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Electronic Musician May 2018

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need everything, or just everything you need?

grobair@nbmedia.com It’s an interesting time we live in: Early 20th-century predictions of a future where there are commercially available electronic instruments to fit every way of working have come to pass. Moreover, many of the products—DAWs, in particular—attempt to offer as many creative options as possible, often taking artists from the initial creative spark through the arrangement, performance, recording and, occasionally, the distribution phase of a project. This month’s examination of three major standalone software-samplers came about after a series of discussions I’ve had with composers about what differentiates one deep-featured sampler from another. Considering price, alone, Falcon, Kontakt 5 and HALion 6 are a magnitude more powerful than any hardware model of previous generations, and each of them is packed with functionality that allows you to make and play instruments of…

the prague synth library

In our March 2017 issue, we introduced EM readers to the Portland Synth Library (s1portland.com/synth-library). Founded by Alissa DeRubeis and Felisha Ledesma in the city’s S1 nonprofit arts center, the Synth Library’s mission is to provide a community resource for exploring electronic music—and modular synthesis, in particular—that is accessible to anyone. The organization strives for inclusiveness, and its class fees and membership costs are offered on a sliding scale (nobody is turned away). A special effort is made to engage women and non-binary people through workshops and hands-on studio time. In the intervening year, the S1 Synth Library has grown, both in terms of the number of people who have taken part in classes and residencies, and in its collection of instruments acquired through the generosity of manufacturers such as 4ms,…

battery up

Two years ago, I sponsored a clever Kickstarter project called Ripcord (see Figure 1). The developers promised, “You already power your phones and tablets with USB. Now you can power your guitar pedals, amps, synths, and whatever else you need on-the-fly.” Ripcord, from the Irish company MyVolts, is a power cord with a USB plug at one end, a barrel plug at the other, and a tiny voltage booster in between. The circuitry is so small it fits inside the USB end. Output choices range from 5VDC (the USB standard) to 18VDC, along with 9VDC, the standard for guitar effect pedals. Ripcord still wasn’t shipping as of this writing, but the MyVolts people gave me information that inspired two DIY solutions. They said some of my 4.5V gear, like the Korg…

in the studio moby in l.a. and steve dub in the uk

The darkness is intense on Moby’s just-released new album, Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt (Mute). The new song “The Waste of Suns,” for example, expresses profound loneliness, and “Like a Motherless Child” relates personal loss to a broader world of brokenness. But like the blues, Moby’s brooding, rhythmic music can spread joy simply with its beauty and the resonance of his understanding. The sound of this album is so complex, with layered and processed synths and percussion, crooning and spoken-word vocals, and more, that it’s almost funny to think that the artist recorded his sounds in a small home studio, but Moby fleshes out his copious song ideas in a 12x15-foot bedroom space that contains, among other things, a Pro Tools rig and some of the artist’s favorite keyboards: an…

new gear

1 SOUND DEVICES MIXPRE-10M Multitrack recorder, mixer, audio interface $1,499 HIGHLIGHTS 10-input, 12-track digital recorder • 10-channel mixer • 12-in/4-out USB interface with 24-bit/96kHz resolution • 8 mic/line inputs, each with 48V phantom power, 96 dB of gain, limiter, low-cut • 3.5mm, 2-channel aux/mic input • 2 balanced outs • 2 unbalanced outs • export mix to SD card, thumb drive, or computer as WAV or AAC file • vintage reverb and air effects • metronome • cue points • power from batteries or AC TARGET MARKET Songwriters, musicians, personal studios ANALYSIS Pairs Sound Devices’ technology with features designed specifically for music production. sounddevices.com 2 PEARL EM1 MALLETSTATION USB MIDI mallet controller $999 street HIGHLIGHTS Silicone keys with Smart Fabric Sensors developed by Keith McMillen Industries • mallet dampening and aftertouch capabilities • adjustable 3-octave range • 3 user-assignable touch-sliders…


The Professional’s Source JBL 7-Series 705P 5” Powered Master Reference Monitor JB705P | $999.00 Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII DUO Desktop Interface UNAPT2DP | $899.00 Auray Stylus Music/Microphone Stands AUIA300/440/500 | Set - $597.00 Arturia MatrixBrute Analog Monophonic Synthesizer ARMBAMS | $1,999.00 Positive Grid Amp Matching Guitar/Bass Amplifier POPGBIASHEAD | $1,299.00 Pittsburgh Lifeforms SV-1 Blackbox Desktop Analog Modular Synthesizer - Eurorack PIPMS1008 | $699.00 Elektron Analog Drive Multi-Circuit Distortion Pedal ELPFX1 | $359.00 Softube Console 1 MKII Hardware and Software Mixer SOCNSOLE1MK2 | $499.00 Warm Audio WA-87 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone WA87 | $599.00…