Cape Argus 2021-11-22

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world of ‘minecraft’ getting taller (and deeper)

Mojang Studios, the developer behind Minecraft, is restructuring the genesis of Minecraft’s blocky world, changing how the sandbox game scales for its millions of players. In a long-awaited update, appropriately titled Caves and Cliffs, the game’s engine will begin to form deeper caves, higher mountains for players to explore, and introduce more variations of flora and fauna to encounter. The company said it planned to release the update on November 30. When someone starts a world in Minecraft, the game uses procedural generation to create the forests, rivers, caves and mountains across the map. Over the past 12 years, Minecraft has introduced environments like deserts and oceans for players to explore. The developers at Mojang are expanding the upper and lower limits of the world in order to generate peaks…

britney cashes in on her freedom

For many, candles are a small but bright indulgence, the kind of item you might impulsively toss in your shopping cart after a hard week. For Britney Spears, they have become a sign of newfound financial independence. In an Instagram video posted on Tuesday, Spears spoke to her fans for the first time since a judge ended her 13-year conservatorship last week. In the video, Spears, speaking on the patio of her Thousand Oaks, California, home, said: “I’m grateful, honestly, for each day and being able to have the keys to my car, and being able to be independent and feel like a woman, and owning an ATM card – seeing cash for the first time, being able to buy candles.” “It’s the little things for us, women, but…

students fight 75 % pass mark

Harvest Thwala STUDENTS have threatened fight tooth and nail against the proposed 75% pass rate requested by the Nation Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). The National Deputy Secretary of the South African Student Congress (Sasco), Nhlanhla Simelane, said NSFAS needed to find other ways of dealing with their financial problems and that as student representatives, they will not accept the proposal and were ready to fight until the decision is revised. “This is a very concerning issue. Our call is very clear, and we totally disagree with this proposed pass mark because it will exclude more students from universities, and it’s something that we are fighting. We are not backing down,” said Simelane. This issue was tabled at the meeting regarding a new funding policy which was attended by…

challenges to performance of matrics

Harvest Thwala AS WELL as the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the matric class of 2021 is also faced with loadshedding, making it difficult for them to study. This is according to Equal Education (EE) researcher Elizabeth Biney, who said: “Recent blackouts due to loadshedding have made this already stressful time difficult for this cohort of learners. Study time has been disrupted and the conditions under which they write their exams are unpleasant.” Biney said that it was no surprise that matrics at well-resourced schools may feel better prepared and more confident, compared to those plagued with sub-standard learning conditions. Moreover, matric learners from poorer communities may not have had access to extra learning support in the form of private tutors, extra lessons or even internet…

build a varied career in health

Tamara Mafilika ACCORDING to World Health Organization (WHO), during 2014, 8.5% of adults aged 18 years and older had diabetes. And in 2019, diabetes was the direct cause of 1.5 million deaths, and 48% of all deaths due to diabetes occurred before the age of 70 years. The demand for nutritionists and dieticians is steadily increasing. One of the foundational pillars of integrative nutrition health coaching is career satisfaction. If you are passionate about your job and enjoy what you do, your physical and mental health will be greatly impacted, too. How do you achieve a successful and fulfilling career if you feel drained or uninspired? have shared these five tips to building a career in health, nutrition and lifestyle: 1. Earn a degree in the field of…

tablets for principals

The KwaZulu Natal Department of Education said more than 1 000 school principals received digital tablets to help them keep up with advancing technology. MEC for Education in KwaZulu-Natal Kwazi Mshengu has committed to ensuring that by the end of this academic year, all school principals in the province would have received a tablet to help them with their day-to-day school administration and management. | Jolene Marriah-Maharaj…