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Electronic Musician March 2018

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a mic for all seasons

EDITOR IN CHIEF grobair@nbmedia.com Microphones are an important tool of creativity. Whether in concert or in the studio, they are the “ears” through which we communicate. They are also filters through which our ideas pass, sometimes in a linear fashion, sometimes non-linearly. Knowing when to reach for a non-linear filter— that special mic that colors the sound to your liking—is a skill you develop as you gain experience with different types and models of transducers. Thankfully, there is a microphone for every occasion (and for every budget). Often that means finding the right balance of our aesthetic needs and fiscal capabilities. And while it’s easy to dismiss a low-cost condenser as something designed solely for beginning engineers or amateur musicians, there are situations when experienced professionals will grab a couple cheap transducers; perhaps for…

redemption through paraphonic

If you have an old digital polysynth that you no longer use because you’re unhappy with the sounds, here’s a way to bring it back to life with some analog attitude. If you own a monosynth that includes an external-audio input jack, you can use its filter and amp to process the output of the other synth. The term paraphonic is used to describe this scenario, where a polyphonic instrument is running all of its voices through a single VCF and VCA. Modern analog monosynths with an external-audio input include Korg Monologue, the Arturia Minibrute and Microbrute, the Novation Bass Station 2, and all of the recent synths from Moog Music. To get started, plug the MIDI Out from your monophonic synth into the MIDI In of the older polyphonic synth. Next,…

diy snapshots

Weight Is Enough By adding adhesive wheel weights, I’ve given the plasticky keys on my Akai Miniak a satisfying snap and heft. To reach the inside of the black keys, I unscrewed the keyboard and popped out the springs with needle-nose pliers. Make Your Case Surplus-store bags add character on the cheap. I use a yellow CD wallet to protect my Korg Kaossilator, a Casio electronic sax bag for my shakuhachi, a Wii Fit bag (Price: 40 cents!) for my Arturia KeyStep, and a beer koozie for my MidiPlus Miniengine. Click to Mono The mono checkbox in your computer’s Accessibility panel offers a quick way to check the mono compatibility of your mixes. For example, using this trick while reviewing sounds I had designed for an iPhone game, I discovered that a stereo enhancer I’d…

“prince and the purple rain era studio sessions 1983 and 1984”

In 1982, Prince was a rising star yet to have a Number One single. He had gained some attention for his album 1999 but was perhaps just as well-known for wearing lingerie onstage as he was for his songwriting or musicianship. But one thing he didn’t lack was confidence. His contract with managers Bob Cavallo and Steve Fagnoli was due to expire and with their artist’s career on a clear incline, they told him they wanted to renew the contract. Prince, age 25, upped the ante. He would only re-sign, he informed them, if they got a movie deal out of his record label, Warner Brothers. And, he said, he wanted his name above the title. Remarkably, his gambit paid off and Prince was soon propelled into superstardom with a movie…

new gear

1 ART TUBE MIX Mixer and digital audio interface $199 street HIGHLIGHTS 5-channel mixer with 12AX7 tubes • USB 2.0 interface with 16-bit/44.1 and 48kHz resolution • 2 mic/line channels with phantom power and trim • high-impedance instrument input with amp simulator and trim • panning and 3-band EQ on each channel • stereo aux send and return • stereo mains, control room and headphone outputs • USB return knob • VU meters • wooden ends • 5.5 lbs. TARGET MARKET personal studios, podcasters ANALYSIS An inexpensive, small-format, tube-based mixer that can also serve as a stereo USB audio interface. artproaudio.com 2 UVI NAGOYA HARP Virtual string instrument $79 HIGHLIGHTS For UVI Workstation and Falcon • Strum and Keys modes • samples use plectrum, sticks, bow, palm muting, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and various una corda and tuning configurations • multimode filter • mono/poly…


One of the attractions of using a modular system is the ability to modulate a signal in multiple ways while having direct control over the process. But with DSP-based modules, the interface often takes a back seat to the feature set, resulting in menu structures that are difficult to navigate. Remarkably, this is not the case of the Future Retro Transient, a percussion-oriented module that feels more like a synth than a sample player, thanks in part to its sophisticated modulation capabilities. At the heart of Transient is a collection of more than 400 samples from classic drum machines— the Linn LM1, the Future Retro Universal Drum Synth (UDS) and XS instruments, and a wide range of vintage Roland products (from the DR-55 and CR-78 to the TR-808 and -909). The samples…