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from the editor

Just a matter of months ago, I stood surrounded by crowds, celebrating with my loved ones as we watched New Year fireworks explode over Bristol’s Suspension Bridge. Hugging my family, happily accepting a stranger’s phone as they request I take a picture of their boozy night, I could never have imagined how the year ahead would pan out. As I write this letter, myself and the team who put this magazine together are approaching a month of working from home. My phone beeps constantly with updates about school closures, travel bans and death tolls. It’s my mum’s birthday today and I won’t be there to celebrate (happy birthday, Mum!). I worry constantly about my friends, my family, my team and about each of you. Much of this issue had already started going…

this month at cosmopolitan

This Morning x Cosmo Thought your daytime TV obsession couldn’t get any more enjoyable? Deputy beauty ed Laura joined Holly And Phil to discuss her #empties and what she’s using next. Topknot game: strong. Floor fillers Senior fashion assistant Maddy and the team take a break from shooting the story on page 38 to play a quick game of sleeping lions. We don’t blame you, tbh. Exhibitionism Want to know how we keep our creative juices flowing? Jodie (picture editor, right) and Nathalie (fashion intern) headed to the National Portrait Gallery – back when that was something we could do in a lunch hour… Cool as f*ck Our fashion director reveals the new A/W 2020 trend to watch out for now: sweary scarves. You heard it here first, right? Flipping mad Pancake Day – AKA the best national holiday…

the man behind your favourite shows

This month, Hollywood launches on Netflix. Set in LA just after World War II, it follows a group of aspiring actors. Expect great costumes and a stellar cast, including Darren Criss and Jim Parsons. But did you know the show’s creator is also behind The Politician, Pose and Glee? If the name Ryan Murphy makes you go “Ryan Murph-who?”, read on… GLEE (2009-2015) In a sentence: The all-singing, all-dancing Glee club balance their complicated high-school lives with the choir competition circuit. Did you know? Rachel Berry’s part was written with Lea Michele in mind. One more thing: The cast covered over 750 songs, including Gwyneth Paltrow’s rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide. Enough to rival our karaoke nights. AMERICAN HORROR STORY (2011-PRESENT) In a sentence: Terrifying tales on everything from haunted hotels to killer clowns. Lady Gaga…

the true and very shady story behind the woman in the window

Dan Mallory (right) may not be a name you know, but his novel, The Woman In The Window, definitely will be (and a film adaptation is due for release this year). The story, which was released under his pseudonym, A J Finn, follows Dr Anna Fox, an agoraphobic psychologist who witnesses a murder. But the author’s own story is even more gripping… The novel debuted at the top of The New York Times’ bestseller list in 2018 and sparked a Hollywood bidding war. But in 2019, a New Yorker investigation accused him of deceiving former publishing colleagues, among others, with a web of lies about his life. He had apparently said he had brain cancer and that his brother had died, as well as his mother – when both of them were…

three other tale-tellers

Who? “ANNA DELVEY” In short… Russian-born Anna Sorokin, now 29, posed as fake German heiress Delvey, and swindled New York socialites out of money. Biggest con: Convincing a friend to foot the bill for a $62k holiday. Moment it unravelled: In 2017 she was arrested for grand larceny and theft of services, totalling over $200k. Who? ELIZABETH HOLMES In short… Founder of Theranos, a now-defunct startup, which claimed it could do blood tests using tiny amounts of blood. Biggest con: Raising $700m (around £550m) from investors, based on technology that didn’t exist. Moment it unravelled: When Holmes’ CFO found out about the alleged deceipt. Holmes is now awaiting trial. Who? BILLY McFARLAND In short… Co-founder of the ill-fated Fyre Festival, which cost investors $26m. Biggest con: Selling some “VIP” tickets for $100k, which included nonexistent “luxury accommodation”. Moment it unravelled: When…

the met gala’s most awkward moments

Bella, Selena, The Weeknd and one red carpet At 2016’s Gala, The Weeknd and Bella Hadid looked super-loved-up on the red carpet. Come 2017, The Weeknd and new girlfriend Selena Gomez (below) took centre stage following his split from Bella, while the model showed up with her family instead. Jaden Smith’s hair-friend In an interview on the night of the 2017 Met Gala, Will and Jada’s son Jaden explained: “I’ve gone for the Dracula look today. And since I couldn’t bring my sister as a date, I brought my old hair.” You do you, Jaden. The Panettiere plummet Not only did Hayden Panettiere take a tumble on the Met Gala red carpet in 2014, but it happened to be down a set of stairs, meaning she had to endure a bumpy ride in front of…