China.” But two US superyacht yards say they…

eye opener

An unknown photographer captured a glamorous Hollywood couple, Nancy and Ronald Reagan, aboard a yacht in California in 1964. Little did anyone realize at the time that Ronald was on the cusp of his not insignificant second career. Two months after this photo was taken, the actor gave the speech that launched his political journey. In support of presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, “A Time for Choosing” thrust Reagan into the national political spotlight overnight. While Goldwater ultimately lost to Lyndon Johnson, Reagan swept his first race two years later and became governor of California. The rest, as they say, is history. Reagan’s relationship with yachting in general was intertwined with his philosophy of smaller government and greater freedom. As he wrote in his 2001 book Stories in His Own Hand: The Everyday…


The recently launched 164ft Jackpot will be the last Christensen yacht to be outfitted in Vancouver, Washington. The company is relocating to a larger facility in Tennessee this summer. Doubling down on fun One of the features that makes a catamaran a good choice for a toy carrier is its wide beam – perfect for building a certified helideck without encroaching on space for fun. Hodor, the first 66 Shadow Cat designed by Incat Crowther of Australia and built in all aluminum by Astilleros Armon in Spain, has such a helideck, and much more. With a length of 217ft and a 46ft beam, Hodor carries a formidable fleet that includes a high-performance center console and a five-passenger Aurora sub, with room left over for up to 20 crew members and staff, plus a…