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Electronic Musician September 2017

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editor’s note

I recently purchased a new iPad for use in a specific musical project for two reasons—I wanted a bigger screen and more powerful processor than I currently have and, more importantly, I wanted to avoid taking my laptop onstage. Although I already knew which apps I needed for the gig, I was also interested in finding other goodies to inspire me. But if you’ve ever searched through the music-related items in the app store, you know the number of options is staggering, and it’s going to take a serious investment in time to separate the wheat from the iChaff. That’s where Electronic Musician magazine comes to the rescue! This month, Editors at Large Geary Yelton and Francis Prève have assembled a comprehensive list of their favorite instruments, beatboxes, DAWs and utilities for…

found in translation

Spam emails are an endless source of inspiration for me. I love the bizarre mashup of broken English and raw psychology. Recently, I rescued this gem from my junk folder: “What is your name? Where are you from? I am Nara. I live in Seoul. I think that we have many common interests. I am good at ping pong, cooking fish, and yoga.” I pasted Nara’s words into a text-to-speech program called Babble (free for the Mac in the Apple App Store) and chose a Korean female voice for authenticity. It wasn’t quite appealing enough, so I tried the Chinese “Ting-Ting” voice. Bing! Speaking English, the Ting-Ting-bot had an ear-catching character. I exported the phrase to an AIFF file, tightened the timing in Ableton Live, and layered it with a drum…

sweetwater gearfest 2017

For the sixteenth time in as many years, Sweetwater Sound invited musicians, audio professionals and gear manufacturers to its Fort Wayne, Indiana facility for GearFest 2017. Sweetwater, the world’s busiest online retailer and the largest music store in the U.S., held the two-day event on Friday and Saturday, June 23–24. GearFest is always free of charge and open to the public, and more than 15,000 visitors attended this year, according to estimates. To assure the public their production would be second to none, a battalion of helpful Sweetwater personnel was always on hand. Spread out across Sweetwater’s sprawling 100-acre campus, nearly 500 gear makers displayed their wares in gigantic tents organized by category. Tents for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and drums sat alongside tents for electronic production, pro audio, and open-box…

new gear

1 IK MULTIMEDIA IRIG PRO I/O Audio/MIDI interface for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows $149 HIGHLIGHTS 24-bit, 96kHz resolution • Class A preamp with phantom power • ¼-inch/XLR combo input • 3.5mm stereo headphone/line output • uses AA batteries with mobile devices • powered via USB when connected to computer • when DC power is used, unit charges the iOS device connected to iRig Pro I/O • mini-DIN-to-Lightning and two 2.5mm-to-MIDI DIN cables included • bundled with AmpliTube 4, SampleTank 3 SE, T-RackS Deluxe with Mic Room, and more TARGET MARKET Musicians, songwriters ANALYSIS A substantial update that can handle mic, line, and instrument input. irigpro.io 2 ELECTRO-HARMONIX THE PLATFORM Stereo compressor/limiter $212 HIGHLIGHTS Volume, Attack, Release, Sustain and Swell knobs • limiter • switchable overdrive with controls for Volume, Tone, and Drive • selectable hard or soft knee • supports…

the divided fretboard

A typical hardware guitar synthesizer, such as the Roland GK system or the Fishman Triple Play, allows you to play different programmed or sampled sounds simultaneously, based on which notes you play along the fretboard. You may have seen this demonstrated as a one-man-band effect: a guitarist sets up a guitar-synth triggering an upright bass sound on the low strings and an organ or piano sound on the upper ones. But there are other creative ways to use this effect and you don’t necessarily have to spend $400 to $800 on guitar-synth hardware to do it. For $99.95, Jam Origin’s software-based MIDI Guitar 2 (Mac/Win) lets you create a similar effect without requiring special pickups or add-on devices. By using the software’s Channel Split MIDI Machine, you can program certain sounds…

top 200 ios apps

It shouldn’t surprise EM readers that the iPhone and iPad are increasingly being used as serious music-production tools. In addition to recent increases in processing power, features such as multitouch and wireless capabilities have allowed developers to create products that rival, and in some cases surpass, software for desktop and laptop computers, especially when you consider price. After combing through thousands of music and production-related apps, we’ve picked just over 200 of the best; apps that we would unhesitatingly recommend to friends and colleagues. The list represents a broad range of musical styles, interests and skill levels—just as our readers do—and we’ve categorized our selections to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for—Instruments, Drum Machines, Groove Boxes/ Virtual Studios, Effects Processors, DAWs/Audio Recording, MIDI Sequencers/ Arpeggiators, DJ…