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Electronic Musician July 2018

The new ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN is a “must have” resource for anyone who makes music, plays music, and shares music. Every issue includes "gig tested" product reviews on music gear, tons of how-to's, and interviews with today's stars revealing the secrets of their songwriting approaches and audio-production concepts.

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got a backup plan?

Have you ever been in a critical musical situation—either onstage or while recording—and suddenly discovered that part of your setup doesn’t work? Were you ready for it? If so, what was your strategy? In the high-stakes world of professional audio, redundancies are built into a production to avoid show-stopping failures. But while major acts with millions of dollars riding on a tour can afford to have fully duplicated systems at the ready, the rest of us must find clever ways to be prepared for disaster. If you are planning to do any kind of work in front of others and you haven’t given this some thought, it is time to come up with a plan of action. Under the term “electronic music” are innumerable approaches, and in nearly every case, electronic equipment…

the really useful piano poster

From my own experience as a teacher, I know that visual aids are very useful, especially with something as initially confusing as music theory. But while it would be perfectly appropriate to hang The Really Useful Piano Poster on the wall in a piano-teaching studio, its designer, Domenico Arenare, conceived of it for a different audience: It is designed for musicians and music producers who don’t have a full understanding of music theory or a background in keyboard playing, but who occasionally need a reference. “When producing music, I used to use a number of online resources, apps, and good old-fashioned pieces of paper to look up different scales, chords and diagrams,” Arenare explains about the genesis of The Really Useful Piano Poster. “But I wanted a much easier, more immediate…

welcome to my pad

Last night, I printed my own MIDI controller. The secret ingredient was Overlay Designer, a new software feature for the Sensel Morph (sensel.com; $299). Morph, as the name implies, is a highly customizable touchpad and a terrific platform for DIY projects. It’s beautifully designed from brushed aluminum, about 6.75 inches tall, 9.5 inches wide, and a quarter-inch thick. The top surface holds some 20,000 pressure sensors that Sensel says can detect 32,000 levels of force. That’s responsive enough to handle everything from paintbrushes to drumsticks. To keep you oriented, the Morph offers silicone rubber overlays ($35 each) with control layouts ranging from computer keys to drum pads (see Figure 1). Each overlay has a unique arrangement of embedded magnets that snap it into place and reconfigure the base to send new…

the monks of doom with bruce kaphan

During the time it took to make the Monks of Doom’s latest album, The Bronte Pin, bass player/vocalist Victor Krummenacher cut five other albums: two solo records, one with roots band Mc-Cabe & Mrs. Miller, and two more with his longtime bandmates in Camper Van Beethoven. It’s not that all of the other projects work at lightning speed; the Monks’ album actually took seven years to complete. Formed in the mid 1980s as a jam/prog/jazz/rock side project to Camper, the Monks of Doom released their early records a lot closer together between ’86 and ’92, but then the members mainly put the Monks aside until a covers record, What’s Left for Kicks, appeared in 2006. The status of the Monks is inseparable from Camper’s story; members of both groups have changed over…

new gear

1 UVI WORKSTATION 3 Multitimbral sample and soundbank player Free HIGHLIGHTS Redesigned GUI is scalable to screen size • workflow enhancements include new Favorites tagging option for presets and patches • works as standalone instrument or as a plug-in • 40 integrated effects • customizable arpeggiator • Falcon 1.5 update ($349; free to registered Falcon users) is also available and includes new frequency shifter, event modules, FM-enhanced wavetable oscillator, and 100 additional presets TARGET MARKET Musicians, sound designers, producers ANALYSIS This powerful (and free) software instrument just got a whole lot better. uvi.net 2 BANDLAB TECHNOLOGIES CAKEWALK BY BANDLAB Sonar Windows-based DAW Free HIGHLIGHTS A free download for BandLab users, this is a streamlined version of Sonar Platinum (without some of the 3rd party products and content) • includes 64-bit mix engine, Skylight user interface and ProChannel modules • unlimited audio, MIDI,…

rick cox

If you have seen Finding Dory, Bridge of Spies, The Help, The Adjustment Bureau, Revolutionary Road, The Salton Sea, The Legend of the Mummy (1998 version) or any of a dozen other movies, you have heard the work of guitarist Rick Cox. Though his guitar might be prominently featured you might not recognize it as such because, more often than not, Cox employs the instrument solely as a sound generator, to be sliced, diced, and reverbed beyond all recognition. Early on, Cox had the sole composer credit on a few films, including Corrina, Corrina, starring Whoopie Goldberg, but soon realized he hated dealing with contracts and deadlines. Since then, he has largely added his distinctive textures to soundtracks created by others, including the highly successful Thomas Newman. “These days, we work at…