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Electronic Musician December 2017

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grobair@nbmedia.com Rocking the Holidays By the time you read this, the holiday shopping season will have begun in earnest, and you might already be wondering what you’ll get for that musical friend of yours (or, perhaps, writing down all the great gear you hope to add to your own studio). But if you’re at a loss as to what to buy in either case, Electronic Musician is here to help! Welcome, once again, to our annual “Rock Star Holiday Gift Guide.” This month, we’ve asked some of today’s most successful musical artists, DJs, producers, and engineers what they would give as gifts to their favorite people—from the “on a budget” price range to “money’s no object ‘cause my track’s charting” level (as well as a few things that would challenge anyone’s purchasing power). You’re…

all in a phase work

Herbie Hancock’s answer surprised me. After seeing him play a Korg Karma, I asked if he used it to trigger unexpected riffs as a way to spark new ideas. “Actually, you know how we were using it?” he replied. “As a surround-sound-producing synthesizer, because it has not only a left and a right, but two auxiliary outputs. We’d construct certain sounds so that we were sending some components to the third output, and we sent that to the surround engineer. Then he would place them wherever he wanted in the rear speakers and the side speakers. It made the instruments sound huge.” Herbie explained he typically would route the attack of a note to the front speakers and the body to the sides and rear. “We can also manipulate the sounds…


A few weeks ago, an intriguing message popped up in the EM inbox: “I recently built a house for a TV show and thought you might be interested...it is a gigantic amp!” Wait…what? We had to find out more. Turns out that this unusual structure is the home of Asha Mevlana, lead violinist of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. “I travel a lot, and I had stuff stored all over the country,” Asha told me by phone. “I wanted a home base to come back to, but I didn’t need anything huge. I’m used to living in apartments in New York, and everything there is kind of small.” She also admitted that, while she loved the idea of tiny houses, she wanted something “on the bigger side of tiny.” As luck would have it,…

new gear

1 YAMAHA GENOS Keyboard workstation $6,799 HIGHLIGHTS FSX semiweighted keyboard action with aftertouch • 550 styles • crossfade between two songs (audio and MIDI) • Vocal Harmony and Synth Vocoder features • 1/4"/XLR phantom-powered combo mic input • record via WIFI using iOS app • trigger pads • MIDI Quick recording mode • optional stand and speaker system • Songbook+ app for iPad TARGET MARKET Keyboardists, songwriters ANALYSIS With twice as much AWM2 ROM as the Tyros5, the Genos includes Yamaha CFX and C7 concert grands, new drums, FX voices, and much more. yamaha.com/genos 2 AIR MUSIC TECHNOLOGY LOOM II Additive softsynth $149 HIGHLIGHTS Expanded to 8 voices • four new modules • Spectral Noise section • two additional Subharmonic Optional Partials • programmable Morph Pad • new Wave Parameter options • choose and combine as many as 34 editable…

plug and play

For musicians who want to design sounds from the ground up, a modular synthesizer is hard to beat. By patching together the basic elements of an tone or effect—signal generators, filters, envelopes and so on—you can create highly personalized instruments or signal processors. So how can a guitarist get in on the action at an affordable price (especially those of us who don’t have any experience with this level of geekery)? One way is with software such as Softube’s aptly named Modular. With a starting price below $100 (as well as a free 30-day demo version), Softube Modular is far less expensive than the hardware products it models. And despite my beginner status, once I installed it and viewed a short introductory video on You- Tube, I was quickly patching away and…

the electronic musician annual rock star gift guide

If you’re searching for some gift ideas for the deserving artists and studio folks on your list—or if you’ve had a long, hard year and are ready to treat yourself to something nice—you’ve come to the right place. We’ve polled some of our favorite artists, producers, engineers, and DJs to round up their favorite gift ideas for you, our favorite music-makers. We’ve asked each person to suggest one affordable gift and one splurge, so no matter which tax bracket you’re in, there’s enough gear-spiration here to carry you through the new year. Harrison Mills, ODESZA Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills are better known as the top-selling electronica/pop duo ODESZA, whose third album A Moment Apart (Counter Records/Ninja Tune) was at Number 3 on Billboard’s Hot 200 chart when we talked to Mills…