dune buggies and hotVWs July 2019

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hotvws app, readers showcase & the cave reveal

Dear Readers, Advertisers, and Fans of hotVWs magazine from all over the World, I just can’t believe it’s already been two years since OCI Media took over hotVWs Magazine’s operation in April 2017, which translates into 26 issues being produced. Even though I have been heavily involved with the Volkswagen-related publishing industry for over 20 years, becoming a new editor and taking care of hotVWs – a magazine with a long history – is not only a challenge but an adventure as well. Yes indeed, it’s been a non-stop rollercoaster ride for me. For sure, I just love “doing Vee Dub things” every day. I really want to thank you all for your strong support and encouragement. We would have never met this challenge and achieved our goal without you.…

proper jets & shove a bug

Proper Jetting In the May issue, in Jon’s answer to a Fuel Injection question, he made reference to a carburetor “Progression Jet”. What is a “Progression Jet”? I thought that perhaps he was making reference to the “Air Correction Jet”, but the number 70 didn’t fit. Appropriately, an “Idle Jet” (low-speed jet) is sometimes referred to as a “Progression Jet”, but the number of the idle jet had already been given. I believe that the question concerning Fuel Injection asked about converting from a carburetor to fuel injection, not the other way around. I hope Jon addresses that question in a later issue. I’ve been playing with air-cooled VW engines for 40 years now, and I thoroughly enjoy every article which Jon writes. His recent articles on the Oil Relief System…

july in the midwest

Wow! Summer has really started up with a vengeance around here! July is probably the most active here in the Midwest, where we’re famous for our abbreviated show season. The month is chock-full of must-do events for vintage Volkswagen enthusiasts in these parts. Here’s a run-down! First up is the 29th Annual Mofoco Bugfest in Union Grove, Wisconsin on July 5th and 6th. Bugfest is held at Great Lakes Dragway, and features fun racing, a car show, and swap meet, even camping on the grounds. Gates open 5:00 PM Friday and 10:00 AM Saturday. Admission $15, kids 10-15 $8, kids 9 and under free. VW camping $10 (other vehicles $20). Car show and swap meet free with admission. For more information, visit www.greatlakesdragaway.com. The same weekend is the 8th Annual Deutsche Marques…

a grand adventure

Across the world there are many collectors of Volkswagens and the larger of them tend to be known worldwide just because of their presence out there in the VW community. I’ve traveled to Europe to see some great collections there and have witnessed some amazing “hoards” of VWs here in the US as well. When I got the call to fly to Puerto Rico recently to inspect a large collection that was soon to be for sale, I just couldn’t pass up the chance. I had heard of the fabled “Volkyland” in Puerto Rico before and had seen images online. I had even sold the owner of the collection a few cars through the Oldbug website, but I was not truly prepared for the visions that were on the other…

elektro-transporters old and new

Volkswagen Buses have always been futuristic. Their simple sleek design had a classic look screaming into the modern future when they were introduced in 1950. They were ahead of their time, being the first minivan (Microbus), the first sport utility vehicle, the first camper van, the first van with double sliding doors, etc. Mechanically, Buses have always been fuel efficient, putting up better miles per gallon numbers than the domestic vans ever had in the last century. Type 2s led the pack with advancements like independent rear suspension and cab forward design. They were even further in the future than many of us ever knew. Over 50 years ago, in 1968, the first electric vehicle to drive across the USA was a 1958 Deluxe sunroof Bus converted to electric by…

don't take it for granted

Can you imagine a Volkswagen world without magazines, books and repair manuals? I guess not. Most of us started in the hobby when there was plenty of literature around. After all, hotVWs has been published since 1967, VW Trends followed ten years later and VW magazines sprang up like mushrooms in Europe in the late ’80s. VolksWorld (UK) and Super VW Magazine (France) appeared in 1987; the German VW Scene magazine in 1989, followed by VW Speed (Germany), Total VW and Ultra VW (UK). They all featured inspirational custom cars and fascinating stockers, but also how-to stories about adjustable beams, dual carbs and sports exhausts. We were provided with everything when it came to modifying our air-cooled Volkswagens. These mags gave us information about new products and shows, inspiring us…