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addicted to volkswagens?

I’ve asked this same question several times before in this column. I also pose this question to many friends at VW shows, as well as when doing a photoshoot: “Why are you fascinated with and addicted to Volkswagens?” The shape of the car, the sound of the flat-four air-cooled engine, the uniqueness of air-cooled VWs, the simplicity, ease of work, the availability of parts and accessories, fun to drive, they’re very economical, as well as the incredible history behind this amazing vehicle… I can list more than a hundred reasons. I am pretty sure many readers would concur. Something that always fascinates me when I have this conversation is that everyone has a different story regarding this fantastic vehicle from Germany. And I always find something new to learn. This is probably the…

no pressure & being cool

Cal Look Door Window Hi, I would like to know if an article has ever been published about the installation of “Cal Look” door windows on a pre-65 Beetle. I know there are kits available, but have yet to see any information or tech tips. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Tom Adduci Palos Heights , IL Hi Tom, I’m assuming you’re talking about “one-piece windows.” Yes, these are notoriously hard and exhausting to install. There have been a couple of ways to install the “scrapers” on these kits, but all are difficult. Isolating binding and silencing rattles can be frustrating. These kits were all the rage in the late ’70s and early ’80s. The scope of such an article would be pretty immense, and most would try to avoid it!…

fall in the midwest

By the time you read this, it’ll be early October, one of the prettiest times of the year here in the Midwest. The fall color is starting in earnest, pumpkins are lined up along the roads, and cider mills are going full tilt. For those of us who are classic car owners, we’re still trying to enjoy our rides and salvage what’s left of the busy auto show season before storing our babies for the winter. Thankfully, there are still several events to attend! We would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the most fun events of the season, the annual Bus Boo Campout by Buses by the Beach. It is held on September 27-29th (in case this issue arrives in time!) at the Hungry Horse Campground in Dorr…

the vw market

As time has marched on, and our VWs have become more pursued and prized by collectors around the world, the values of them has risen. We have all seen it and I have written about it many times in the past. Like any commodity that is traded among the business folks, there is a rise and fall and changing trends that affect the prices. Supply and demand has its effect, the current fads and fashions have their effect, and the generational timeline always fuels the curve as well. Since I am in the business and watch the market trends daily, this is all of great interest to me and I probably spend way too much time analyzing it all… But it fascinates me. I’m sure it is the same for…

bus math

It has been more than 50 years since the last split Bus was delivered to the USA. Today, they are more popular and valuable than any of the contemporary American vans (which cost more and outsold Buses back in the day.) In fact, Buses are one of the hottest cars on the vintage car market. For many people, owning one is a dream which must be fulfilled. The market for them today has plenty of expensive, and/or junk models for sale. So, to get a Bus, one of three things needs to happen: Either you get lucky, you spend a lot of money, or you get a junk Bus. I am here today to tell you that the third option is not an option at all. Just don’t do it,…

one. just one.

Anew trend is flooding the Fatherland: Stroker engines with stock looks and – most importantly – just one carburetor. For some of you guys this may sound strange; some may know engines like these from the Baja/ off-road competition. Well, as we don’t have desert racing over here there must be other reasons for this. Let me explain. As you all know, our cars here in Germany get checked every other year by associations for technical inspections like TÜV, DEKRA or GTÜ. These tests are pretty strict and the list of things which get examined is long. Getting modifications road legal and recorded on your papers isn’t easy, especially when you run an H-plate. These plates are accompanied by reduced road taxes, feature an “H” behind the regular combination of letters…