duPont REGISTRY January 2021

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from the publisher

Dear Reader, Hello 2021! Goodbye 2020! We all know what happened this year, so let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s look to the future. And what better way to do it than in a brand new Lamborghini? The cover car for this issue is the Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Omologato, or STO. This is a name that inspires speed and when pronounced with a European accent, sounds as good as the actual car going from 0 to 60. And it almost takes less time to reach 60 MPH than to say the name. Sometimes model definitions and terms can be quite boring. But, in this case, it is important to note that my first car was a 1964 Pontiac GTO, which stood for Gran Turismo Omologato. The “O” is where the similarities…

soaring to new heights

Although many businesses have faced adversity this year, private aviation has experienced unprecedented growth. Flight restrictions and safety precautions persuaded luxury buyers to invest in their health while maintaining essential travel operations. Alternatives to public transit by way of jets, charters and membership options have unmasked paramount growth potential for private aviation companies, both in the short and long-term. And buyers are reaping the benefits. Increasing interest has empowered management companies and manufacturers to enhance their appeal with amplified luxuries and expanded amenities. Because the transportation industry is adapting to a “new normal,” reduced costs associated with private travel also appeal to new customers. As such, Jet Cards and fractional ownership are in the midst of a renaissance. Now is also an ideal time to invest in your own hardware. New jets,…


Beginning as the first private jet charter and management company, NetJets has led the industry for 55+ years. Then in 1986, they revolutionized it with the concept of shared ownership and proceeded to build the largest, most diverse private jet fleet in the world. Today, NetJets is proud to be a Berkshire Hathaway company known for its unwavering commitment to safety, service, and unmatched global access. NetJets’ industry-leading scale and business model off er NetJets and its owners dependable financial sustainability unlike any other in the industry. For these reasons and many more, NetJets will continue to be the favored choice of the world’s most discerning travelers for generations to come. To learn more and to find your ideal travel solution, please call 1.877.538.8303 or visit…


FIRST-EVER, FREE, SELF-SERVICE JET CHARTER BOOKING APP No Commissions, No Memberships, No Fees–ever Though there are many choices when it comes to flying privately, including memberships, jet cards and online and offline commission-based services, flyers looking to directly source and book private jet travel have had no free alternative that aggregates live charter options on demand. However, that recently changed when JetASAP announced the launch of the first ever self-service jet charter booking app for Apple iOS, with Android coming soon. Unlike other digital platforms that provide immediate trip estimates, JetASAP has taken a different approach and built a service that sends each charter request directly to over 700 charter operators, who respond with live bookable quotes. More importantly, because the service is completely transparent, flyers immediately know the details of each operator…


ONEflight International is the ultra-luxury jet provider with the largest network of private aircraft at “The BAJ” Booking platform provides fingertip access to 12,000 jets globally. Besides saving time and money, why choose ONEflight? Their members are granted access to the exclusive Eden Golf Club, elite destinations, villas, private islands, and 1,800 yachts around the globe. Outside of luxury travel, enjoy personal introductions to top wineries, bespoke tailors, motorsports product launches, driving activities, and VIP admittance to exclusive events. Additionally, these winners have been recognized not only by leaders in aviation, but the luxury sector as well. Recently chosen by Inc. 5000 as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the US, the 2020 Global Excellence Award, LUXLife’s - Best Private Jet Booking System, and The 2020 Luxury Lifestyle…

jet it

Jet It the entire day for only $1,600 per hour. Backed by a 2020 Harvard Business School case study, this rapidly growing private travel experience is transforming the market’s ability to move. Owners receive significantly more fight time at 1/5 the cost of traditional fractional ownership. Jet It owner, Anthony M. Gucciardo says, “What attracted me to Jet It is the brand-new fleet, and their service is extremely convenient. I used to fly commercial, then began chartering, but I didn’t enjoy flying on older charter planes.” He’s a successful residential real estate broker in Upstate New York, and utilizes Jet It for his frequent business needs. Jet It’s concierge books entire travel experiences, whether business or pleasure, at no additional cost. “Flying private has been my goal since 18, and Jet…