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Electronic Musician November 2018

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the future of the past

What is it that turns one synth into a lauded classic instrument and another into an unloved relic? The current zeitgeist of music technology is analog emulation — we’ve finally got enough computing power to recreate the world’s most beloved circuits in virtual form, and recreate them we have, and then some! But is it just me, or is today’s analog fetish just making us crack the same old whips again and again? 808s, check… Junos, there’s loads of ’em… we’re up to our endcheeks in Minimoogs, and at my last count, there were at least 13 Pultec emulations out there, with more hitting the online shelves with every passing year. Of course, for every iconic synth, there are a handful of forgotten treasures hoping for their moments in the spotlight, so…

wall of sound… and video

In 1966, Steve Reich turned a single loop into a haunting piece of music called “Come Out” (see Figure 1). He started with a recording of a teenager saying “come out to show them,” then gradually offset and layered the phrase to produce a wash of sound. In my book The Art of Digital Music, I asked Reich how he navigates the fine line between repetition and boredom. “Ha ha! That’s a very good question,” he replied. “In ‘Come Out,’ you first hear the whole sentence so you understand the context. Once it starts, you hear the phrase over and over, but then very slowly you hear — what is this? It seems like it’s coming apart. And, literally, it is coming apart. You’ve got the same phrase on two channels…

blocks party!

Blocks are Roli’s entry-level range of ‘multidimensional’ controllers. You might have seen these distinctive rubbery controllers in the hands of cutting-edge music-makers for the past couple of years but now they’ve had a major overhaul that’s set to drive them even more mainstream. Some in the audio community had a few reservations with the way these innovative controllers worked, especially with their iOS app Noise, on which the whole system hinged. Now, in a significant update to the Blocks system, Roli have unveiled new hardware devices and — crucially — some adjustments to Blocks that begin to address its main criticisms. NEW AND IMPROVED The big news on the hardware front is the arrival of the Seaboard Block, a considerably more affordable take on Roli’s flagship keyboard range. It’s based on the same technology…

new gear

1 ACCUSONUS ERA BUNDLE Repair/enhancement software $59/$236 HIGHLIGHTS This is a double pack of repair/enhancement effects for one-knob jockeys • All feature a new vector-based, Retina-ready UI with three zoom factors • De-Esser suppresses sibilance, with Narrow, Normal and Broad frequency ranges, and an Intense option for greater reduction • Plosive Remover handles pesky plosive pops with Normal or Extreme processing • $59 apiece, from $236 as a bundle TARGET MARKET Producers, composers, musicians ANALYSIS The perfect partners to their Noise and Reverb Remover (ERA-N and ERA-R) plugins. accusonus.com 2 SONICARTS NUANCE 2 Versatile sampling software $99 HIGHLIGHTS Nuance v2 brings new modulators: Table Sequencers for tempo-synced patterns, and an XY Pad • There’s also an extra Modulation Envelope and LFO, and drag-and-drop modulation assignment • The new User Samples Database features (bulk) tagging, text search, and more. Round robin (vital for…

ambience helper

If you grew up in a financially strapped family you may have experienced Hamburger Helper, a box of pasta and seasoning to which you add beef. Cheaper than meat, it stretches the budget by making a pound of chuck or flank go further, but grains being more fattening than meat, it sadly may also stretch family belts. Adding a different kind of grains to your pads can increase their girth as well, but fortunately, in the audio world this is often a good thing. Having stretched that simile to a breaking point, let’s begin at the beginning. “Pad” can refer to a wash of sound that fills space behind a melody, or creates an ambience over a groove. Guitarists usually produce pads by swelling up the volume of a chord, using…

the exotic world of rare and obscure synthesizers

Housed within an unassuming 30,000-square-foot building just outside Philadelphia is a massive collection of historically significant music gear. Under 25-foot ceilings, an extraordinary stockpile of vintage synthesizers sits alongside other keyboards, amplifiers, stompboxes, and recording equipment from years gone by. Everything has been curated and lovingly restored or is in the process of restoration. Previous owners of this cache of gear include Jimi Hendrix, Parliament Funkadelic, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Who, Kraftwerk, The Allman Brothers, Neil Young, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and many other familiar luminaries. The climate-controlled building and all its contents belong to the Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project. EMEAPP is a non-profit organization devoted to collecting and preserving outstanding parcels of rock ’n’ roll and electronic music history for future generations. As part of their facility, EMEAPP…