duPont REGISTRY December 2021

A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles is created for owners, buyers and traders of exotic and high-performance automobiles. duPont REGISTRY provides affluent subscribers a panoramic display of lavish and luxury automobiles for sale, along with a broad selection of additional products of interest such as high-end and exotic automotive accessories, watches, collectibles and much more.

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Dear Reader, The Holiday Season is upon us and all the news pundits tell us to shop early because of supply chain disruptions. So, get out there and buy early and often. Looking for a great gift? The Holiday Gift Guide on pages 28-36 is the world’s best place to go shopping. If you are looking for a classic, luxury or exotic automobile, then you'll find many opportunities to fill your wish list on nearly every page of this special issue. Looking for a rare timepiece to wow someone this holiday season? Take a look at the amazing collection of watches that we have curated for your review on pages 21-25. Our research says we have a predominantly male readership, so this year‘s gift guide has a special page of items for the…

holiday dressing for black tie affairs

The holidays are upon us and that means it’s time for some evening soirees, a black tie New Year’s Eve or some other exciting holiday event. Sure, it’s easy to don a tux or a nice dark suit, maybe even dress it up with an eccentric bow tie. But the real measure of elegance comes down to the watch you wear on your wrist. And don’t even think about going without a watch; that’s like being naked in a boardroom. Watches are a real status symbol today, perhaps more so than ever before. During the pandemic, many a collector (car, watch, coin, whiskey – you name it) indulged in their passions instead of traveling. That means sales of the. nest timepieces were on the rise. Sometimes rampantly so. Additionally, interest in…


CADANZ BY KERBEDANZ CRUISE DATE An all new line from Kerbedanz, the new Cadanz collection is decidedly modern and geometric in appeal. Thanks to the three different diameter sizes (32mm, 36mm, 41mm) that the contemporary Cadanz watches are created in, they are a perfect unisex watch. This collection marks the brand’s foray into series-production watches, in addition to its one-offs and limited edition timepieces. Distinguishing marks of the Cadanz line include a center dial that is beautifully guilloche’ and a crown at 2:00 on the case instead of 3:00 for better ergonomics. An automatic movement with 189 parts and 50 hours of power reserve powers the watches. This Cadanz Cruise Date watch boasts a silver dial with blue hands and a bold orange rubber strap. The case is bezel-less and allows…

ernst benz

CHRONOLUNAR OFFICER DLC Swiss-made to exacting standards, Ernst Benz watches are all about legibility and performance. Powered by mechanical movements meant to accompany the wearer anywhere, these instruments are also aesthetically appealing and make a statement all their own. A prime example is the ChronoLunar Officer DLC watch whose stealth black Diamond Like Carbon coating on stainless steel make this watch ultra-appealing. Aptly named ChronoLunar, the watch is combination chronograph offering hours and minute counters and central seconds hand, as well as a calendar complete with lunar or moonphase indicator. Thanks to an outer chapter ring, it offers date indication, and via apertures at 12:00 within the minutes register, it displays day and month. The layout offers both harmonious balance and incredible readability. The black dial is off set nicely by…


SPARTA BOLD A great holiday gift or self-purchase, the entry-level Sparta Bold collection of watch winders are ideal for use in a safe since they are battery operated and don’t need to be plugged in. This single-watch winder is equipped with long-life lithium D cell batteries that operate on Orbita’s 8-minute winding cycle, 12-minute winding cycle or even an extended winding cycle that can be selected using a toggle switch behind the mounting cup. The longer the cycle selected, the longer the batteries live, with most lasting for years. Orbita American-made winders gently swing the watches on the mounting cup in a way that emulates the natural wrist movement. SIENA A beautiful statement piece on any dresser, this three-watch Orbita Siena watch winder is classically elegant. When closed, the box features a beveled…

vortic watch company

THE SPRINGFIELD 439 A magnificent timepiece from Illinois Watch Company that Vortic has beautifully restored, this unique wristwatch was once a pocket watch. Vortic Watch Company is dedicated to finding useable American-made pocket watches of yesteryear and restoring them in their American workshops in Colorado. In an effort to preserve the legacy of American watchmaking, Vortic combines traditional and cutting-edge technology to create its small batch custom watches. This wristwatch is powered by a restored American-made pocket watch movement and boasts an original dial and hands. The watch measures 46mm in diameter and was originally made in Springfield, IL in 1920. The dial has garnered a beautiful patina and the beauty of the blue stylized numerals are underscored by the blued hands and a rich blue leather strap. The onion-type crown…