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I just can’t believe how time flies. Our non-stop journey goes on… Here is the December 2019 issue; we are concluding 2019 already! Yes, our schedule runs a bit faster than the actual calendar. I became editor of hotVWs Magazine when OCI Media took over ownership in April 2017 and we have produced 32 issues since. Thirty two is still a tiny number compared to the 617 issues published during hotVWs Magazine’s 52-year history. But we could have never made it without the loyal support of the readers, proud Volkswagen owners, advertisers, and all our fans. I just cannot say it enough: Thank You. Since 1967, hotVWs Magazine has been publishing printed magazines focusing on Volkswagens. This is what we do and wish to continue doing. However, that doesn’t mean we…

carbs vs. fi & electrical stuff

Relocating the coil I need to relocate the coil. I already know where I will put it; my question is: What is the recommended way? Facing up, down, sideways? Greibys Hernandez White Plains, NY That’s a great question! It depends on if you have an “oil filled” or “solid epoxy” type coil. As far as I know, all original VW coils were the solid epoxy kind. These are very dependable and sturdy. On all Type 1 engines, they were mounted terminals down. You should test to see if you have an oil filled unit. Just shake the coil near your ear. If you hear sloshing around of oil then its oil filled. Most manufacturers state that these coils should be installed “upright”. That is connections at the top. Since the solid type coils don’t rely…

bugfest 28

It’s been a pretty active car show season here in the Midwest this year, with new shows popping up alongside old favorites on the calendar. In the old favorites category, one of ours has always been the annual Toledo Bugfest, held the third Sunday in September. It’s one of the last great blasts of summer! Now in its 28th fabulous year, Bugfest is run by the Greater Toledo VW Club, at Volkswagen of Perrysburg (formerly Ed Schmidt). We just love this dealership – they have a gorgeous Coral Single Cab permanently on display in the lobby, along with vintage Volkswagen and rock ‘n roll posters on the walls! It’s a blast from the past! Of course, the show in the parking lot was no less a blast from the past either! Despite…

show results

Best of Show Jay & Sherri Pilcher (1956 Oval) Beetle to 1957 Mike Fickenscher (1957 Oval “Volksrod”) Beetle 1958-1967 Jeff Gier (1958 Beetle) Beetle 1968 and up Bill Brown (1974 Beetle) Beetle Modified Fred Wiseman (1973 Beetle) Beetle Convertible Tom Siliga- to (1979 Convertible) Bus to 1967 Erik Stearns (1967 Single Cab) Bus 68+ Gordon Rector (1979 Westfalia) Thing Shane Klinger (1973 Thing) Karmann Ghia Andrew Seiwert (1967 Ghia Coupe) Type III/IV Scott Butler (1968 Fastback) Water-cooled Quinn Lawrence (1993 Cabriolet) New Beetle Kenna Witte (2010 New Beetle “Sunshine”) Kit Car/Self Assembled David Reed (1978 VW Trike) Cosmetically Challenged Nate Gerding (1997 Passat Wagon “Olga Von Wagen”)…

trading places

Perhaps there comes a time when everyone of the VW faith strays away from the path of righteousness. The siren song of other brands of automobiles is always there in the wind and even the strongest of will can sometimes hit a moment of weakness and cave to the pressure. Recently my brethren, I too have found myself in this situation and I must admit openly to you all, that the pressure was just too great. Bless me father for I have Porsche’d. I’m not sure what came over me, but at the end of the episode, a beloved Beetle left the garage and in its spot slithered a sexy younger German girl to drip her oil and have her time of washing and waxing. While I admit to feeling…

parts, parts, and more parts

Buses were made from parts; then most Buses were repaired with parts. The latter fit into a few categories. Factory parts came on or in the car when it was delivered to the dealership. Original replacement parts could be purchased through the VW dealer network, and were of Volkswagen’s high-quality standards. Aftermarket parts were mainly sold through outlets other than VW dealerships. There are also OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts sold through the aftermarket even though they were the same as the original replacement components. Accessories are also parts, but they are a topic for another month. Now if we fast forward in time from when these Buses were newer to today, not many original replacement parts are available from your dealership. Those original unused components are now called NOS…