Cannabis & Tech Today Year-End 2020

With the growing legalization and de-stigmatization of marijuana comes a new wave of innovation in the science and business of the industry. That’s where we come in, providing you with inspiring business profiles, exclusive interviews with thought leaders in the field, new product revolution, and insight on new legislation and growth in the market in our innovation hot spots.

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that’s a wrap, 2020!

“While we can’t change the past, we can help design the future.” It’s our year-end issue and well…it’s been a year. Lockdowns, essential cannabis, Tiger King, raging wildfires, social justice, civil unrest, a divisive election, and isolated holidays culminated in a collectively traumatic 12 months. Bringing this year to a close will be a welcome relief. There have also been some victories, despite the chaos. New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota, Montana, and even Mississippi voted to legalize cannabis in some form. In total, 35 states now have access to either medical or adult-use marijuana. Perhaps those wins are a sign of what’s to come. With a new presidency and a new year, maybe we can allow ourselves to hope for better days ahead. In our year-end packaging and retail issue, we take a…

since last issue…

The past few months have been collectively strange. Whether it was virus fatigue or political burn out, it seems all of America had a rocky close to an isolated summer. At Cannabis & Tech Today, we’ve been doing our best to engage with fans through podcasts and virtual networking. We squeezed in a few in-person events, just to keep our sanity, and even met up with a few celebrities along the way. SAVORING THOSE HAPPY HOURS One bright spot in a mostly virtual summer were the socially-distanced happy hours hosted by Grasslands: A Journalism-Minded Agency. These intimate gatherings provided local journalists an opportunity to mingle with one another as well as new and emerging brands. Experiences ranged from tastings of THC-infused mocktails to sampling concentrates with carefully selected terpene blends. Each gathering…

event wrap-ups

Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference & Expo The first Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference & Expo welcomed 1,600 attendees for six keynotes and 30+ sessions during its jam-packed, three-day program. Virtual smoke sessions started cropping up around the expo halls as industry-insiders mingled with crowds and found new ways to engage with their avatars. The event centered around the future of cannabis and social equity, encouraging conversations that may prove pivotal to making the industry a more inclusive and representative space. Keynotes from Wanda James, Jim Belushi, Steve DeAngelo, Carlow Dew, Senator Daylin Leach, and Ricky Williams informed and inspired attendees while raising money for the event’s non-profit partners The Last Prisoner Project and Minorities for Medical Marijuana. O’Cannabiz International Conference & Expo The O’Cannabiz Awards, Conference, and Expo was scheduled to take place in…

what to know before using photonic remediation

Cannabis is a fickle plant. Whether it’s mold, mildew, or pests, there are plenty of opportunities for dangerous and costly pathogens to contaminate a crop. Cannabis & Tech Today spoke with Rad Source Technologies Executive Vice President George Terry and Head of Research & Development Dr. Justin Czerniawski to better understand what causes these issues and how one popular remediation technique, photonic decontamination, can help. Cannabis & Tech Today: What causes cannabis to need remediation? George Terry: During the grow, cannabis can actually pick up mold, yeast, powdery mildew, aspergillus, salmonella, E. coli, depending on if it’s indoor or outdoor, and these are all pathogens that states regulate to make sure the flower itself is safe for consumption. C&T Today: One form of treatment is photonic decontamination. How does that process work? GT: It’s…

what will 2021 have in store for the international cannabis industry?

One of the only bright spots in 2020 is the emerging cannabis industry. Whereas the ongoing global pandemic has negatively impacted virtually every other industry on earth, the legal international cannabis industry has powered forward. According to data firm BDSA, spending on the legal cannabis industry is expected to top $20 billion in 2020, up from an estimated $14.8 billion in 2019. To put that number into perspective, the international music organization IFPI estimates that the entire global music industry is worth roughly $20 billion dollars, and unlike the music industry the cannabis industry has plenty of room for growth. As the year 2020 comes to a close, many in the cannabis community are naturally starting to look ahead towards 2021 and speculating on what the new year may bring for the…

help may be on the horizon for cbd and pets

The 2020 elections not only brought the U.S. a new president, but the electorate in four states also approved recreational marijuana. Two more okayed medical marijuana, bringing the number of jurisdictions with those programs to 34. While CBD is legal on the federal level, states can legislate it themselves. With cannabis illegal under federal law, and various states implementing their own guidelines about it, rules regarding CBD are murky. Considerations complicating CBD’s legality are its intended use and source, as well as whether it should be used recreationally or medically. The current landscape is fuzzy when it comes to CBD for pets. According to Dr. Jeff Werber, a California veterinarian and Chief Veterinary Officer for Airvet, a virtual and phone-in veterinary service, “There is nowhere to find any information.” Although an advocate for…