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Fall 2021

With the growing legalization and de-stigmatization of marijuana comes a new wave of innovation in the science and business of the industry. That’s where we come in, providing you with inspiring business profiles, exclusive interviews with thought leaders in the field, new product revolution, and insight on new legislation and growth in the market in our innovation hot spots.

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Innovative Properties Worldwide, Inc.
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a bountiful harvest

“Let those with a bountiful crop be generous and find ways to help.” One of the last in-person events I attended before the pandemic was MJBizCon in December of 2019. It was a star-studded event. Tommy Chong was on the show floor, filming at the Polyscience booth. Tommy Lister Jr., a.k.a. Debo from the Friday films, rode around exhibitor booths on a bicycle. Farechild held a fabulous after-party offering hot air balloon rides. Attendees could float above the City of Lights and maybe gain some perspective beyond the bustle and glitz. Nearly two years later, MJBizCon is back. It’s been a long break, full of challenges and horrors that would have been hard to imagine all those months ago. Lady Jays was handing out hemp pre-rolls at the 2019 after-party, and there…

since last issue…

Can you believe it’s already fall? Kids are going back to school, pumpkin spice is back in style, and before you know it we’ll be searching for our winter coats. As time speeds by, Cannabis & Tech Today is constantly evolving to better represent our audience. We’re engaging with our readers, expanding our social media presence, and helping people network from home with our Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference. With fall comes change and since our last issue we’ve made a lot of positive adjustments. We’ve been moving, quite literally, into the new season. Innovative Properties Worldwide headquarters has a new home in downtown Denver. We moved from our original address at 620 S Dahlia to 1750 Wewatta Street for a breath of fresh air and some spectacular views of Coors Field. Inquiries…


Rachelle Gordon is a cannabis and psychedelics writer dedicated to educating the masses on the powers of plant medicine. She is especially interested in the potential these compounds have with regard to the treatment of neurological disorders. A graduate of Hamline University in Saint Paul, Rachelle currently splits her time between Minneapolis and Oakland. Her favorite cultivars include Tangie, GMO, and Lemon Haze. As the president and CEO of the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB), Gina Kranwinkel leads the most trusted, ethical, and socially active cannabis trade association in the United States. Her passion initiative – personally and with the NACB – is to champion cannabis social equity programs at the national, state, and local level. Jessica McKeil is a cannabis writer based in British Columbia, Canada. She has a passion…

event wrap-ups

CannaCard 1,500 Mile Tour August 16-24 In a stylish 45-foot RV, CannaCard trekked 1,500 miles from dispensary-to-dispensary on their Rolling Tour to bring awareness to their cashless payment system. By taking cash out of the equation, CannaCard provides security and accommodates an on-the-go lifestyle when cashing out at a dispensary. CannaCard, sponsored in part by Cannabis & Tech Today, travelled through 12 cities in Illinois and Missouri from August 16-24, documenting the tour through live-streaming, video, and photography. The road trip was a unique way to advertise and garner attention for their brand and sponsors. Cannabis & Tech Today was thrilled to be along for the ride. Cannabis Conference Las Vegas August 24-26 In-person cannabis conventions are back in session, and our very own Managing Editor Patricia Miller and Editor-In-Chief Charles Warner traveled to the…

by the numbers

With more states legalizing cannabis, tons of products are hitting the shelves and creating a growing demand for packaging solutions. But, this industry’s unhealthy relationship with plastic is no secret. Strict packaging regulations often force producers to use tons of plastic for even the tiniest product. What’s keeping operators from using more eco-friendly options? Alpha Packaging polled their clients' interest in sustainable alternatives and shared the results with Cannabis & Tech Today. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.…

building pre-rolls into your skus

Building a brand is about strategy. With a dazzling array of SKUs available, knowing where to direct one’s focus is crucial. Offering a pre-roll line is fairly inexpensive and a convenient form of consumption for users. Dope Automation Chief Operations Officer Jessica Jaeger offered a key consideration for moving into pre-rolls. “The question that should always be asked first is what the expected consumer experience will look like for your brand,” said Jaeger. “This single question is the driver to achieving a strong, efficient, and optimized pre-roll manufacturing program.” Once the operator has a vision in mind for the customer journey, it’s time to consider the other factors for pre-roll success. Cone Size Pre-rolls are usually available in sizes ranging from a half gram to a full gram. “The paper size is the most critical…