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ELLE Decoration UK August 2019

ELLE Decoration UK showcases the world’s most beautiful homes and makes good design accessible to everyone through its mix of styles, products and price points. Combining all the inspiration, information and ideas you need to bring your home to life, it is the authority on trends, style and contemporary design.

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change is a force for good

Without change, the world wouldn’t move forward, learning and hopefully improving as it goes. The arrival of this issue coincides with London Pride, the capital’s annual celebration of LGBT+ rights and culture. If anything proves the power of positive change, it is this. Hearst – the company that publishes ELLE Decoration – will be marching in the parade on 6 July and I, along with my colleagues, will be there waving banners and shouting myself hoarse. This year’s event is even more powerful, as it marks the fifty-year anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York, where violent protests erupted in the face of police brutality and acted as a catalyst for the modern fight for LGBT+ rights. While acceptance and tolerance have come a long way since then, there is…

elle decoration uk

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sustainable design

Over the past decade, the phrase ‘sustainable design’ has become an increasingly familiar refrain in our lives. To begin with, it just seemed like a really good idea; something we should all be supporting in whatever ways we can. But now the conversation is becoming urgent. The recently releasedGlobal Assessment report by respected UN research body IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services), which combines the findings of nearly 15,000 international studies, reveals that time is running out to save the plants, animals and insects that support human life on Earth. Unless we change our lifestyles (and quickly), some unpleasant shocks lie ahead. This challenge was one of the main focuses at April’s Milan Design Week. Its prominence in the minds of designers served as an admission that the…

‘earth to sky’ by doshi levien

British designers Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien have collaborated with many big-name brands since setting up their studio, Doshi Levien, in 2000. Their latest project, however, is a more personal one. The seven lights in the ‘Earth To Sky’ collection are all self-produced. ‘I was exploring the coming together of geometry and free forms, drawing fine lines next to intuitive, sculptural shapes,’ says Levien. ‘Then, Nipa picked up a hole-punch, pierced one of the shapes and put a line through it. We instantly realised that we no longer had just a composition, we had an actual structure.’ The drawings were a starting point, with the duo then approaching craftspeople to turn their sketches into reality. All of the lights in the new range are formed by machines normally used for restoring…

chubby design

Lozenges, arches and curves have dominated in the design world of late, and now a handful of creatives and makers are taking things one step further and exploring a softer style, embracing playful, marshmallow-like forms and podgy shapes. Russian designer Fedor Katcuba’s ‘Buzz’ chair is typical of the aesthetic, a piece of furniture distilled into the simplest of elements: one continuous squishy line upholstered in rich velvet. So what’s inspired this appreciation for rotund, portly products? ‘My designs took on this aesthetic due to my experiences of pregnancy and motherhood, when everything had to be well-rounded and fall-offable,’ explains Faye Toogood, whose ‘Roly-Poly’ chair was one of the forerunners of the trend. It was also practical concerns that led Tom Dixon to create his ‘Fat’ dining chairs, which are intended to…

hollie bowden

Up-and-coming interior designer Hollie Bowden says her style sits somewhere between maximalist Jacques Grange and minimalist Axel Vervoordt – a contrast, to say the least. ‘I like to mix things up,’ she says. ‘The juxtaposition of bare walls and big open spaces with theatrical statement pieces, complex textures and antiques is something I love. As is Vervoordt’s Japanese-inspired wabi-sabi aesthetic; I use a lot of pieces that have an organic, aged character.’ Her style is evident when you look at the serene villa (top right) she designed in Ibiza, and her subdued yet glamorous palette of stormy hues and marble at the headquarters of sake brand Heavensake (left). Bowden established her Shoreditch studio in 2013 (now with a team of six) and has already amassed an impressive list of projects in…