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our volkswagen community has lost a great vw enthusiast

This month, we have to share some very sad news with you. A longtime, strong supporter of our VW industry, Arda Melikyan, the co-owner of German Motor Works (“The Thing Specialist”), was killed in a car accident on June 5th in Newport Beach, California. This was a totally unexpected accident and truly heartbreaking for us. Our deep thoughts are with Greg and his family. Arda’s “VW life” harks back to the 1970s. She bought her first VW, a 1966 Beetle, in 1976. This car always had some issues; she tried to sort things out and fix them with help from various mechanics, but never found the right guy. Three years after purchasing that Bug, she was referred to a VW shop owned by Greg Melikyan. After they met, her life was…

camber, breather and a case

Camber issues on IRS I have a Manx-style Buggy using a Beetle pan. The rear wheels are “canted” a bit; I used an IRS. I think it sits pretty much in the stock position. The left/drivers side is worse. The buggy was a bit of a mess when I bought it and I'm wondering if the trailing arms could be bent? I know they were really pitted from rust. Is there any sort of measurements I can take or something I can do to see if they are bent? I'd rather not have to take them off and put on another set just to find out. If they aren't bent, do I have any other options? I have pictures if you would like. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.…

happy 50th birthday, herbie!

As we mentioned earlier, this is a very special year for Herbie! “ The Love Bug” was released in theaters nationwide on March 13, 1969! So, naturally, we were excited to attend his 50th birthday celebration in Orlando this past March. And what a weekend it was! Organizers Gail, Charlotte and Stephen Love did an amazing job promoting several events for everyone to enjoy. First up was a meet-and-greet at the fabulous Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum in Ocala, though most wanted to linger with the Herbies in the parking lot rather than go inside the museum. Those that did, however, were treated to a personal tour by Charlie Estepp, veteran stunt driver with over 100 credits to his name, including “Herbie Fully Loaded”. Over 30 Herbies came from across the United…

loving the unloved

I've decided I have held this inside for long enough and it is time to come clean with you all and let my true colors shine… So, here it goes… I love Super Beetles. I'm sure this comes as a shock to most of you, and if you don’t want to stand too close to me at the next event, I promise not to be offended. We all have our quirks about us, and hopefully, a few of you will cut me some slack. Maybe just maybe, my bold admission will empower others to step forward and live a more free existence in the world of VWs. If this means the end of our friendship… well so be it. I will just have to live with that… The truth just…

road trips driving buses

I woke up driving on the autobahn; it was like a dream. I was driving an early ’51 Panel Van following a late-’51 Deluxe Bus – the 3-tone type painted Chestnut Brown over Sealing Wax Red with a white roof. The song talking in my head was going: “Well… how did I get here?” It all started a few weeks prior, when I pulled my 1965 Double Cab out of its hibernation and it said to me: Rebuild my reduction box. (It doesn’t actually use words, but I can hear what it is saying.) I said to it: “I will rebuild your reduction box, but you must take me on a road trip to Los Angeles and up the coast”. (I do use words when talking to my Buses). So, I…

stay curious!

You might have been there… During the beginning of the year, you wait anxiously for the dates of your favorite shows to draw up holiday plans. Some prefer the small, rather cozy events; others can’t live without visiting the big ones. One way or the other, you can envision what’s ahead of you regarding VW events, which is nice, especially when you have visited a show more than once. Then you know the supermarket close by, you know the best spots on the campground and you are familiar with the surroundings. And most of the time you are going with the same friends; the gearheads you’ve known for so long. Or, maybe you meet friends there, having appointed camping together beforehand. Ancient practices, which you don’t want to miss, sure… But…