dune buggies and hotVWs February 2020

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celebrating 53 years of hotvws magazine

Dear subscribers, readers, advertisers, contributors and fans of hotVWs Magazine from all over the world, I hope all of my VW friends had a wonderful holiday season. It’s hard to believe how time flies. As I am writing this Semaphore column, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And 2020 is just one month and a few days away... But for the magazine, that calendar might not matter much; in fact, we’ve already wrapped 2019 and started 2020: hotVWs Magazine celebrated its 53rd anniversary a few months ago. We have produced 35 issues since OCI Media took over the magazine’s operation, starting with the May 2017 issue. It would have not happened without your loyal support – thanks again for your support and encouragements! The 2019 season proved undoubtedly thrilling for hotVWs…

what road? off-road!

Some time ago, hotVWs reader Michel Antignac commented on one of my Facebook posts, telling me that there isn’t as much off-road-related content in “Dune Buggies & hotVWs” as it used to be. Well, there is some truth in that; but did you notice the Baja on last month’s cover? [And the Dec. 2019 issue featured a cool raised Bay Window, too – Ed.] Anyway, it inspired me to cast an eye on the German air-cooled off-road scene. What’s going on next to paved roads in the Fatherland in 2020? Honestly, not much I guess. It’s sad to say, as I do love a proper Baja, preferably based on an Oval body with a Bug Eyed body kit, a set of huge Padla Traks on the rear wheels and a long…

marvelous ghia, loose steering and leaking rubbers...

Marvelous 1960 Ghia Hello, I have a 1960 Ghia with a ’68 motor, 92mm pistons, with about 2000 miles on the engine. I’ve had it for 30 years. I parked it and the motor apparently seized up. Someone told me to put Marvel Mystery Oil in it and let it sit. Any suggestions will help… I’d like to bring this car back to life. Thanks. Robert Hicks Granite Falls, NC Robert, I wonder if your engine was parked indoors or out? Over the many years I’ve been in business, customers have stated that “there’s no way water got into the engine. It’s been covered up the whole time it was stored!” Well, after a teardown and inspection, the rusted cylinders and valves tell a different story. If the motor won’t turn over at all…

fall color tour

As we mentioned back in the November issue, we love our change of seasons in this part of the country, with fall color proliferating along the highways and byways of the Midwest. Scenic drives and trips to a local cider mill are the last-blast to drive our vintage Volkswagens before settling them down for a long winter’s nap. Our Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Club has a wonderful Fall Color Tour each year to celebrate this season, and this year’s tour was exceptional. We were blessed with a beautiful crisp sun-filled autumn day as we all met in the parking lot of our host this year, Steve Fowler of Steve’s European Automotive in Waterford, MI. Steve’s European is one of the local Metro Detroit experts we vintage owners can call on for all our…

birthday bug part 2

Last month, I wrote about my quest for a VW that was “born” on my birthday. It’s an odd challenge for sure and I openly admit that it is a little silly to pursue such a thing, but I have never been known for making logical choices when it comes to my old car adventures. I have narrowed the search down to a certain range of VIN numbers spreading over about a week or production, so that has helped, but the actual list of chassis numbers produced on that day are not public anywhere, so all I can do it guess a bit. I found a very unique and cool little ’67 Beetle for sale locally that fell within that range and even if it was not “the” birthday Beetle……

happy jack

I have been driving and collecting Buses for almost three decades now. Driving down a lonely stretch of highway and enjoying the scenery through the split windshield is one of my favorite things to do, but hunting for old Type 2s to fill gaps in my collection is certainly more exciting. I just love the thrill of the hunt, and last summer was thrilling for me when I bagged two monster Buses for my collection in two days. The first one was a ‘58 Double Door walk-through panel. Many people consider that to be the top year and option combination for panel vans because: a/ it was the first year for regular production of the walk-through option; b/ it is the last full year for pressed bumpers and, of course, having…