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time’s square

‘A square peg in a round hole’ makes a good visual analogy for the awkward and idiosyncratic, so it was a brave watch designer who first put a round dial in a square case. A watch’s hands (you’ll have noticed) move in circles, so a square case leaves some redundant dial in each corner and has edges that can fray cuffs, assuming you still wear them. But it can also produce a handsome watch: freed of analogue hands, Marc Newson chose a square case with rounded corners for the Apple watch. Square watches have been in the horological news again recently. You can’t talk about square watches without referencing the 1960s Heuer Monaco, and you can’t discuss the Monaco without mentioning Steve McQueen, who gave Heuer an endorsement it’s traded on…

hyundai gives apple wheels

Chassis guru, N Division kick-starter and head of Hyundai Motor Group R&D, Albert Biermann, is key to E-GMP platform’s success Project Titan, the in-house name for Apple’s long-mooted electric car, lives. And Hyundai Motor Group is giving the tech giant a helping hand. Cupertino’s project to make an EV hit the headlines as Hyundai let slip in January that it was in the ‘early stages’ of a partnership with Tim Cook’s technology behemoth, together with other partners, with the latest reports hinting that Kia will be working closely with Apple. If Apple is indeed joining up with Hyundai, just what is it that’s made the car maker’s new E-GMP platform so attractive? The product of four years of intense development, the Electric Global Modular Platform is designed to be pulled, stretched and…

e-gmp vs the competition

VW GROUP: MEB Underpinning everything small and mid-size from VW’s ID range, plus Skoda, Audi and Seat. Claims similar e-range to E-GMP (310+ miles) but uses front- or all-wheel drive, and is only 400V. Sportier and/or larger models will use 800V Premium Platform Electric instead. STELLANTIS: E-CMP Groupe PSA’s BEV architecture is only really for small cars, is limited to a 50kWh battery (unless battery chemistry improves) and is front-driven only. New Stellantis supergroup means this has to lock horns with Fiat’s 500 electric platform for future models. BMW GROUP: CLAR & FAAR Two-pronged approach from BMW here: CLAR for smaller, FAAR for larger cars, and they aren’t just for EVs. Rear- or all-wheel-drive options like E-GMP, and only 400V for now. iX SUV claims 300-mile range. MERCEDES: EVA2 Current Merc BEVs – EQA and EQC –…

amg’s flat-plane crank v8

The Black Series is a very special AMG GT. That much is made abundantly clear by the way it looks (see below for a reminder) and its price – £335k last time we checked (which was just moments ago; we’re a little obsessed with the new Black Series). From an engineering standpoint that toppy list price opens up a world of possibilities, from exotic materials ill-suited to series production on a budget to, well, to replacing or modifying the lion’s share of the engine in search of more power and a sharper throttle response… Which is precisely what AMG’s done. FIRST, THE SCIENCE AMG’s non-Black Series V8 uses a crossplane crankshaft. The name refers to the appearance of the crankshaft when viewed from either end: the crankpins (the points at which the…

unstoppable force

The map throws up road closures in red like burst capillaries, and the side winds rock even this 2330kg car Did you know that Rihanna mentions the word ‘diamonds’ 38 times in her 2012 hit of the same name? Maybe Bentley’s interior designers have the Barbadian pop star on heavy rotation on the studio’s smart speaker, because at the last count there are more than 500 diamond outlines in the Flying Spur’s cabin. Stitched into the decadently comfortable seats and breaking out in three-dimensional relief along the doors before merging into the B- and C-pillar mouldings, they’re everywhere. Along with a flawless walnut-over-black dual-veneer dashboard and more than a mile and a half of thread joining 350 pieces of leather. Goodness me, it’s opulent in here. As you’d expect; it’s a Bentley,…

taycan back to basics

What year is it? Who’s the president? Honestly I’m not sure these days, but I do know I’m in the future when I park my electric Porsche and take a Teams video call with Taycan vehicle line director Robert Meier. There are many questions. This new entry-level model is the first rear-driven Taycan, so it’s the first Porsche to combine a classic sports-car layout with zero emissions – inevitably the template for some future 911/Cayman/Boxsters. It’s also just as good at harvesting energy as all-wheel-drive Taycans, a surprise given the challenges of doing that on only the rear axle. At £70,690, the new model’s almost £13k cheaper than the Taycan 4S (£10k cheaper than a Tesla Model S) but removing the front e-motor drops power as well as drive. So the standard…