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WHERE DO YOU dream of visiting this year? While Australians unsurprisingly continue to fantasise about the Mediterranean, it’s likely to be closer to home – New Zealand is open for business, with Singapore and the South Pacific on the horizon. Fortunately our domestic borders are open once again, and this month we’ve covered Melbourne and the exciting new openings that are reinvigorating the streets and laneways. While this month is our annual ‘global’ issue, it felt appropriate to cover one of our most desirable cities – not just here, but around the world – and to support a food scene that is rebounding despite suffering through so many extended lockdowns. Meanwhile we can continue to sample the world’s wares through food, and this is one way many of us can happily…

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MOST-LIKED POST 2,441 likes, 43 comments Just pudding it out there, but this chocolate self-saucing pud swirled with a Werther’s Original caramel is nothing short of magic. Find the recipe at Recipe: @mattscravat Photo: @chriscourt Styling: @kirstenljenkins GOOD TO BE GREEN: I have just turned 18 and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Joost Bakker feature in the April issue. As a millennial, sustainability is a pretty big deal, so I was delighted to read about Joost’s amazing Future Food System enterprise. The gorgeous green produce looked so healthy and just leapt out the pages! It is definitely on my list of future Melbourne must-sees. In the interim, I savoured my recreation of their rooftop salad with miso mustard dressing. Thank you delicious ., you have a new generation of…


UPDATED FAVOURITES “Nothing says pure comfort on a cold winter’s day like a bowl of chicken noodle soup. It really is the ultimate restorative food for the soul! With some warming curry pasties as easy snacks, and a slice of scorched cheesecake for dessert, winter is sorted.” Georgina Esdaile, delicious . Food Editor GLOBAL ENTERTAINER “This starter screams out for a glass of our Reserve Chardonnay with citrus and stone fruit flavours and hint of subtle oak. I would serve rosé with the snapper, not just because of the great red berry flavours, but the subtle pink in the glass will complement the colours of the dish. Dessert deserves to be served with a glass of our Estate-grown Verdelho, transformed with brandy spirit and aged in oak, with hints of apricot and almond.” Daniel Maroulis,…

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SALAD OF FIVE-SPICE TOFU, POTATO, FRESH BLACK FUNGUS AND NATIVE BUSH MINT SERVES 4 AS PART OF A SHARED MEAL 1 medium Dutch cream potato (220g), peeled, cut into matchsticks75g five-spiced pressed tofu (from supermarkets and Asian food shops), finely sliced1 small carrot, peeled, cut into matchsticks100g fresh black fungus (from specialty Asian grocers), torn into smaller pieces1 cup baby spinach leaves1/2 bunch basil, leaves picked1/2 bunch coriander, leaves picked1 tsp native bush mint leaves (substitute 1/2 cup round mint leaves) GINGER DRESSING 6cm piece ginger, peeled, finely chopped1/4 cup (60g) brown sugar50ml malt vinegar50ml tamari1/2 tsp sesame oil50ml extra virgin olive oil For the ginger dressing, place the ginger and sugar in a mortar and pestle and pound to a paste. Using the pestle, stir in vinegar, tamari and sesame oil, then slowly stir…

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MARKET BASKET BY KYLIE KWONG POTATO “I love the unique way in which the Asian kitchen prepares potatoes. We are so used to having them boiled, mashed, fried, roasted – this is such a refreshing way to cook them, julienned, blanched and dressed with this intensely flavoured ginger dressing. The potatoes provide a substantial vegetarian note without being too heavy.” PRAWN “Being of Chinese heritage, I love my seafood, and pristine Australian seafood at that. Excellent quality, clean, sweet, plump prawns are readily available so always commit to buying local. You can use green or cooked prawns for this recipe. I also love using sweet harbour prawns when in season. Fresh prawns are so much more delicious than imported.” MUSHROOM “There is such a wonderful variety of exotic Asian mushrooms available, I love the various shapes,…

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DAILY GRIND The team behind award-winning bar Maybe Sammy has launched a kid sister site on King Street, Sydney. Swing by Sammy Junior (above and main) for coffee by day and cocktails by night, or vice versa depending on your mood. The venue covers an array of caffeinated concoctions from batch brew and V60 pour over, to mini espresso martinis and coffee Negronis. The only question is, one shot or two? TABLETALK 1 Make your next quest Valhalla (above), a new Nordic venue that has just opened its doors at Olderfleet in Melbourne’s CBD. The drinks list includes Scandinavian-inspired sippers such as the Loki, made from Aquavit with sparkling wine and peach liqueur. The heritage building’s gothic and Romanesque features are matched with unique fixtures, from handcrafted leather lights to reclaimed timber tables…