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from the editor

I seriously don't know where to begin. We're so excited to share this issue with you — it truly is the quintessential summer food issue. And, it's expanded to 116 pages! That's because things are changing a little bit here at Cuisine. We'll now be producing four seasonal issues per year. We're making this change so that we can provide you with two larger, higher-quality issues when you've told us that you want them most, Summer and Holiday. You'll still find all the Test Kitchen-approved recipes, tips, and techniques you've come to rely on us for. And now you might be wondering, what's in this expanded issue? Not surprising, grilling is front and center throughout the pages. We're also "going green" with a vegetarian primer and three classic sammies that…

let’s get social

THE BUZZ | WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM MEMORY? Food not only sustains us, but it also has a way of reminding us of sweet memories from the past that we all cherish. And ice cream does just that for all of us on staff. We want the scoop on what memories, silly or sweet, that ice cream triggers in you. Share your story with us on Facebook or Instagram by using #icecreamnostalgia, and don’t forget to tag us @cuisineathome. HOW SWEET IT IS: ICE CREAM On a cross-country trip when I was about 10, we stopped to visit relatives in Oklahoma. I had a great time making new friends, and there was a lot of good food, too. But the killer part of the trip was making homemade ice cream. I had…

tips from our readers

JUICY CUBES We enjoy our Sunday mimosa time and have a lot of fun jazzing them up. My tip is to freeze orange juice and cranberry juice in ice cube trays. Then add the frozen cubes to glasses and top with more juice and fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are great). When the champagne is poured into the glass, the juice cubes start to melt, but keep the drink chilled while adding flavor. A large wine glass, instead of a standard flute, holds everything perfectly. LYNN MILLER DALLAS, TX WINNING TIMESAVERS LIGHT MY FIRE I prefer grilling with charcoal, but I don’t like using lighter fluid to start the fire as it sometimes leaves an after-taste on the food. Instead, I keep a small container of rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton balls to light the charcoal.…

in the now

BUILDING A BETTER SAUSAGE Gilbert’s Craft Sausages has gone the extra mile to overcome too much fat, too much mess, and not enough flavor to create lean chicken sausages with great value and incredible flavor. Gilbert’s are fully cooked sous vide, which means they’re vacuum-sealed and perfectly cooked in water at a low temperature; then to keep them fresh they are individually wrapped. Gilbert’s has nine recipe combos that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes from standard Franks to Fig and Feta. Find out where you can purchase some at KEEPIN’ IT REAL Salty (good for you) snacks that taste like salty snacks! Real Food From The Ground Up brand makes non-gmo cassava and butternut squash- or cauliflower-based snacks that actually taste like the crunchy bites they imitate. Low-calorie, vegan,…

perfectly pickled

WONDERING WHAT TO DO with your favorite (or most plentiful) garden treasures before they go bad? Insert quick-pickling. This simple, and fast process will transform your ordinary veggies, and fruit, into tangy and flavorful snacks. One key step to pickling is to use non-reactive bowls and crocks like stainless steel, ceramic, and glass. This prevents giving the pickling liquids off flavors from the acids reacting with certain metals. Make sure to steer clear of containers made of aluminum, copper, or iron. With a few tools you likely already have on hand and a handful of ingredients, you’ll be maximizing the season’s best produce in one to two hours. Basic Quick-Pickling Brine Any of your favorite vegetables are prime for pickling. Just keep in mind that thinner-skinned produce like cucumbers, zucchini, or corn works best. Makes…

good and grilled

SUMMER IS SYNONYMOUS WITH LAID-BACK FARE, and these three grilled, all-in-one meals fit that bill to a T, giving shrimp, pork, and salmon a summer makeover. But just because these meals are casual doesn’t mean we’re forgoing flavor. A classic shrimp boil is reimagined for the grill. It delivers a fairly fuss-free meal to the table in about 45 minutes. A quick shrimp stock adds tons of flavor, but the cowbell is the Old Bay butter sauce — it’s just so good. Thankfully, the only thing missing will be some sand in your bowl! Mediterranean flavors rule in the pork bowl, with a special shout-out of thanks to za’atar (read all about it on page 20). The spice blend plays a starring role in the brightly flavored vinaigrette, plus, it seasons thin…