duPont REGISTRY December 2020

A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles is created for owners, buyers and traders of exotic and high-performance automobiles. duPont REGISTRY provides affluent subscribers a panoramic display of lavish and luxury automobiles for sale, along with a broad selection of additional products of interest such as high-end and exotic automotive accessories, watches, collectibles and much more.

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Dear Reader, It’s not all about cars. This is the time of year when ALL things classic, luxurious and exotic take front and center in the pages of the duPont REGISTRYTM. Just take this month’s cover as evidence. A go-anywhere in comfort and style land yacht is backed by a go-fast exotic waterborne yacht with enough speed and comfort for any duPont REGISTRYTM enthusiast. BRABUS is, of course, an iconic brand known for performance, perfection and style. The cover features that and more. True to BRABUS standards, the 800 WIDESTAR and the SHADOW 900 are stunning from afar and breathtaking up close. Do not forget BRABUS’ reputation for technological innovation. You can read all about it in the UNCOVERED feature on page 44-45. What’s next? How about a BRABUS jet. If your garage…

a fresh (and free) take on flying privately

“WE CREATED JETASAP TO PROVIDE A SELF-SERVICE PLATFORM WHERE FLYERS CAN CONTROL EVERY ASPECT OF THE CHARTER BOOKING PROCESS AND ALWAYS PAY EXACTLY WHAT AN OPERATOR CHARGES AND NOT A PENNY MORE”—Lisa Kiefer Sayer Lisa Kiefer Sayer knows a thing or two about charter flight services. With 21 years in the aviation industry as a director of charter sales and a consultant, she's sold thousands of private flights to companies, CEOs, VIPs and more. Recognizing a need for a self-service system that allows users to book private flights directly, Sayer put her knowledge and experience to work to launch the new smartphone app JetASAP. As the only platform to connect flyers directly with charter operators, JetASAP provides a powerful set of tools that has never before been offered. With full transparency, flyers…

how jetasap works

1. REQUEST JetASAP's mobile app makes it simple for you to quickly post a confidential trip quote request. 2. SELECT Within minutes of posting your confidential request, you'll receive live quotes directly from charter operators. 3. BOOK DIRECT Choose the option that best fits your needs, provide your details, and you're ready to fly! JetASAP Quick Facts WHAT IS JETASAP? JetASAP is the world's first self-service private jet charter booking platform that directly connects flyers and charter operators in real time. HOW MUCH DOES THE SERVICE COST? JetASAP is completely free for flyers to use. There are no fees, commissions or membership costs. HOW DOES IT WORK? Flyers can use the JetASAP mobile app to create confidential charter requests, receive live quote pricing, book selected flights and chat with operators in real time at any point during the search and booking process. WHICH…

time inspired by life

Time is everywhere around us. We have it on our phones, on our car dashboards, on our computers. This pervasive display of the hours and minutes translates to the fact that no one really needs a watch to know what time it is. Still, the watch industry is a multi-billion business - even during COVID-19. The reason for this is multi-fold. In today's day and age, watches are a way to express ourselves, to make a statement about our taste or interests. They tell a story about each of us. They are also works of art and complexity, and, in some cases, heirlooms to be handed down from generation to generation. There are many reasons why people buy watches, but generally it is because they strike a chord - much like…

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ULYSSE NARDIN BLAST The White BLAST flying tourbillion from Ulysse Nardin features a color palette straight out of Antarctica: white ceramic, metallic grey, dark blue and beautiful transparency. Reminiscent of icy glaciers, this model features a smooth titanium bezel with dark blue inscriptions mentioning the “Silicium Technology” which beats inside of it. Price: $46,000. | CUSTOM FERRARIFF 12 CYLINDER ENGINE COFFEE TABLE Enter the magnificent world of opulent automotive art though the mind of champion racer Tom Bates. What began as a passion for automotive engineering and racing has evolved into the designing and building of extraordinary bespoke pieces of furniture. Now one of the world’s most exclusive and extravagant automotive art companies, Tom Bates Design serves a discriminating global market of luxury auto enthusiasts and fine art connoisseurs who appreciate the design…

signature luxury for land and sea

For those who feel the need for just a little bit more speed, BRABUS has what you need. What's more, they can help you reach the speed you need on the road or water. For this month's cover, we chose the BRABUS 800 WIDESTAR and the BRABUS Marine's Shadow 900 range. It’s well-known that BRABUS has the chops to create extraordinary supercars and the most capable SUVs on and off of the road. The BRABUS 800 WIDESTAR is no exception. With 800 horsepower and 737 lb-ft on tap, thanks to an in-depth tune by BRABUS, you can expect the 800 WIDESTAR to conquer anything in its path. If conquering a drag race is your thing, you'll be happy to know it can sprint from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.1…