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THERE WAS A time when it seemed to be over. Where the likelihood of Daniel Craig appearing as James Bond was slight, to none. But, as he tells our own Chris Hewitt in New York, there was still work to be done. A story to be told. And after the No Time To Die trailer dropped, with not just a bang but a bounce, it became clear that this, his very last Bond, was shaping up to be a very bold Bond. That’s not all the trailer promised, though: an intriguing new villain in Rami Malek and very intriguing new 00… something in Lashana Lynch. It’s fair to say we’ve got a lot of questions and simply can’t wait until April to have them answered, so luckily for us (and,…

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THE SPIELBERG CINEMATIC UNIVERSE Reading your excellent The Irishman review, an exciting thought crossed my mind — if Spielberg is anti-Netflix, and Scorsese anti-Marvel, Spielberg should answer Scorsese’s Netflix masterpiece by directing the next MCU epic. Starring a de-aged Harrison Ford. Waddaya think? JASPER NIEUWESTEEG, THE NETHERLANDS ‘Close Encounters Of The Thanos Kind’, perhaps? ‘E.T.: Far From Home’? ‘Avengers: Infinity War Horse’? Steven, call us! We have ideas! TWITTER: CAN I JUST SAY IT IS SO FREAKING WILD TO OPEN @EMPIREMAGAZINE (SOMETHING I READ RELIGIOUSLY SINCE I STARTED GETTING INTO MOVIE-MAKING) AND SEE A FILM I WROTE SPLASHED ACROSS A COUPLE OF PAGES. @WEWRITEATDAWN/KRYSTY WILSON-CAIRNS (CO-WRITER OF 1917 ) ON EMPIRE’S 1917 STORY ON THE GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFETRAILER: LIKING THE LOOK OF THAT A LOT. ONE PART GOONIESTO TWO PARTS GHOSTBUSTERS... LOVE THE WAY THEY’VE BROUGHT EGON INTO THE…

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BREATH OF THE WILD Yesterday, in a screening of Frozen 2, during the scene where Olaf tells his pals that “turtles breathe out of their butts”, my seven-year-old son turned to my wife and said, “Strictly speaking, it’s only the Fitzroy River turtle that breathes out of his butt.” Further investigation revealed there is such a thing, and I’m now hopeful that his geekiness will eventually extend to movie trivia. That’s when I know my job as a parent is done. JASON ELLIOTT, BOLTON As recognition for such advanced knowledge of reptilian arse anatomy, please accept this Picturehouse membership — hopefully your son can fact-check many more films to come. Picture house Empire’s star letter wins a Picturehouse Membership, plus one for a friend! Valid for one year at 23 Picturehouse Cinemas across the UK,…

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no./1 wonder woman swings into the ’80s

“I WANT WONDER Woman to be the James Bond of the superhero world,” says Patty Jenkins of the sequel to her 2017 hit. “I set out to make a grand, massive tentpole, à la the 1980s.” Not just in the style of the ’80s either, but set in 1984 — with all the colour and brash confidence of that era. After helping bring an end to World War I but losing the love of her life, Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, we rejoin Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman more than 60 years on. But for director Patty Jenkins, this was always the right time to return to Diana’s story and always the story to tell. “This story came to me very clearly while we were making the first film,” says Jenkins. “There were two…

no./2 the teen film that breaks the rules

WHEN SARAH GAVRON started work on her third feature (after Suffragette and Brick Lane), she had no script, no story, no cast, and really no idea what it would be. “We were talking around the idea of doing something about young people today, young women in particular,” Gavron recalls, “and what the experience of growing up [in London] today is like. But we knew that we couldn’t possibly tell that story ourselves.” So Gavron, working with a broad core creative team that included writers, producers, researchers and casting directors, went into East London schools and started talking to teenage girls directly, in a series of workshops that lasted a year. “We were all kind of inventing the idea of how to make the film as we went,” she laughs. “We wanted…