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August Issue#149

Dogs Life is designed for highly-engaged dog owners who want to be informed on good health, training, and caring for their dog. Dogs Life readers are out there walking, playing and caring for their dogs and are doing so with pride. Dogs Life offers informative stories on a range of subjects, from hard-hitting topics to heartfelt stories, news, nutrition, healthcare, behavioural issues, training and breed features. Dogs Life articles are comprehensively researched and written by experts such as veterinarians, breeders and behaviourists in the industry who provide valuable and practical information. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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from the editor

Hi DOGSLife readers, Welcome to one of my all-time favourite issues of DOGSL ife — the behaviour and training special! As a dog owner, I spend so much of my time wondering what my dogs are thinking and what I can do to understand Berry and Danger better, so this issue is right up my alley — especially the feature on canine communication on page 20. Make sure you check it out to help strengthen your bond with your pet. We also look at two of the most common dog behaviour problems: a pet that pulls on the lead and a dog that barks. Find out some simple techniques you can use to try to stop these issues for good. However, it’s worth noting that there are rarely quick-fix solutions. When it…


A pain for pets Colder temperatures sadly mark the beginning of arthritis and joint pain for many of our beloved furry friends, and with the weather being unpredictable at the best of times, we can’t guarantee that the worst of it is behind us. As a pet owner, it is important to keep an eye on your favourite animals and know how to spot the signs of joint pain. Save your pet from any cold-weather blues this year by reading up on what you can do to help put a stop to your pet’s aches and pains. What is joint pain? The general term used, arthritis, means inflammation of the joint. There are three main forms of arthritis: septic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Septic arthritis is caused by an infection and rheumatoid…

dog-tastic competition

With spring finally here, our dogs are playing outside more than ever. That’s why we love the Dirty Dog Doormat. This versatile mat can be used as a mat in houses, vehicles, pet washing areas, crates and under food and water areas, making the job of cleaning up after your pet that much easier. Using advanced microfibre technology, the Dirty Dog Doormat instantly soaks up water, slobber, mud and dirt, keeping your floor and car clean. Thanks to a high ratio of grams per square metre, the density of this mat is second to none, allowing maximum absorbency when compared to competing products. In fact, this mat can absorb dirt and water up to 15 times its weight. And, when it is thoroughly soaked and ready for a clean, you can…

book club

TRAVELLING WITH PETS ON AUSTRALIA’S EAST COAST Author: Carla Francis Publisher: Woodslane Press RRP: $29.99 Available: Now, from all good bookstores Are you planning a holiday and want to take your dog or cat with you? Before hitting the road, make sure you grab a copy of Travelling with Pets on Australia’s East Coast, the ultimate guide for holidaymakers. This guide has been updated since the third edition and now contains many more accommodation options for those looking for places to stay. It also has some of the features we loved in past editions (the local dog-friendly attractions being one), as well as recommendations for dog-friendly cafes, bars and vineyards — some even have doggy menus! With maps and a beach guide also included, Travelling with Pets on Australia’s East Coast is the ultimate travel resource for…

over to you

WE ASKED: HOW MANY PETS YOU HAVE, AND WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE A DOG-ONLY OR MULTI-ANIMAL HOUSEHOLD. YOU SAID: “My 11-year-old dog Hurley with my two baby Cockatiels.” Niki Gye “I adopted Coco, a two-year-old Spoodle, in December 2017. Our 13-year-old Spoodle Monty passed away in May 2017 and adopting Coco helped our hearts heal by filling them with love.” Sue Que “Five dogs here at the moment. Two are fosters. Three are deaf. One has hydrocephalus. All are happy! There are also three cats, two budgies, one guinea pig and a partridge in a pear tree … ha ha! No, but there is also a school of fish.” Sonja Coombes “I have a Papillon named Percy. He will be two in August.” Rebecca Kane “I have three very bonded black Labradors: Chompy, India and…

bone-anza giveaways

DOGSLife has three large Starmark Pro Training Dog Zones to give away. STARMARK PRO TRAINING DOG ZONE Train your dog the professional way with the Starmark Pro Training Dog Zone. This product offers dogs a comfortable and breathable bed space that they will recognise as their own “zone”, whether in the house, backyard, park or outdoors. The Dog Zone is the ideal tool for zone training. The frame is sturdy and can be assembled/flat-packed without any tools required. The durable material is weather- and scratch-resistant. The Dog Zone comes complete with a training guide and a Pro Training Clicker. The ballistic nylon cover is machine washable, so keeping it in good condition will be a breeze. For more information, visit Win one of three large Starmark Pro Training Dog Zones, valued at $129…