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from the editor

What has your 2019 looked like? Was it a non-stop road trip around the world? Did you succeed at every goal you set yourself? Were you constantly surrounded by your dearest friends, in that killer outfit you just bought, sipping on fancy cocktails? No. And I guarantee not a single person on this planet had a year that relentlessly good, because that isn’t real life. But over the next few weeks we’ll be bombarded with social media feeds full of #BestNines. We’ll endure what feels like a never-ending parade of exotic holidays, marriages, births, promotions and epic nights out, and we’ll inevitably feel pressure to do the same. But beware: there’s a trap wide open for us to fall into if we let ourselves: comparison anxiety. What did my #BestNine look like?…

this month at cosmopolitan

Big Dress Energy Our cover star Jonathan Van Ness gave us a much-needed schooling in how to rock a peach tulle gown, helped by our brilliant fashion team. Lesson number one: Even if they smile? You don’t smile. Toasty AF An adult-sized sleeping-bag romper/spacesuit got sent into the office. Beauty writer Kate Pasola tried it on. Here endeth the news on the story. Bad day for Barbie We really want to tell you no dolls were harmed in the making of the photograph on page 29 but... oh well. At least she’s now front-runner in the casting for Saw: The Barbie Years. Who wants to be a meme millionaire? We caught up with Charlie, of “Charlie bit my finger” fame, and his brother (plus his mum). We can’t believe how grown-up they look either. Resting witch face This issue’s…

podcast guide

INTO COMEDY? DEAR JOAN & JERICHA “Agony aunts” Joan and Jericha (played by Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine) dole out judgemental, offensive and very much satirical “advice” to explicit questions. Binge-ability The perfect prep for dealing with your extended relatives’ unasked-for opinions. Snotty laughs will occur. WANT TO LEARN NEW THINGS? GETTING CURIOUS Owner of our hearts and Queer Eye superstar Jonathan Van Ness explores issues of the day, with advice from experts. Sample title: “How Can We Twerk On Climate Change?” Binge-ability Nan’s drunkenly snoring over her turkey, Uncle Simon is spouting bigotry… retreat to your room with JVN and a mince pie. INTO SCANDAL? SWINDLED The podcast version of all those scandalous investigations you love. The host tells stories of corporate greed and dodgy dealings, from controversial company Herbalife to Anna Delvey’s notorious heiress scandal. Binge-ability So engrossing that…

how to self-love like lizzo

1 REINVENT THE NUDE Lizzo’s a big fan of taking nudes for the sake of, well, taking nudes. She takes naked selfies for the sole purpose of celebrating herself and her body – and she’ll let her Insta followers know about it, too. Best caption? “Can’t tell if I look better w/ or w/out clothes.” Check your lighting and angles, and keep it for your eyes only – do it for YOU. 2 LEARN AN INSTRUMENT Lizzo’s flute has a legit life of its own, with a whole Instagram account dedicated to Sasha Flute (@sashabefluting – yes, it’s named after Beyoncé’s alter-ego Sasha Fierce) and her cousin, Blew Ivy. Lizzo wants us to channel our badass selves through the medium of music. Plus, experts say playing an instrument is a surefire way to…

2020’s biggest books

DROP-EVERYTHING DEBUTS GHOSTS Dolly Alderton Her memoir, Everything I Know About Love, was an ode to friendship, but The High Low podcast co-host says she “got bored of writing about myself”, so she’s penned her first novel. Ghosts sees Nina Dean, 32, attempt to navigate the weirdness of online dating, family and friendship, and promises to be both wickedly funny and painfully relatable. (Out October) THE GIRL WITH THE LOUDING VOICE Abi Daré In this story of 14-year-old Adunni’s struggle to find freedom (AKA her “louding voice”) in modern-day Nigeria, she finds herself sold for the price of four goats, two bags of rice, some chickens and a TV. But can she escape her fate? Daré’s book had publishers fighting over it after she won 2018’s Bath Novel Award. A true original, this will open your…

ask me anything

What was your most ill-timed joke? At a wedding, the vicar said, “These two are dentists and love is a lot like dentistry. It’s vital to have…” Then he paused, so I shouted, “Listerine?” My wife jabbed me in the ribs, but what was he on about? F*cking love is like dentistry. What, painful and costs money? What’s been your worst on-stage experience? Someone threw a sex toy at me at a gig in Romford. She hated me so much she threw the one thing in her bag that would bring her pleasure. I had a dildo-shaped mark on my face. Name the most legendary celebrity that follows you on social media. Cher. Ages ago I lost my dog and she tweeted, “Can somebody help him find his dog?” It was lovely. It turned out…