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November 2021

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South Africa
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from the editor

Lately, I have been thinking about design a lot, even more so than usual which, for the editor-in-chief of a decor magazine, is saying something. Truth be told, I will be moving house soon and I currently find myself in the blissful – or perhaps, fanciful – headspace I call ‘imaginary decorating land’. It is a wonderful place where budgets do not exist, my floorplan (and wall space) is seemingly endless and my partner agrees with all my choices. The potential for domestic-design magic feels endless – it is marvellous! ‘Imaginary decorating land’ is also where I have fallen in love with local design, all over again – a ridiculously well-timed enamourment, given the theme of this month’s issue (it is emblazed loud and proud across the cover, ICYMI). The thing, though, about…

vino noir

‘an initiative like Cultivate is long overdue,’ says director Zahira Asmal of this dynamic collective founded in 2020, which has just opened a Salt River, Cape Town, wine bar. ‘Cultivate emerges as a beacon of hope and welcoming space to meet friends, colleagues – or just be – in the city. Here, you can enjoy a variety of wines, 35 in total, made by Black and Brown winemakers. People that are largely invisible in the sector but talented and should be household names, really.’ Cultivate members hail from across Southern Africa and live in various parts of the Cape – from Stellenbosch to Sondagskloof. Zahira chose an urban space to locate the new Cultivate marketplace because cities offer opportunities for visibility, interconnectedness and exposure to complementary industries, which the collective can…

quest love

We know that through their artwork, artists play a different part in contributing to our society’s overall health, development, and wellbeing. Creative thinkers and makers provide their communities with joy, interaction and inspiration. Still, they also give thoughtful critique to our political, economic and social systems – pushing communities to engage thoughtfully and take steps toward meaningful social progress. When an artist steps out of the studio and picks up an important cause, I take note! Having worked closely with artists for many years, I know it takes a true passion project to draw them out of their studios. Visual artist Athi-Patra Ruga, voice artist, actor and academic, Lesoko Seabe, and curator Anelisa Mangcu are among a growing number of creatives who are becoming a powerful force in the world of…

a river runs through it

botswana is a country of myriad landscapes. From the stark blanched pans of the Makgadikgadi to the winding emerald waterways of the Delta, there is a whole universe within this wild country. One could argue Linyanti offers the best of all these disparate safariscapes in one magical destination of abundance and diversity. A blend of untouched grassland, riverine forest and meandering lagoons, it is relatively underused by tourists, making it the ultimate escape. And DumaTau, perched on the edge of the Linyanti River, where elephants cross in leisurely fashion each day to root up water lilies, offers the best of Linyanti. Recently redone, it is also a blueprint for contemporary luxury lodge design that takes its environment into context – both stylistically and in terms of sustainability – and finds a balance…

pretty weird

jan Ernst de Wet’ has gone global. Last month he showed a solo virtual exhibition with Galerie Philia, based in New York. The concept, titled ‘Into the Wild’, creates a complex dialogue between natural forms and sculptural design pieces. The body of work comprises candelabras, vessels and lamps that celebrate the South African landscapes and natural forms that inspire his work. A selection of the physical work is currently being exhibited at the gallery’s Paris outpost. Next year, he will showcase a range of table, floor and wall lamps and pendants with Galerie Revel at the Brussels-based design fair, Collectible. ‘At the heart of all my creations, there is a meaningful story, and I get tremendous joy in sharing that with people,’ says Jan. ‘I try to create an interplay between…

welcome home

LOCATION PERFECT HIDEAWAYS Mindful Gathering Living spaces take on the easy-living informality of a modern farmhouse, with artisanal pieces crafted from noble materials and upholstered in natural fabrics. Create textural harmony by pairing the cool marble and brass of the ‘Isla’ nesting tables with the smooth timber and steel of the ‘Maoao’ coffee table, all grounded by the earthy fibres of jute and cotton. The ‘Indiana’ sofa is front-and-centre this season, its modular design making it highly adaptable to any room configuration, while the slipcovers introduce a classic, barefoot luxury. Slow Living The idea of creating a sanctuary at home has become the holy grail for decorators and homemakers alike – and form the core of Coricraft’s latest offering. Layering textured cushions and throws, mixing soft fabric with warm, natural materials, such as timber…