Cannabis & Tech Today Summer 2019

With the growing legalization and de-stigmatization of marijuana comes a new wave of innovation in the science and business of the industry. That’s where we come in, providing you with inspiring business profiles, exclusive interviews with thought leaders in the field, new product revolution, and insight on new legislation and growth in the market in our innovation hot spots.

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celebrating the cannabiz

Our mission at Cannabis & Tech Today is to look at this plant through a unique lens. Each issue, our team has covered the science, technology, sustainability, and business of cannabis, utilizing interviews, guest perspectives, and think pieces to show that this isn’t a passing fad. Because of this approach, I like to see our publication as a celebration of the people, companies, activists, and initiatives that make up the ever-growing, ever-changing cannabusiness. Our cover story reflects not only how the mainstream has embraced cannabis, but the incredible opportunities our team is awarded in covering this incredible industry. When our own Associate Editor Patricia Miller reached out to actor and comedian Jim Belushi for an interview, I’m pretty sure she didn’t expect to not only tour his farm, but stay with…

since last issue…

KEVIN SMITH’S SUBTLE SHOUTOUT Known in pop culture for his love of comics and his love of cannabis alike, Kevin Smith’s cover feature in the winter edition of Cannabis & Tech Today was one of our personal favorites. Apparently, Smith agrees with us. In a recently released video on Kevin Smith’s official YouTube channel, the Jay and Silent Bob star gave his opinions on the newest trailer to this summer’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. And, along with Smith’s collection of action figures and Comic-Con lanyards, you can clearly see his Cannabis & Tech Today cover in the background. It’s good to know our very own publication will be joining Smith’s impressive comic book collection. AN EVENT TO REMEMBER Our publication is honored to be featured at so many exclusive events throughout the cannabis…

know before you advertise

Advertising is one of the most important cornerstones of business. No matter your industry, getting the word out is vital, as is choosing the proper avenue for advertising. However, there’s just one problem: not all products are treated equally. There’s a reason you don’t see cigarette ads on television or see people drinking in commercials anymore. These restrictions make it difficult for many industries to get the word out about their product and it’s been a major hurdle for the cannabis industry. While there are numerous ways to advertise a product, each avenue comes with its very own complications, something that remains a hot topic to this day. Television Advertising Cannabis restrictions for television advertising can be complex. For example, Nevada and Colorado, two states that have undoubtedly embraced the substance in…

the basics of next generation growing

It goes without saying that some of the most essential factors in cannabis growing are sustainability and efficiency. However, despite the major growth seen within the industry over the past few years, cultivators still face issues in both of these arenas. The environmental impact of cannabis is worth noting, considering that, according to Market Watch, one percent of energy consumption in the U.S. is used for indoor grow operations. Additionally, according to Marijuana Venture, 50 cannabis plants would require 24,000 gallons of water for a single eight-month season. Clearly, work needs to be done to streamline the growing process while making it more environmentally friendly. Luckily, one solution looks to take cultivation to the next level: Next Generation Growing (NGG). Let’s take a look at the essentials of NGG and…

ai’s home in cannabis cultivation

In a clandestine, 40,000-square-foot cultivation facility in northern Arizona, we met with the founders of CEAD, Royce Birnbaum and Adam Klaasmeyer, a company that develops artificial intelligence applications for the cannabis industry. These two are no strangers to innovation. Birnbaum, the lead back-end developer for the project, has had a career in developing systems for monitoring nuclear reactors for the Navy and AI technology for the defense industry, while Klaasmeyer, the front-end developer and coder, has contributed to projects for companies such as Atari and Microsoft. The CEAD technology currently being tested at a cannabis research and development center in Arizona monitors operational and environmental systems including plant nutrition, growth rates, life cycles, and predictive pest outbreaks. In addition, it keeps a log of all movements made by the cultivation team and…

controlling temperature with philip preston

If you’re a U.S. citizen and you’ve ever cooked with sous vide, you may have Philip Preston to thank. Back in 1963, his father founded PolyScience, and they have been providing precision liquid temperature control solutions to a variety of industries ever since. Their technology applies to a number of industries, whether it is “paint or barbecue sauce or motor oil.” Eventually Preston added his passion for cooking into the mix and developed technology for chefs that would provide precise temperature cooking – or cooling. After seeing some of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, Preston set his eyes on the next market he would break into and for the past 10 years has provided this temperature control technology to cannabis laboratories all over the world. In this exclusive interview, Preston relays…