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editor’s note

BY → JD HEYMAN@JDHEYMAN Olivia Totally Rules I’VE BEEN BACKSTAGE AT THE Palace. Buckingham, that is. In a past life, I had a few encounters with the royals, or rather, their press people. For Queen Elizabeth II, that meant entering a warren of offices tucked belowstairs at the most famous address in the world. There, you do not find mirrored halls and Gainsboroughs but rat’s-nesty cubicles and, as I remember it, a dingy kitchenette with a sad stack of Dixie cups by the coffee maker. The overall scene is more The Office than Brideshead Revisited. Point is, the royals have been in the business of show since King Egbert, with the messy stuff mostly scooched out of view. All that changed in the ’90s (Diana, annus horribilis, etc.), and for a few beats,…

sound bites

“OH MY GOD. ARE YOU ASKING ME TO MARIE KONDO MY WIFE?”Piper (Taylor Schilling), being asked if Alex (Laura Prepon) sparks joy, on Orange Is the New Black“SHUT THE F-- UP FOR THE REST OF YOUR F---ED-UP F---ING LIFE. DO YOU HEAR ME? I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ONE F---ING WORD FROM YOUR F---ED-UP LITTLE F---ING TWERP MOUTH ON WHY YOU F---ED UP, NO MATTER WHAT F---ED-UP EXCUSE YOU COME UP WITH, YOU F---ING S--- F---HEAD.”Renata (Laura Dern), learning of her husband’s affair, on Big Little Lies“So…how are you, in as few words as possible?”Timon (Billy Eichner), checking on young Simba, in The Lion King“I OWN A CAT—I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL THAT IS.Desus Nice (left), reacting to the Cats trailer, on Desus & Mero“HEY, YOU FAMILIAR WITH…

the must list

EDITED BY → MARC SNETIKER@MARCSNETIKER TV NO 1 on Becoming a God in Central Florida KIRSTEN DUNST CONNECTS WHILE driving through “the worst pocket” of cell reception in California. She shares your prayer that we get through this. “We are, together,” she coos reassuringly. Minutes later, she cuts out. Behold the continued queen of the unexpected. An acting veteran at 37, Dunst has made a career of surprising audiences with untraditional turns in offbeat dramas (a rebel royal in Marie Antoinette), art-house gems (a bride whose depression wills the apocalypse in Melancholia), and even blockbusters (minimizing damsel Mary Jane’s distress in three Spider-Man films). Now she continues her singular streak on Showtime’s dark comedy On Becoming a God in Central Florida playing Krystal Stubbs, an Orlando-adjacent water-park employee (with a wardrobe best described as…

con heirs

THE FIRST ASIAN SUPERHERO OR A REAL-life version of A Star Is Born? During Marvel’s July 20 presentation in Hall H, president Kevin Feige said its upcoming martial-arts flick Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings would feature Chinese-Canadian actor Simu Liu—a relative unknown who’d auditioned for the role only the week before. “Here’s where I have a bone to pick with Kevin,” said Liu, 30, of Kim’s Convenience. “I feel like I was the social experiment where they just took this ordinary guy living in Toronto [and said,] ‘Let’s tell him he’s going to be in the next Marvel movie.’” It was a breakout moment from an already epic panel introducing Mahershala Ali as the new Blade and Natalie Portman as the MCU’s first female Thor. But those…

alisha wainwright & michael b. jordan: raising dion

EDITED BY → PATRICK GOMEZ @PATRICKGOMEZLA AN EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW OF YOUR NEXT OBSESSIONS ALISHA WAINWRIGHT DIDN’T THINK TWICE before signing on to play Nicole, a single mother in Atlanta struggling financially while trying to help her gifted son (Ja’Siah Young) thrive, on Netflix’s Raising Dion. “You come across so many superhero stories that usually are from the perspective of the person inflicted with the powers,” says the 30-year-old actress. “It was so refreshing to hear the story from the person whose life is so dramatically affected by that: the caregiver of that young person.” Indeed, Dion’s “gifts” are of a supernatural nature. (Telekinesis is one that manifests early on in the nine-episode series, which is based on Dennis Liu and Jason Piperberg’s comic book of the same name and launches Oct. 4.) But Dion…

noel fisher & cameron monaghan: shameless

WHEN CAMERON MONAghan departed Shameless in 2018 after more than eight seasons and 100 episodes, he had no intention of returning, saying he felt comfortable with the “logical conclusion” for his character, Ian Gallagher. The actor made a brief appearance in the season 9 finale to help send off Emmy Rossum’s Fiona, but he says showrunner John Wells had to do a “decent amount of convincing” to get him back full-time for season 10 (premiering Nov. 3 at 9 p.m. on Showtime). Still, Monaghan, 26, was only interested on one condition: The show needed to further explore Ian’s “almost Shakespearean” relationship with his boyfriend—and now cellmate—Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher). “There’s still a lot of story to tell,” he says. “We’ve never really had these characters just together in a somewhat…