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the rich history of volkswagen’s puebla plant

As one of the largest vehicle manufacturers on the planet, it may be no surprise to learn that there are 16 Volkswagen brand plants in operation today. One of the longest-running is located in Puebla, Mexico. Volkswagen de México headquarters was established in Puebla in 1964. In 1965, the company began searching for a new production site and started building the plant that same year. Construction was completed in July 1967, and the first car – the iconic Beetle – rolled off the assembly line in October. Located roughly 75 miles southeast of Mexico City, the Puebla factory is built on 740 acres. It is a significant player in the manufacturing of many Volkswagen vehicles seen on the road, particularly here in the U.S. The plant holds a special place in…

the parts bin

Billet Aluminum IDF Velocity Stacks One-piece Polished Billet 6061 Aluminum velocity stacks for the IDF series carburetors; fit both the IDF Weber carburetors and CB Performance throttle bodies. A perfect fit and a clean machined finish to complement your engine. Bolt these on for increased CFM and instant performance. For more information, visit cbperformance.com SMOKED Type 3 Lens Kit New “Smoked” Type 3 lenses. Available front bullet, wrap-around, and flat taillight lenses. All sold in pairs. Fits 1961-1969 Type 3s. For more information, visit www.vwispwest.com 48 Special Carb Kits Each one of these Carb kits is hand assembled in the United States by Jack Sacchette himself at JayCee to ensure quality, performance, and drivability. Carbs are pre-run and adjusted to ensure ease of installation. Several colors available. For more information, visit empius.com, or EMPI dealers. Fresh…

hot vws holiday gift guide for your vw friends and family

“FLEXFIT” HATS Find them in Rancho’s store at www.ranchotransaxles.com VW FLAT FOUR SCALED MODEL ENGINE KIT Working 1/4-scale, transparent model of the original flat-four engine from the legendary VW Beetle. Info: Pelicanparts.com BUG-IN OFFICIAL T-SHIRTS Available online at www.bugin.com LANTERN HANGER This is a great idea for hanging your lantern when you are out camping. It sits in the vehicle’s rain gutter and will mount on any Beetle, Bus or Type 3. No drilling required. Available in Raw, Blue, Orange, Black and White. For more information visit empius.com or contact local EMPI dealers. RETRO-LOOKING AM/FM RADIOS Retro-looking AM/FM radios but with modern features, such as Bluetooth for hands free calling and wireless streaming from your phone, as well as USB and AUX ports in the back. Info: www. westcoastmetric.com HOTVWS GIFTS License Plate Frames, Sew-on Patches, skateboard Decks and more! Get…

an accidental restoration

" IT WAS A BIT OF A MISCOMMUNICATION ." LET’S START AT THE BEGINNING. “IN APRIL OF 2015 I HELPED MY friend Cecil extract this vehicle from a junkyard with a crane. We removed six Split Window Buses that day. During the day, I made sure this Double Cab ended up on my trailer, because I had fully intended to buy it.” And indeed, Scott bought it from Cecil, just four days later. Scott had previously owned a ’63 Double Cab, and instantly regretted selling it. He had been on the lookout for another for a few years. “We pulled two Double Cabs that day, the ’59 and a ’67. I really wanted the ’59 because of the age and the rarity of the seamed gates.” It certainly wasn’t in good shape at…

festival of vws

Last month, hotVWs Magazine took you to another mystical VW land, Indonesia… We visited one of the most insane VW collections in the World, Terror Garage, located in Bandung. We witnessed two American VW legends, Ron Fleming and Gary Berg, team up to build an NOS Gene Berg engine kit for Terror Garage’s vintage VW gasser, originally from Pennsylvania, USA. Then, we convoyed with vintage VWs, driving 350 miles from Bandung to Jog jakarta… Now, are you ready to see one of the biggest VW events in Southeast Asia? FRIDAY CELEBRATION After spending all day long driving vintage VWs, we were truly exhausted as we arrived in Jogjakarta on Thursday night. Thankfully, the next day, we had enough time to recharge our batteries, until Friday evening – the promoters had invited us…

vintage performance hauler

Brian Murphy got interested in VWs at an early age. His family is from California and moved to Arkansas when he was five years old. Since he and his parents had numerous relatives and friends still in California, they took yearly vacations on the West coast. During these trips, Brian would stay with his dad’s best friend, Luis Riveria, who owned a bunch of VWs. Brian remembers a ’59 Euro Beetle, an Oval, and a Bus in particular. When he turned 14 and got closer to getting his driver’s license, he asked his parents for a Beetle. They started looking for potential candidates in Arkansas and only found 1970s models. So, Brian’s dad called his friend Luis and asked him if they would be a decent car to own. Luis answered:…