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March 29, 2019

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sound bites

“Marrying a chef, it’s like a little on the nose for me. It’s kinda like Snoop marrying weed.”—Amy Schumer, discussing her marriage, in her stand-up special Amy Schumer Growing“I’m just here to help, I’m not going to trump you.”—Michael (Jason Bateman), reassuring his brother that he’s not replacing him as head of the company, on Arrested Development“Oh well, Michael, don’t worry ’cause I already went there. Saturday and Sunday semester.”—Trump University alum Gob (Will Arnett)“Clear eyes, full tums, can’t lose!”—Manchester Black (David Ajala), heading off to commit a crime after a filling meal, on Supergirl“For every Rudy, there are 10,000 short guys who just never make the team.”—Amy (America Ferrera), dismissing the group’s underdog chances in a “steps challenge,” on Superstore“I wish I could stay and watch The Bachelor with…

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simply the jess

two of Jess’ favorite coversON HIS FIRST DAY AS EDITOR OF ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY in 2009, Jess Cagle took me to lunch. We hadn’t even settled into the restaurant booth when he asked, “What can I do to make you happy?” I was flummoxed. It was a simple, direct question, but one I had never been asked. I responded with some mealymouthed babble that I no longer remember. A few months later, I realized that Jess didn’t need to do anything to make me happy; working with and learning from him every day had done exactly that.You know when someone walks into a room slouched over and hacking like crazy—and all you want to do is put on a surgical mask and drown yourself in Purell? With Jess, it’s the exact…

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the must list

Movies1 USPrepare yourself for goose bumps, jump scares, and a terrifying Lupita Nyong’o in Jordan Peele’s bloody new horror starring the Oscar winner and Winston Duke as parents terrorized by their evil, scissor-wielding doppelgängers. (March 22)Q+A(NYONG’O: MICHAEL HURCOMB/CORBIS VIA GETTY IMAGES)LUPITA NYONG’OThe actress, 36, tells EW’s Piya Sinha-Roy about entering Jordan Peele’s latest twisted nightmareYou play dual roles in Us as Adelaide and her doppelgänger, Red. Did you rehearse and play them separately?The challenge was to hold down both sides of the argument…so I had to work with almost a mathematical precision to create these two characters and have them be as distinct as they needed to be, but also have them influence and be connected to each other. So it was a lot of research [and] physical preparation. I…

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the college admissions scandal keeps on giving

ON MARCH 12, LYNETTE SCAVO AND AUNT BECKY—sorry, Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin—were accused of employing underhanded and illegal means to gain their kids’ admission into prestigious universities. (The exact charges are “conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.”) Forty-eight other people were also charged as part of what prosecutors described as a nationwide college admissions scam. We may not have known it at first, but this Celebrity College Admissionsgate—or Operation Varsity Blues, as it’s been dubbed by the feds—is exactly the scandal that we, as a society, need right now: It’s incredibly easy to understand, it stars some boldfaced names, it doesn’t involve the Russians (at least not yet), and it gets more bizarre by the moment. Here are our 12 favorite elements of the story…

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south by storybook

FOR TWO FULL DAYS IN AUSTIN, THE STARS OF SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST TOOK A break from showcasing their upcoming projects to unwind at the Prime Video Blue Room. The exclusive speakeasy and portrait studio was tucked behind the Garden of Earthly Delights, an activation celebrating Neil Gaiman’s Amazon Prime Video’s limited series Good Omens. With bubbles, topiaries, fruit, flora, fauna—and some wayward nuns!—photographer Peggy Sirota posed the television and film casts with some fantastical SXSW sunshine in mind.Jon Hamm (center) with an angel and a devil—Michael Sheen and David Tennant, respectively—previewed Amazon Prime Video’s apocalypse-set limited series Good Omens.Kathy Griffin—seen here with the nuns of the Chattering Order of St. Beryl—premiered Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story, a stand-up special she was shopping to distributors. The comedian bounced from…

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into the veep end

Los Angeles. December. High noon. End times. After seven seasons, 17 Emmys, and 1,776 too clever, too vulgar jokes for TV, Veep has reached its term limit. It’s one of the final days of filming, which means that this is one of the last chances for these cynical, defective characters to confess how much they mean to each other and realize that the only way through these tumultuous, fractured, effed-up times is to embrace empathy and band together for the common good.¶ Or, you know, Selina could just smack Jonah.“Julia set the tone,” says Anna Chlumsky (right) of the final days. “She allowed us all to just let open the floodgates.” (PROP STYLING: EDWARD MURPHY/CONSOLIDATED SOUP)For reasons best left unrevealed, presidential hopeful and hopeless egotist Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and…