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from the editor

Change can be exciting. But it can also be scary and unsettling. And I don’t know about you, but this year has felt more like the latter. I’ve tried numerous mindfulness apps and classes, failing so miserably that I could only conclude mental peace and serenity just weren’t for me. Until I finally found a teacher who showed me that meditation IS for everyone – it’s a case of finding a technique that works for you. Brains get bored easily and like to throw up all sorts of stressful thoughts to occupy us (thanks, bbz). I’ve found the key is keeping the mind occupied with something relaxing rather than stresses, worries and fears. Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and give these a go: 1. Three-part breath Breathe in through your nose,…

this month at cosmopolitan

Flexible working How do you celebrate a desk delivery from the epic new CosmoLiving range at Wayfair?* By putting your feet up – as demonstrated perfectly by art editor Jessica Lockett. Well, she deserved it after all that DIY… Tiger queen Hey, all you cool cats and kittens. Cosmo’s own Carole Baskin (minus all the alleged murdering, of course), Jennifer Savin, is here to demo how to keep your style standards up when WFH. Mugged off Working from home made us all masters of invention. No laptop stand? Make a Jenga tower of games! So hungover you can barely speak? Put it on a mug! Totally stuffed You know those days when you accidentally wear your pillows? Well, fashion director Amy Bannerman definitely does and she’s here to tell you: you do you, hun. Duvet day How do you…

glastonbury’s most iconic moments

1970 TICKETS SOLD FOR £1 The first-ever Glastonbury took place in 1970 on Worthy Farm. Tickets were a bargainous £1 and came with free milk, fresh from the farm. Performers included T-Rex (left) and Al Stewart (right) – not to be confused with Home And Away’s Alf Stewart, FYI… 1995 ROBBIE WILLIAMS WENT LARGE This can only be described as Peak Robbie. The singer showed up at the festival rocking bleached hair, a red Adidas tracksuit top and hanging off Liam Gallagher’s arm. A month later he announced he was leaving Take That. 1998 THE POO EXPLOSION The Dance Tent was flooded with mud, so someone came up with the genius idea of using the toilet truck and pipe to suck it up. But the machine was set to “blow”, filling the tent with the contents of the…

cinema’s shittiest boyfriends

Warner Huntington III LEGALLY BLONDE The case: He’s full of himself, describes their relationship as “dicking around” and then dumps Elle when he gets a place at Harvard Law School because he thinks she’s stupid. The defence: No defence for this one. He’s a class-A shit. The verdict: A “complete bonehead” as Elle so aptly puts it. 8/10 Daniel Cleaver BRIDGET JONES’S DIARY The case: Textbook sleazebaggery. He cheats on Bridget with another colleague, then later abandons her at a Thai airport when she is arrested for drug smuggling. Plus, he slept with Mark Darcy’s wife. The defence: He has nice hair and his posh charm is disarming. The verdict: At least he’s openly the worst. 10/10 Danny Zuko GREASE The case: Initially kept his relationship with Sandy a secret as he was embarrassed by her. Sweet! Tried to make it up to her…

the hottest summer reads

NON-FICTION WOMEN DON’T OWE YOU PRETTY Florence Given Say it louder for the f*ckboys at the back! In this fearless book, Given breaks it down: you can love sex and hate sexism, you can ignore people who tell you you’re “not enough” or “too much”, and you don’t owe men anything, least of all pretty. (Out 11th June) COMING UNDONE: A MEMOIR Terri White To the outside world, White looked like she was winning at life, with a hotshot media career in New York. But inside, the poverty and abuse she witnessed as a child was starting to catch up with her. A book that promises to punch its readers in the gut may not sound the most joyous, but some stories are so important they demand to be told. (Out 2nd July) THE WRONG MOVE Jennifer…


USING UP NARS TINTED GLOW BOOSTER IN KALVOYA, £28 When Nars dropped this glimmering tinted illuminator, I fell hard for it (and so did my entire Instagram feed). It’s packed with light-reflecting particles that brighten skin instantly, cancelling out dullness and leaving the complexion looking d-e-w-y (but only in the right places, obviously). USING NEXT HOURGLASS AMBIENT METALLIC STROBE LIGHTING PALETTE, £58* Come summer, I’m ready to take my glow up a gear. Enter: this next-level highlighter palette. With three strobing powders that can be used wet or dry, it’s perfect if you’re after an OTT sheen. Not one for the faint-hearted, expect disco-ball shimmer x that’d make even John x Travolta jealous. x…